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27 Posts authored by: Greg Jankowski Employee

The following is a list of open issues and enhancements requests.


Q4 -2014  New


1) Unread Items  - Indicate unread/read content everywhere when logged in.

   Status: Enhancement - Open.


2) Remember me - Allow users to check to remain logged in.
     Status: Enhancement - Open, reviewing possible solution.


3) When using the "Ask" feature, when you review content the "No, take me back" goes back the page you started on with the search string no longer in the "Ask" window.

Image 15.png

   Status: Enhancement - Open and we are looking at ways to enhance this workflow.

Greg Jankowski

Status updates

Posted by Greg Jankowski Employee Aug 11, 2014

One of the items we turned on in the new update was status updates.

This has been confusing as to when, and why to use this feature, so we have disabled it.



If you use your phone and go to, you will see the mobile site.


You can login, view your inbox, activities, and read and reply to discussions.



Greg Jankowski

Forum - Comments

Posted by Greg Jankowski Employee Aug 5, 2014

I closed the poll on the Forum update. Here are the reasons:


1) Polls have limitations when compared to discussions (goes to a flat structure after 100 replies (changing that), and you can't jump to the last reply.)


2) Too many different comments and hard to follow. Create separate discussions here under the General area.
     Note: I would prefix "Forum -" in front of your question so everyone know it's a forum discussion.


3) We can't branch different topics into a new discussions on a poll.


We have made a number of changes based on the feedback so keep them coming.



One of the most popular and useful things about any community is the ability to see what you have read & have not read.


You will now find easier access to the content tab with the discussions selected in every space (just finishing this now).

This will (as long as you are logged in) show you what you have (regular font) and not (bold font) read.


You will find these links in the Quick Links area and below the Recent Content.



We also added this as a call to action on the home page.


To make it easier to get to your Inbox and Activity Streams, we have added the Inbox to the top level navigation.




Both the inbox and activity streams are great ways to easily find what interests you and reply to content and notifications right from the inbox.

When you follow a space, group, post, or discussion, you will be presented with options:



By default there is a Connection Stream and Inbox. You can also setup custom Connection Streams.



The Inbox

The inbox can be to easily read and reply to anything your following, notifications, and direct messages.



  1. Announcements and direct message are accessible from your inbox.
  2. Inbox also supports read and unread items.
  3. You can like or reply right from your inbox.
  4. You get a visual indicator next to your avatar when a new item is in your inbox.



  1. You must follow the item at the content/space/place level.
  2. Not easy to see all the spaces, groups, content, and people from the inbox. Go to the Content, People, and Places tabs and filter by "Following".
    Then you can unfollow any item from there.
  3. Your inbox get busy when you try to follow too many thing in your inbox.



Connection Streams

A connection stream is different. It shows an activity view and it configurable based on spaces/groups, tags, and people.

You can setup multiple connection streams (up to 10).



  1. You can have multiple connection streams.
  2. You can edit and add people, places, and tags right from the edit connection stream area.
  3. You can like or reply right from your connection stream.
  4. Recommended and trending content is shown.
  5. Content is formatted in an activity format (that can be a + for some, and - for others).



  1. Connection Streams do not support read and unread items.
  2. Content is formatted in an activity format (that can be a + for some, and - for others).




If you want to change your email and digest preferences:


1) Go to!input.jspa


2) Then set your email preferences:



If you had followed discussions or blogs in the old version, you will see this connection stream.
If you don't want these old updates, turn this off as well.

Image 1.png

Greg Jankowski

New update is live.

Posted by Greg Jankowski Employee Aug 2, 2014

The update is in place.


Remember to join us for the update Webinar on Tuesday.


SOLIDWORKS Forum update

Tue, Aug 5, 2014 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CD

To register visit,


The webinar will be recorded and made available with the SOLIDWORKS Forum.

Greg Jankowski

Forum Update

Posted by Greg Jankowski Employee Nov 28, 2012

Two changes we made today:

1) We moved all the spaces from SolidWorks Add-in into the SolidWorks space to simplify the top level navigation.
2) The landing page for each space has some updates to highlight some of the document and blog content within each space.


Make your content more discoverable by others by adding categories and tags to your discussions.


You will find these at the bottom of the original discussion as shown below:





Categories are high level metadata we define based on the space you are within. My suggestion is to just check the categories that are applicable. You cannot add new categories.





You can add tags to content based on the topic. As shown above, there is a list of popular tags and you can also type in your own tags.


To insure you don't create similar tags (i.e., schedule, scheduled, etc.), a list of similar tags appears when you type. Re-use existing tags whenever possible. Creating multiple tags that are similar does not make your documents more discoverable.



