• The Compass Is Now One Button!!!

    Radical change coming to the 3DEXPERIENCE user interface.    The Compass Is Now One Button!!   https://r1132100503382-eu1-3dswym.3dexperience.3ds.com/#community:4     
    Alin Vargatu
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  • What to expect switching from Inventor to Solidworks

    I am a long time Inventor user (19 years), Inventor certified professional, and CAD Administrator.  My company is exploring the possibility of switching from Autodesk Inventor to Solidworks for our primary CAD pa...
    Andrew Intveld
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  • General SolidWorks Speed/Performance

    I'm having some super frustrating lag/delay issues in solidworks. It happens at my day job (SW2019 SP4.0, Dell workstation laptop, don't remember specs, Windows 7, SSD) and at home (SW2020 SP0.1, Dell Precision T7920,...
    Robert Meyers
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  • Modeling Livestreams During the Day: SOLIDWORKS LIVE Design!

    Hey everyone!   Just wanted to tell you about a new initiative we have going on. Many of us are finding ourselves working from home, which brings with it unique challenges (as I am sure many of you are currently...
    Sean O'Neill
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  • Electrical 3D - StandAlone or Add-In?

    Hey Guys,   I have a question i cant really find an answer for. There is a lot of documentation for the mechanical aswell as for the electrical versions of SW. In our company we have two small departments of mec...
    Dennis Frber
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  • Non-Technical Thread: Projects of the 2020 'Bore'antine

    Safe to say we've all been a little bit bored over the past two months and for many there is no end in sight.   What projects has everyone been doing?   Here are two of mine. Yesterday I built a small gard...
    David Lane
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  • Changing the text size from Measure tags

    My boss is having trouble seeing the text that pops up when he goes to measure something using the Measure tool.  I've found a way to make his icons bigger, make his text bigger in other places, make the text in ...
    Daniel Paul
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  • Am I the only one

    am i the only one who launches help about 30 times a day when I'm trying to hit the escape key and cancel out of a command instead?  my fat finger clearly is hitting the F1 key just ahead of it hitting the escape...
    Michael Paul
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  • Solidworks Treehouse Uncaught Exception Error?

    I had the following error when trying to open a Solidwork Asm using Treehouse. Any idea why does this happen?  *Sorry but i could not share the sldasm file  ** The file was exported from CREO as STEP and t...
    Zhen Wei Tee
    created by Zhen Wei Tee
  • How to change mouse commands?

    I always work with inventor and now for work needs i have to use solidworks.  My question is: Can i set rotation and translation like inventor? In solid these commands are: mouse wheel (rotation), mouse wheel + c...
    Giovanni Canti
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  • Quality Remediation

      From Jim Wilkinson: ...We generally do not put "new functionality" into service packs. Internally, there is no such thing as SP3.1, 3.2, 3.3, ... 3.n. We plan to release SP3.0, SP4.0, SP5.0, etc. We target wh...
    Gerald Davis
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  • 2020 SP2.0 is out

    Technical Alerts & News | SOLIDWORKS 
    Sergejs Sinicins
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  • Cutting a NACA profile through a 3D Shape

    Hi everyone,   My first week with this software so bear with me - though I've been studying hard so hopefully this isn't a stupid question.   I'm looking to create a hydrofoil. I've created a profile (top ...
    James James
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  • Solidworks Document Manager Library

    Has anyone else reeceived the following error while trying to rename a file or while trying to use Pack and Go? "The Solidworks Document Manager library is invalid. Please see your administrator." Anyhelp in f...
    Jeff Taylor
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  • Request for 9V battery dimensions

    Hi,   I'm designing an enclosure that is to use 9V batteries and I've discovered that there is a fair amount of variability in the dimensions of 9V batteries.  I got 2 models from the online community and t...
    Michael Paul
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    Good afternoon, In my solidworks, every time I try to put a 3D texture, it doesn't make the image join properly.No matter what parameters I change, the image is never correct. You can check the attached image. I've lo...
    Guimaraes Diana
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  • Oh my God (HoloLens)!!!!

    Microsoft HoloLens - Transform your world with holograms - YouTube  
    Adrian Velazquez
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  • New user, CAHM

    Hello community, I am an industrial designer and new to the forum. I wanted to make myself known with some of my designs developed in solidworks.   IG: cahm05
  • Anyone see, anyone know?

    What's going on with John Stoltzfus? I hope he didn't end up like Joey Tribiani in one of his cupboards?   Serious: I don't see (read) his from long time
    Krzysztof Szpakowski
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  • What do you print with your 3D Printer

    So if you got your 3d printer all set up and running like a champ this is the place to show us some of the projects that you may have printed on that 3D printer.  
    David Matula
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