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Attention all SOLIDWORKS users! SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Top Ten Idea submission is open


The SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten List is now open for idea submission and discussion. The SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten List is an opportunity to submit your ideas for enhancements to SOLIDWORKS. Once ideas are submitted, you will be given the opportunity to vote for your favorite ideas. SOLIDWORKS Development considers all ideas.  The Top Ten ideas will be presented at SOLIDWORKS World 2017 in Los Angeles.


Ideas can be viewed and submitted by visiting the SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Top Ten List area of the discussion forum. Click on “Content” just under the Top Ten List banner. You can also click on the categories on the left side to sort by specific areas of SOLIDWORKS (Assemblies, Drawings, Simulation, etc.). When submitting an idea to the forum, please be sure to assign it within the proper category.  This will allow everyone to find your idea by area of interest while voting is open.  Prior to submitting an idea, please review the ideas already posted to make sure that there are no duplicates.  If you find your idea is already present, feel free to follow it so that you can vote for it later.


As always, we encourage friendly and professional comments and discussions to all ideas that may help clarify or better communicate other uses and needs. This potentially assists others when voting and helps us better understand everyone’s needs and ideas too. Submit your enhancement ideas by December 15, 2016.  Voting will begin immediately the next day on December 16, 2016. Whether or not you’re attending SOLIDWORKS World 2017 in Los Angeles, we look forward to seeing your ideas. You also just may see your idea in a future release of SOLIDWORKS!


Important dates:

  • December 15, 2015 is the end for new idea submissions.
  • December 16, 2015 voting on all ideas begins.
  • January 20, 2016 voting ends.

After many years using SolidWorks and participating in the SolidWorks community, both online and in real life, I've made the move to join SolidWorks Corp.  As of June 6, 2011, I am a member Product Definition team, with a special focus on drawings.  SolidWorks Corp has been very welcoming.


I have been using SolidWorks for 13 years as a mechanical designer/engineer while also serving as the PDM/CAD Administrator at a medical device company in Silicon Valley, CA.  Prior to that, I worked as a Drafting Department Supervisor and Mechanical Designer at manufacturing company in Monterey, CA for 7 years.   I have an active role on SolidWorks forums and Twitter (link to my new "SolidWorks" account), etc.  I've also presented at SolidWorks World, SolidWorks Technical Summits and local user groups.  (My blog, SolidWorks Legion, will remain a hobby on the side; however any research, discussion of SolidWorks improvements and business updates will come only through official SolidWorks channels.)

Now, I'll be leveraging my experience to help in the effort to further development SolidWorks products with customer feedback and new innovations.  Since my focus will be on drawings, I will have discussions with many users about their experiences with SolidWorks drawings.  I'm happy to be working as a member of the SolidWorks team, and with our many customers.

Matt Lorono

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