Another option that can help with tagging is turning on the Quick Tagging Mode. This is done within your profile/preference area.



Viewing Content


When viewing a space, you will notice the Filter by pull-down. This area will allow you to filter content by category and tags as shown.





When creating discussions, one way to help yourself and others find your question is to add categories and tags to all the content your create.

We are pleased to announce the availability of updates to the Support, Forums, and Resource Center areas of Each of the major areas (support, community, and content) have been improved to provide a better experience when you are are looking for answers to questions, or want to learn more about our products or services.


Goals for these updates:

  • Improve and simplify navigation within all the community, support, and content areas of
  • Unify the experience making it easier to move from one area to another seamlessly and improve discoverability.
  • Better organize our different types of learning content into one location.


Support – The support area was re-organized to make it easier get to product specific information. The sections are organized based on product type. The references and resources for each area have a simpler layout making what you need easier to find.


To find out more, visit the SolidWorks Support area on


SolidWorks Forums (Community) – The SolidWorks Forums has been integrated into making it easy to move from the web pages. You also have easy access from the SolidWorks Forums home page to other community resources (i.e., SolidWorks Blogs, SolidWorks User Groups, connecting with SolidWorks. etc.).


To find out more, visit the SolidWorks Forums.


Resource Center (Content) – This is the 1st step in not only combining the different sources, making learning resources more discoverable and adding more of the content you have asked for. The SolidWorks Resource Center is your one-stop for learning content or to get more information about SolidWorks.


New items added to the Resource Center:

  • SolidWorks Part Reviewer*. New with SolidWorks 2012, these example files allow you to walk through a design step by step and see how a part was modeled.
  • Tutorials. There are a number of additional tutorials that are easily accessible within the Resource Center.
  • Technical Tips (Best Practices)*.
  • API Samples*.
  • Administration Guides.
  • Online Help.
  • SolidWorks Forums Video Library.
  • And more…


To find out more, visit the Resource Center.

In case you did not notice it, the top level navigation on the SolidWorks Forums has changed. It is the 1st step in a "one-site" experience for, the SolidWorks Customer Portal, and the SolidWorks Forums.


Our intent is to provide easier navigation between the web site, support and community areas. As we made the additional updates, we will post these changes here are well.

There are a couple of options on the right side of the search results that can be useful; people, places, and search other locations (new).


The search other locations option (lower right hand corner) will open a new window or tab (depending on your browser) and display the same search results from the online help (



The following is a list of updates to the forums. We also will be doing some more updates soon to enhance navigation and the ability to find what you are looking for easier.



  • The correct answer to a question is now featured at the top of the  discussion, along with links to view it in context and see answers  marked Helpful
  • Admins and Moderators can mark a specific response as the Correct Answer
  • The asker can mark their own reply as the correct answer from the discussion view (they do not get  points for this)
  • The entire community can now give feedback on what's useful in a discussion by Liking individual replies
  • Inline mini-RTE form for replying to discussions when in threaded mode
  • All replies happen inline (no new page load to reply)



Ratings and Liking

  • Configure ratings and/or liking on any content type
  • Like content and individual comments/replies
  • See who liked content
  • When rating, write a review that will be added to the comments with the rating
  • New Top Liked and Top Rated widgets


  • It's now easier to search, find, and navigate on tags
  • Authors and editors can now tag content without going into edit mode or generating a new version


  • See Popular Posts from the blog you're reading on blog overview and blog post pages
  • Authors now have the option to make minor changes to blogs that won't send email update notifications



  • Members now have site-wide control over threaded vs. flat comment and discussion views (set in User Preferences)
  • Everyone gets a voice with Liking on individual comments
  • Users can now add Reviews when they Rate content that  are displayed together in the comments section
  • Comments now support selecting or uploading a new image
  • Sleeker, refreshed comments UI
  • Preview of first page of attachments (similar to activity stream view)
  • Link function includes an option to toggle selection of content types to search


Profile privacy controls
  • Individual users can choose what information others can see on their profiles based on whether and how they are connected
  • Users can preview how their profile will look to Friends and Connections, Colleagues, Registered Users, or Everyone

Email notifications
  • Add attachments in reply by email
  • Reply by email to Bookmark comments

  • Pagination is now included at the top and bottom of lists
  • Changing pages now brings user focus back to top of the new page
  • The user's preferred number of results in search is now sticky
  • Optionally enable pagination on document and blog comments

Performance improvements
  • Improved caching and page load times


Greg Jankowski

Forum update

Posted by Greg Jankowski Employee Jul 9, 2011

We have completed the update. We will be reviewing and updating the open issue list and documentation.



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