• Non-Technical thread:Favorite (clean) jokes

    I know we've had some great favorite quotes, but sometimes I just need a laugh.  So, I'm proposing that everyone post their favorite joke.  Make sure it's PG.  Post no matter how corny.  Can't wait...
    Vance Wright
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  • "Kitty Dump"  -  SWIFT  -   "Dumpty Dump"

    John Stoltzfus
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  • What do you listen to at work?

    I found this article and peaked my curiosity.   What's your go-to music while you work? Do you use a streaming service?   What Do Engineers Listen to While They Work? | Design News
    Rick Becker
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  • Model Mania 2017 &2019

    I have most of the Model Mania video solutions (mostly via the official Solidworks YT channel) except 2017 & 2019     Does anybody have these two?
    Andre Kwan Lap Li
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  • Graphics Playing up

    Does anybody have any ideas why my graphics would be acting strange? I've a brand new machine with new 2020 sp.3 SW install. Graphics card is a Quadro P2000 which has the latest driver and is supported. Its beyond fru...
    Mark Armstrong
    created by Mark Armstrong
  • Model mania 2008

    I have found all the Model Mania solution YT videos, except two (2018 & 2019) - mostly on the official Solidworks channel of YT      Does anybody have a copy of the 2018 model mania solution video? ...
    Andre Kwan Lap Li
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  • STUMP THE CHUMPS: A virtual interactive SOLIDWORKS Helpdesk (Episode 2)

    Did you come to the SOLIDWORKS forum with a question?  Would you like to have it answered LIVE?   On July 16th, at 6PM Eastern, six CSWE/ User Group Leaders will host a virtual interactive SOLIDWO...
    Kameron Smith
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  • Non-Technical thread: Covid-19 (Coronavirus disease)

    This seems like something everyone should care about. We will inevitably start talking about it here. Let's use this thread to post anything and everything about Covid-19 (Coronavirus disease) and not post it anywher...
    Rick Becker
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  • How Much time do you spend on SOLIDWORKS Forum

    Hi Everyone, Here's a quick survey to understand the community better.   1. Why do you visit forum (need some information, chat with someone, random scrolling threads, other-please explain). 2. Is there a...
    Sumit Rana
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  • Symbol Interpretation

    Does anyone know what this symbol means as I've never seen it before.  I had to remove all dimensions.  
    Christopher Estelow
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  • Why?

    Ask your "why" questions here.  I'll start...   Why...does SolidWorks, when I initiate a cut, more often than not go away from the part and give me the "intended cut does not intersect the model??  If ...
    Dan Golthing
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  • Non-technical Thread:  Furry Friends

    Sometimes you just want to share a picture of your pets (Whatever you may call them: Furry Friends, Fur-kids, Interns, and so on.) We have a great "landing area" for off-topic posts, but it would be really easy for t...
    Todd Blacksher
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  • SW 2020 Not Saving

    Hi - since upgrading to 2020, I've had a problem where SW won't save a file, even though it seems to save the file.     For example, I will make a revision to a part, click Save, and the part seem...
    Jonathan Corsico
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  • Non-technical Thread: Favorite Quotes

    Let's try to keep this thread on topic.  Just post your favorite quotes.  Let's keep the non-contributing banter to a minimum.   I keep a file to accumulate inspiring quotes.  I ran across this on...
    Dennis Dohogne
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  • Folder Design Library missing

    Hi.   When I start Solid Works I do not have folder Design Library in right corner. I have folder: Solid Works content; Analysis library; Toolbox; 3D Content Central but folder Design library missing. Before I...
    zdravko andreev
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  • Using Task Scheduler to Update Configuration Specific Properties?

    I've recently started using SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler to help with automating trivial tasks, and an awesome feature is using the Update Custom Properties to automate updating properties linked to title block...
    Hunter Ponkratz
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  • Question for those of you working with PCB designs

    Hi all   I work for Altium's R&D department.  For anyone that doesn't know, we make ECAD software (Altium Designer) for designing PCBs.   We've recently launched a feature called CoDesigner (...
    Jack Henriques
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  • How are your DOT (PRT-ASM) settings ?

    here is a thread to share, compare, discuss about some settings in PRTDOT and ASMDOT.   i noticed while updating SWx to SWy "a long long time ago, in a galxy far,far away..." that somes settings change strange...
    The Merovingien
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  • is Windows Server 2012 R2 support solidworks 2019?

    is Windows Server 2012 R2 support solidworks 2019?
    Ashok Kumar
    created by Ashok Kumar
  • Will SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality (XR) supports lower version of solidworks like solidwork 2017?

    Will SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality (XR) supports lower version of solidworks like solidwork 2017?
    Ashok Kumar
    created by Ashok Kumar