• 2020 Top Ten List (TTL) Repository

    Updated 12/07/2019: Added updated "TTL ParseV6". Added Votes ("Likes") column. Thank you to Jim Steinmeyer for alerting me to how the "voting" works this year so this could happen. New "TTL Read.zip" attached as "TT...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • Climate Change - Designs - Conceptual Or Real - Reduce The Carbon Footprint

    Frederick Law - Peter De Vlieger and others...   (Originally posted on the KD)   I'd really like to keep the environmental discussions here, but on the other hand, I think it might merit it's own thre...
    John Stoltzfus
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  • We’re Speaking Up.  Is SWX/DSS Listening?

    (I have been working on this for several days to make it calm, clear, and cogent.  I apologize for its length.  )   The Top Ten List (TTL) is very popular every year because with it we have a much easi...
    Dennis Dohogne
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  • Set FeatureManager Width on File Open/New

    When I work with files from various people, I often run into an issue of having different featuremanager width. This sometime make me feel irritated. So I've to set the width to make me feel comfortable.   Simil...
    Deepak Gupta
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  • "Kitty Dump"  -  SWIFT  -   Bring it, Trash it, Rant it, Poop it ;)

    John Stoltzfus
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  • What do you listen to at work?

    I found this article and peaked my curiosity.   What's your go-to music while you work? Do you use a streaming service?   What Do Engineers Listen to While They Work? | Design News
    Rick Becker
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  • A Bear Sighting!

    After a very long hiatus I see that our friend, Dave Bear, has logged back onto the forum!  Welcome back, dear friend!  You do realize that the forum points have been frozen while you have been away.  C...
    Dennis Dohogne
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  • Non-technical Thread:  Furry Friends

    Sometimes you just want to share a picture of your pets (Whatever you may call them: Furry Friends, Fur-kids, Interns, and so on.) We have a great "landing area" for off-topic posts, but it would be really easy for t...
    Todd Blacksher
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  • Non-Technical thread:Favorite (clean) jokes

    I know we've had some great favorite quotes, but sometimes I just need a laugh.  So, I'm proposing that everyone post their favorite joke.  Make sure it's PG.  Post no matter how corny.  Can't wait...
    Vance Wright
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  • Non-technical Thread: Favorite Quotes

    Let's try to keep this thread on topic.  Just post your favorite quotes.  Let's keep the non-contributing banter to a minimum.   I keep a file to accumulate inspiring quotes.  I ran across this on...
    Dennis Dohogne
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  • Unit of Measure column in BOM

    Hi, we want to get a column in BOM linked to the unit of measure (ea, m, g, etc) of each part (for easy import into MRP system). If I put a "Unit of Measure" column in and select "Unit of Measure" in the drop down lis...
    Ian McLean
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  • SolidWorks latest version's performance on older machines

    I'd like to hear from some of you as to whether you are experiencing this phenomenon when upgrading versions of SolidWorks on machines that are 5 years or older.   The phenomenon:  Newer versions of SolidWo...
    Mark Biasotti
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  • DraftSight Free Appears to be No More

    Yesterday I was made aware that DraftSight looked like it no longer had a free option. I usually try to keep up on these things, but was unaware this change was coming. Then I saw on the "Kitty Dump" thread that other...
    Steven Billeter
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  • The 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List Feedback Survey

    Please visit the SOLIDWORKS Top Ten 3DExperience World 2020 community to participate in our survey concerning your experience related to using the 3DSwym platform for the SOLIDWORKS Top Ten list. Click here ...
    Alexandra MILLER
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  • Are you a 3DEXPERIENCE User? If so, visit the SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE User Community.

    The SOLIDWORKS Forum is a great resource for SOLIDWORKS desktop users, and we would like to build something similar for our 3DEXPERIENCE platform users. With that in mind, the SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE User Community wa...
    Charles Dane
    created by Charles Dane
  • Alternative Video Cards

    Hello Forum,   Im using SW2015 today but will hopefully be updating before the end of the year.  Im upgrading my video cards as well from the AMD HD6970 gaming cards I have been running.  I do not run ...
    Matt Rupert
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  • New blog about simple project management in SW

    Hey everyone,   I'm working on the idea of making my own blog that will be all about simple ways of managing your projects in SW. I haven't yet found a blog or a site that would teach how to handle projects in ...
    Barbara Jerin
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  • 3DSwym Platform Feedback

    This years TTL (Top Ten List) has been moved over on to the 3DExperience 3DSwym platform; a departure from previous years where it was held here.  This feels like a trial run for moving most of the SolidWorks com...
    Dave Laban
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  • Looking for SOLIDWORKS Models to be used in our product's demo

    Hi everyone,   I am representing the CUSTOMTOOLS and CT Publisher team. We are looking for SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD files of real-world models, to be used in our product marketing and sales demos and to be shared with ...
    Framcois Simon
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  • Is Solidworks being Phased Out or Over?

    I have been on here in the past and have been flamed by several SW employees that are no longer with Solidworks and have since jumped ship to OnShape or other Cloud CAD systems. If it's not the Employees it's the user...
    Scott Baugh
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