• SolidWorks Search Box - Does not appear

    I see various methods to display the SolidWorks Search Box, but I can not make it appear.  I tried the keyboard command 'W', which is listed in my keyboard shortcuts, and other methods.  What could I be doin...
    Jerry Myer
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  • Cannot delete broken tab and slot feature

    I have a tab and slot feature where, through the course of editing, the software has deleted the "tab" feature but has kept the "slot" feature.     When I attempt to delete the straggling slot feature,...
    Jonathan Corsico
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  • Can't see parts, but the "outline" is there

    Greetings, The company I work at recently upgraded my SW 2013 to SW2020, but I've run into a problem with the new version. Anything that I open or create is "hidden". The edges/outline is visible when I select the f...
    Sorin Popescu
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  • How to Expedite System Maintenance in SWX Rx?

    I often run SWX Rx to run the System Maintenance, primarily to clean out the temp directory and the temporary internet files.  I am hoping some good soul here can tell me the sub-executable so I can run it direct...
    Dennis Dohogne
    created by Dennis Dohogne
  • What do your co-workers do with SOLIDWORKS that makes your blood boil?

    So, we have this discussion about impressive SW tricks:   What are your most impressive tricks of solidworks, Please spread.   Let's make another thread to capture the little things your co-workers/client...
    Jim Sculley
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  • How to change tables in excel cost report template

    Hello,   I am looking to customize our assembly level cost report and using the excel template, having post process equations in there for our material and labor inflation rates (unable to do this in the SW Cost...
    Alexandra Anderson
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  • I've recently set up some assemblies to be configured by Driveworks Express.  Everything has been working great until yesterday.  Now when I try to run the project to configure a new assembly, I get an error saying "Unable to add this part/subassembly to

    Ken Kinch
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  • Shortcut Bars always resizing

    I find that since the installation of 2019 SP5, my Shortcut Bars are constantly resizing.   I start from a fresh reboot. Open Solidworks Go to Customize Set the Bars to the shape I would like them to be. Cli...
    Mark Bradford
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  • Will a dedicated chip like the GeForce MX230 with 2Gb GDDR5 suffice for SW even though all hardware specs list discrete cards?  I am considering buying a Dell Inspirion 5491 2-in-1 

    Dell Inspiron 5491 14" 2-in-1 Laptop - Micro Center 
    Steven Winoker
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  • Solidworks 2020 sectioning?

    I hope i am not losing my mind and i don't think i am but i can't find the videos for it now. I saw on the 2019 Solidworks world presentation for the whats new items the Solid News Network portion showed that you coul...
    DJ Saunders
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  • Solidworks got extremely slow after changing the monitor (23" ->34" IPS LED UltraWide FHD FreeSync Monitor)

    Solidworks got extremely slow after changing the monitor. I used to use 23EA63 LG monitor (23 inch) and recently replaced this with 34" IPS LED UltraWide FHD FreeSync Monitor. Now my Solidworks 2019 is extremely ...
    Young Shin
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  • Where has my workspace tree gone?

    So I am used to seeing a tree with all my parts and different views along the left side of my work area, which makes it easy to align sketchs and parts to axis and other references. However I have just started Solidwo...
    Jacob Murray
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  • Anyone want to join telegram solidwork group

    Telegram: Join Group Chat can join if you wanna discuss
    Paul Por
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  • Decals not saving in file

    Hello, I'm using SW Premium 2015   I'm trying to save decals inside the model file but it isn't working.  I have the store appearance, decal, and scene data checkbox checked but after I apply the decal to t...
    Kevin Shea
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  • Anyone else having online license issues?

    Scott Perman
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  • 2020 What has happend to the concentric tool in sketch

    Concentric tool not working it did in 2019 but not any more  its a pain 
    Allan Chambers
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  • SolidWorks suppressing features after save

    I'm wondering if any of you have been having this problem with SW2015 SP2-SP5:   There are times when I save a Part quit SW and then come back to the same part the next day, open the part and some of the feature...
    Mark Biasotti
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  • SWX 2020 and Pros and Cons

    When I open SWX 2020 I get this dialog box. I do not know the pros and cons of selecting either Yes or No. Please tell me if you are familiar with any of the selection.      
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Watercooler: Let's talk 3D printers.

    Ok, so SolidWorks and 3D printing go hand in hand right?   Let's hear about your printer. Did you build one? buy one? which one? why?   Coolest print? Dumbest print? Biggest headache? Most egregious use of...
    Shawn Stugard
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  • Is it possible to have an equation that would filter weldment profiles based on dimensions?

    I have a frame drawn up and need the weldment tube profiles to change based on the size of the frame. Is it possible to do that using equations instead of manually selecting my profile every time?
    Henry Wall
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