• Middle mouse button not rotating

    Solidworks 2019 Logitech G602 Lately, it has gotten to where my middle mouse button is not allowing me to rotate my part or assembly. It started with larger assemblies - so I created a hot key on my keyboard for thi...
    Kevin Andrews
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  • Deleted

    Deleted sorry
    Taha Nadeem
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  • How can I assign a name to the faces of my part?

    Hello everybody! I need to "split" my faces because I have to do some CFD calculations and I need that every surface of my geometry has its own name. Even if I change the name of the face in the "Entity Properties" me...
    Matteo Rosellini
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  • Is there a way to linear pattern a Extrude Cut?

    Is there a way to linear pattern a Extrude Cut?
    Kaci Beaber
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  • 3d connexion button mapping

    During a recent SW livestream with Jeremy Regnerus, he and 3 others in the chat said it was possible to map one of the spacemouse buttons to the s key. Can anyone tell me how to do this? There is an old post somewhere...
    Barry Herridge
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  • windchill - putting assemblies in with toolbox hardware

    we are stuck using windchill. Ran into a problem, normally do not use toolbox hardware but I am putting some old assemblies in and one has toolbox hardware in it. How do I deal with this for windchill? thanks
    Gary Reif
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  • Anybody has experience using SW via VPN

    Hello, anybody has experience using SW via VPN? Will using SW via VPN slow down the processing and makes real-time manipulation of 3D objects slow?
    Peter Cohen
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  • Error 1311.Source file not found-While installation

    I just updated my window 10,the solidowork file was fine before the update and after the update,i need to install it back,while installing,i had this error.
    Amarjoth Singh
    created by Amarjoth Singh
  • DraftSight lasso or circle select

    Is there a way to lasso select in DraftSight or better yet, select everything inside of a circle or closed shape?
  • Hello, I encounter an error like this in Solidworks. When I try to open the track, solidworks starts, the application opens, but the track does not appear. Such a problem had not happened to me until now. Is there anyone who can help?

    Anyone help me ?
    Shelly Turnfall
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  • Why is "Surface Flatten" not available in Professional

    Flatten is grayed out in pro.  To my knowledge, this is the first time that SolidWorks has grayed out a tool in pro that can be used to making parts.  It's like requiring an upgrade to premium to use the lof...
    Peter Eng
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  • Imported File

    What is the reason some imported file has cracked surface?   For example:    
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Provide entitlement to all Service Packs (SP5.0), regardless of purchase anniversary

    Note:  I had originally submitted this for the 2019 Top Ten List on November 9, 2018.  It was originally titled:  Avoid Ransomware - Entitlement to SP5.0 Regardless of when purchased.  Despite...
    Dennis Dohogne
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  • Where do I find all the hotfixes for 2019 SP5.0?

    After a load of problems we last week my VAR advised it might be wise to update to the last service pack of 2019 sp5.0 I had delayed this because of a worrying flood of forum posts about features that were ...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • Looping rebuild of toolbox part

    I recently had an issue that brought me to a stop for a whole day. My assembly had several sized of pem hank bush in it and quite a few instances. Suddenly with every little action the hank bush started rebuilding t...
    Gordon Rigg
    created by Gordon Rigg
  • Design Library Note Spacing

    Hi,    I had saved a note (.sldnotestl) to my design library. However, when i dragged and dropped it to my drawing, the spacing is off.  I had to manually activate the note and click the green tick ...
    Zhen Wei Tee
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  • Warp with separate body

    Is it possible to get a separate body when using the warp function. I have drawn a logo onto a bottle and I want to 3d print it with a dual extruder setup. The logo will be printed in a separate colour.   I have...
    Erikvassy Olsen
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  • Standard Views toolbar not working

    Since installing version 2020, the Standard Views toolbar is non-functional. If I click on an isometric (or any other view) all the buttons grey out and the model changes to a view fo the front plane.   ...
  • Pack and Go Crashing when Selecting New Folder to save to

    When I select "Browse" when changing the folder location, My SW Crashes.   I think it is because it is defaulting to the last used folder, which has now changed name/been deleted.   Since it can't find the...
    Jonathan Albert
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  • Virtual Reality - Demo3DVR for SOLIDWORKS

    Out of Interest are companies using or looking at Virtual Reality for either Marketing or Design/ Manufacture?   With DS SOLIDWORKS to possibly introduce support for Virtual Reality with eDrawings 2019 will this...
    Michael Lord
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