Priya Dalmia

User Interface updates in SOLIDWORKS 2020 sp03

Blog Post created by Priya Dalmia Employee on May 19, 2020

Quick Access Tools

A new option is added to customize the location of Quick Access Tools in the SOLIDWORKS interface. These tools will appear in the Menu Bar if you upgrade from an existing version of SOLIDWORKS.  For a clean install, these tools will be displayed in the Command Manager. You can always change your preference in Customize dialog. Here is the link to the help page for more information.





Help Menu

The help menu was available from the SOLIDWORKS menus as well as the help icon (next to the minimize button). These two locations have been consolidated. You can now access the menu using the help icon in the upper right corner of the application. The shortcuts to access the menu (Alt+H) and the help page (F1) still works the same. More details on the help page.