• when i use Radeon RX 5700 XT , solidworks 2015  have  a mistakes

    when i use the Radeon RX 5700 XT , solidworks 2015  have  a mistakes? please give me a hand!
    华 晔 孙
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  • Moderate CPU usage instances of Excel 365 running in the background for no apparent reason....

    Anyone else experiencing moderate CPU usage instances of Excel 365 running in the background for no apparent reason?   Long after I am no longer using an instance of the right side Custom Property fly-out, ...
    Hal Seltzer
    created by Hal Seltzer
  • coincident: restrain line endpoint touch another line endpoint?

    I am used to another program, where if I have two lines, and I want the end of one line to "connect" to the endpoint of another line, (or a point along the line that I have placed) I can use a "coincident" restraint. ...
    Marc Fruchtman
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  • How to customize mouse gesture for zoom/pan/rotate

    One colleague use several software for modeling optics, now he starts to work with Solidworks and would like to have the same mouse gesture for the main view features (zoom/pan/rotate) as the other softwares (lightool...
    Raphael Roy
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  • No more Solidworks Explorer

    I installed Solidworks 2020 yesterday and noticed that Solidworks Explorer was not available.  I'm trying to move assemblies from one folder to another and I want to make sure I get all of the parts.  Solidw...
    Vance Wright
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  • Why?

    Ask your "why" questions here.  I'll start...   Why...does SolidWorks, when I initiate a cut, more often than not go away from the part and give me the "intended cut does not intersect the model??  If ...
    Dan Golthing
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  • I have a really serious questions to Solid Works which I post regularly on various occasion: When we should be able to design efficient vanes (blades)? - The turbo-machinery is behind 60% of the energy production/usage.

    Boyko Tchavdarov
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  • Driving a measurement across sketches

    I think there's a simple solution to this problem, but I can't seem to find any help. I think it stems from not knowing how to word the search. I will provide a scenario in hopes to get an answer. I'm trying to carry...
    James Cox
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    I have noticed that since we upgraded to SWX 2019 the measure tool drops trailing zeros on the displayed dimensions, regardless of the decimal accuracy chosen in the settings.  This drives me crazy because I don'...
    jason van clark
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  • Edit Referenced File Locations for Multiple Parts/Drawings

    Question / Goal: I would like to "Edit Referenced File Locations" of multiple files, not just one at a time.    Background: I have several drawings for multiple configurations that use the same assembly fil...
    Andres Kacerosky
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  • Cursor accuracy completely out!

    Hi all,      I think this is a known issue from what I've seen, but as yet can see no fix for it.      Brief:  Almost exclusively in Assemblies:  Every now and then I'll be bu...
    Oli Sparrow
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  • Sheet metal layout software

    Do you have any experience with software? Do you find it more convenient when working with SM.  
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Show total quantity on drawing?

    This has been handled in various ways, but I would like to know if anyone else has had the same issue I have.   I commonly need to send out drawings to fabricators and vendors.  The first thing anyone needs...
    Wayne Barrett
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  • Watercooler: Let's talk 3D printers.

    Ok, so SolidWorks and 3D printing go hand in hand right?   Let's hear about your printer. Did you build one? buy one? which one? why?   Coolest print? Dumbest print? Biggest headache? Most egregious use of...
    Shawn Stugard
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  • Solidworks 2019 SP5 destroys ability to use Hole Wizard Favorites

    Here are the steps I am following to see this error   1. Edit a part in an assembly. 2. Select desired face, and initiate Hole Wizard command. 3. Setup Hole Wizard with the following settings and save hole fav...
    Mark Bradford
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  • Does Dassault want us to Abandon Solidworks?

    Edited to clarify: I do not believe Dassault is abandoning SW, only that they are forcing my hand to look into alternatives.   Dassault has made several changes this year that negatively affect us all.  I'v...
    Matt Peneguy
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  • SW Top Ten List (Pre-post Idea), SW Markup Improvements

    I had my idea deleted in the Top Ten List so thought I would post here before posting again to get more feedback and refine the idea. To me completing markups in SW is the future and the direction my company needs to ...
    Grant Mattis
    created by Grant Mattis
  • 2020 TTL Ideas Being Deleted?

    So I posted a Top Ten List idea twice and I can't find it.  Is someone deleting it? I don't think it was an inappropriate idea.  I'll list it here and if someone can explain why it's a bad or inappropriate i...
    Matt Peneguy
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  • The CADWhisperer December 2019 Challenge

    Solve for missing view and Sweep circle along path.  
    J. Mather
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  • Anyone using SolidCam along with Powermill? Or instead of?

    Just wondering if there is any benefit of looking at using SolidCam along with our current seats of Power Mill? Is there something that SolidCam could do quicker than Power Mill? Or is this mainly used for people wi...
    Mark Bradford
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