Nashville, TN. February. 9-12, 2020 Come back to this post often for the latest updates.  Last updated (2/6/20 2:30 pm Central time)     Updated 2/7/20              &#...
    Rick McDonald
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  • Link from Solid to Design Table

    Hello people,   I ran into the problem where i want to create a Design table with a formula in it to calculate the amount of holes i need in my part. In the formula i would like to put my total length of my part...
    Jamie Modder
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  • Student in need of help

    Hello people,   I am trying to make a part where i want to work with a certain pattern and keep the same distances between the two outer holes, i will add a file to this post where u might be able to understand ...
    Jamie Modder
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  • Non technical - ART ROOM

    I had a dream ... No, it was already ... I think that not only man lives by work. We have our passions and hobbies, sometimes related to work. Many product designers draw, paint, sculpt. Hence the idea for an Art Room...
    Krzysztof Szpakowski
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  • Logo PDFing grainy now but was not before. why?

    Logo PDFing grainy now but was not before. why?
    Cindy Roberts
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  • Link from Solid to Design Table

    Hello people,   I am trying to create formula in my design table, where i want it to make a certain amount of holes in my part, depending on the total length of my part. But i can't seem to find how I link my to...
    Jamie Modder
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  • Sketch Line tool "Auto-transition" toggle conflicts with "on screen numeric input"

    I learned after quite a bit of digging that if the "Enable on screen numeric input on entity creation" system option is enabled, then during sketching the auto-transition line/arc feature won't toggle between lin...
    Oscar González
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  • Forum SEARCH RETURNS - Over 185,000 Search Returns - 119 Categories - Excel  (2/12/2020) Updated: Mate - License/Subscription & Pattern Searches

    INFORMATION OVERLOAD (119 different search Categories) - OVER 185,000 Search Returns  After doing these searches I'm convinced that every question has an answer, except for the latest version issues Also, typic...
    John Stoltzfus
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  • IFC Files in REVIT

    I'm creating IFC files from SolidWorks models for use in architectural BIM software applications like REVIT and others.  Just wondering if anyone has done this and if there is anything I should know before creati...
    Rob Rodríguez
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  • What to expect switching from Inventor to Solidworks

    I am a long time Inventor user (19 years), Inventor certified professional, and CAD Administrator.  My company is exploring the possibility of switching from Autodesk Inventor to Solidworks for our primary CAD pa...
    Andrew Intveld
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  • Augmented reality app + SW

    Hi, Its a little OT, but just for inspiration. I want to show you my own AR app.(for android) Its real project. Nothing special, just wing gate.   Now there are only 2 majors dev. tool Unreal and Unity. ...
    Lukas Kantor
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  • Parts opening unregenerated

    Solidworks 2018. I imported a step file which came in good. I used the move face feature to make an adjustment to the part, this worked fine. Saved the part. When I re-open the part, I can see all the new features in ...
    Peter Brown
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  • For the love of water, barley, hops, & yeast...

    Craft Beer Fans Unite!   I noticed there are some new discussion topics (and several older ones) that I find engaging and humorous. I also noticed there isn't one for us craft beer fans. The effort here is to po...
    Edson Gebo
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  • Solidworks to Vectorworks

      Which is the best way to open Solidworks models or assemblies in Vectorworks
    Varun Kottoori
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  • AutoCAD LT

    Can I open Solidworks 3D or Solidworks Assembly files in Autocad Lt. I tried importing it but ends up with an error (You have selected an unsupported DGN file. only V7 and V8 files are supported.) 
    Varun Kottoori
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  • Loft doesn't follow diameter

    I created a loft for a part and it is not following the same diameter as the piece below it. I went back and created some splines with the 3D sketch tool which helped keep the arcs from entering into the hole but now ...
    Andrew Snell
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  • 3D pdf not showing appearances

    When I create a 3D PDF the appearances do not show up. The entire model is just the same default color. I saw a post from 2015 where someone had this same error, but haven't found a solution posted anywhere.  ...
    Jamison Noye
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  • Multibody part file to assembly

    I am trying to convert multi body part file to assembly but when I open each part in assembly there is no features in it. Is there any way I can retrieve the features as well?
    Utkarsh Dagor
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  • [Vote tally is in] 2020 Top Ten List (TTL) Repository

    Updated 02/02/2020: 2020 TTL vote tally is attached. If there looks to be a discrepancy, refer to the attached HTML TTL main page.   Updated 02/02/2020: Main TTL page saved as an HTML file is attached. Saved 6:...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • Running @ 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020

    Hi everyone, A few of us will again be torturing ourselves by running in the wee hours of the morning each day at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020.  The initial plan is to meet outside the lobby of the Omni.  We wil...
    Kevin Berni
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