Greg Jankowski

Make your discussions more discoverable

Blog Post created by Greg Jankowski Employee on Nov 28, 2012

Make your content more discoverable by others by adding categories and tags to your discussions.


You will find these at the bottom of the original discussion as shown below:





Categories are high level metadata we define based on the space you are within. My suggestion is to just check the categories that are applicable. You cannot add new categories.





You can add tags to content based on the topic. As shown above, there is a list of popular tags and you can also type in your own tags.


To insure you don't create similar tags (i.e., schedule, scheduled, etc.), a list of similar tags appears when you type. Re-use existing tags whenever possible. Creating multiple tags that are similar does not make your documents more discoverable.



Another option that can help with tagging is turning on the Quick Tagging Mode. This is done within your profile/preference area.



Viewing Content


When viewing a space, you will notice the Filter by pull-down. This area will allow you to filter content by category and tags as shown.





When creating discussions, one way to help yourself and others find your question is to add categories and tags to all the content your create.