• pictures of solidworks projects

    hello i would like to start a thread with pictures of what people use solidworks for, just for general interest. what do people think? heres one from me.
    Greg Hynd
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  • ONE and TWO

    I have a request for every user attending this years SWW.   At every opportunity possible, start loudly chanting over and over and over again.   ONE and TWO, ONE and TWO, ONE and TWO...
    Rick Becker
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  • Video Driver?

    Hi,   Solidworks was acting a little buggy this morning working on a larger assembly drawing so figured I'd check the driver to see if windows pushed a update or something like that.   Well no update curre...
    Jim Moses
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  • Smartplant electrical

    Does Solidworks Electrical Schematic application have any integration with Smart Plant Electrical (SPEL) Application?   In case it does have integration, is it possible to exchange data between SPEL and Sol...
    Joseph Deepak
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  • Hole Wizard acting up

    Hey all,   Tried posting on Parts & Features and it isn't getting traction, so I'm hoping to bump it to the General forum to get some insight.   I'm working on a VBA macro that inserts a Hole Wizard feat...
    Austin Schukar
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  • Possibility to give a material it's own layer in a drawing.

    Is there a possibility give a material it's own layer in a drawing?   We make a lot of machines from stainless steel combined with plastic parts. In the 3D models stainless steel parts are light grey and plastic...
    Bart Kesselaar
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    Is anyone noticing a slow laggy 2020. It seems like 2020 is very slow & laggy. Have a windows 10 system with 16gb of memory and noticing a huge performance difference between it & 2019. Pick on an object when ...
    John Lhuillier
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  • Pack & Go Crash 2019

    Every time I use Pack & Go in SW2019 SP5 Solidworks crashes out. EVERY time. Its very annoying   The crash only happens in SW 2019, SW2020 SP4 & 2018 SP5 can both create P&G data without issue.  ...
    Tim Bird
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  • "The end face cannot teriminate the extruded feature

    I am trying to capture the contours of this surface knit and give a 0.03" gap. I have done this multiple times before on different parts but I cannot for the life of me figure out why it will not work. I can use ...
    Taylor Daniel
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    I HAVE EXPLAINED MY DOUBT IN THAT VIDEO PLEASE COMMENT  WHY THIS HAPPENS this is a link to the video i attached with this question. mirror part
    Muhammed Inzamam
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  • Cannot change a Extruded Boss to be Offset

    Want to have the LH Flange .5" to the LH of its current location,   Logically I thought that I could OFFSET the current sketch with the Extruded Boss command, however I cannot get that option to establ...
    Ken Brunskill
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  • Fail to Save Document

    This just happened to me yesterday (using SW2018 SP2.) As some of you know, you try to save the SW part file and it gives you this error dialog "Fail to save document". While I was in this state (file in session but c...
    Mark Biasotti
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  • Revision

    My boss asked me if it's possible make SW show/tell him what has changed from file to file. Meaning if I send him a file today where I change a radius, is there a way for him to know? I told him I could make the chang...
    Virgil Valentine
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  • How do I fix this rebuild error message when making a tangent plane?

    I want to make a plane tangent to the surface of the cylinder extrusion so that I can put little domes on it for decoration. I keep getting this error message when I try to make a tangent plane. What did I do wrong?&#...
    Audre Pohl
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  • Open letter to the solidworks dev team.

    I originally posted this back in 2017. There are bugs that I had then that I still have now. Some modules seem to have got worse in subsequent releases. I thought it was time to repost it and see if the appetite to ad...
    Tim Smith
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  • Structural System bug in cut list

    SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP4.0 SolidWorks, Please fit the Structural System bug in cut list.
    Miguel Anxo Abad Sabaris
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  • Complex Structure Design

    SOLIDWORKS STRUCTURE SYSTEM Complex Structure Design SPR 1159541 is not implemented
    Miguel Anxo Abad Sabaris
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  • Будет ли работать 3D cad с процессором ксеон 3.0 ГГц или его недостаточно?, Будет ли работать 3D cad с процессором ксеон 3.0 ГГц или его недостаточно?

    Будет ли работать 3D cad с процессором ксеон 3.0 ГГц или его недостаточно?
  • SWX2020 SP4.0 is Available

    I just happened to look and see that it was released on July 27th, two days a go.
    Dennis Dohogne
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  • SW forum doesn't give me the option to enter my username and password, just auto logs me in

    I am trying to log into a different account(I have a work and personal account), but I can't because there is no where to input my username and password. There is only a "Login" button that when I click logs me in aut...
    Austin Reiss
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