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This month's edition of SolidWorks Support News covers the most common questions and issues handled by the support team, as well as recent updates to the SolidWorks Knowledge Base.


Top Questions and Issues:

1. S-060899 - Are API add-ins compiled for .Net framework 4.0 in Visual Studio 2010 supported in Enterprise PDM 2013?


Yes. Starting with Enterprise PDM 2013 it is possible to load API add-ins compiled for .Net framework 4.0 using Visual Studio 2010 or higher.   Note that EPDM 2012 and older does not support .Net 4 add-ins (See KB solution S-049112).


For additional information on recommended settings when compiling a Visual Basic (VB) .Net project for 4.0, refer to KB Solution S-060899.


2. S-061038 - How can a Reference Geometry Point (for use in creating a Coordinate System for instance) be created at the intersection of an axis and a face of a solid or surface body?


Here is one approach:

1) Create a 3D sketch and place a Sketch Point anywhere in the model
2) Add a coincident relation between the Sketch Point and the desired axis
3) Add another relation between the Sketch Point and the desired face (typically using the "On Surface" relation)
4) Exit the sketch and go to Insert > Reference Geometry > Point
5) Select the Sketch Point and the face, and using the "Projection" option in the Reference Geometry feature, you will create a Reference Point at the exact location where the original axis intersects the desired face

Please note that you can then hide the 3D Sketch if desired so that the Sketch Point and the Reference Point do not overlap in the graphics area.

A simple single part example with a non-planar face is attached to KB Solution S-061038


3. S-061070 - What is the significance of the Gate size value in SolidWorks Plastics?


For shell meshes, the gate size has no effect on analysis, so in this case the size of the gate itself can be ignored- only the gate placement matters.

For solid meshes, the gate size is used to determine the faces that are selected (elements inside the gate diameter will be selected). It is just a tool to more easily select the faces used for a gate.

The actual number that the user is presented with by default is based on the size of the bounding box of the part.

To take into account the effect of the physical gate size on the plastic flow, it is necessary to use runner design tools.


4. S-061066 - Is it possible to get the total mass property of the weld beads defined in a model?


Yes, this is a new functionality available from SW 2013. To read the total weld beads mass:

- Tools > Mass Properties > check ‘Show weld bead mass’.

- Notice the ‘Total weld mass’ will be written within the mass properties of the part

(notice: the ‘Total weld mass’ is not summed to the ‘Mass’ of the model)


5. S-060859 - What are the common reasons I cannot access or view user data in the CAD Admin Dashboard tool?


Please consider the following requirements for using the CAD Admin Dashboard tool:


1. Use the correct version of SolidWork
- The tool supports SolidWorks 2013 SP0.0 and later. Data for systems with older versions installed will not appear in the tool.


2. An active Support Subscription is required.
- If you experience “Error on login” messages you may need to re-register your SolidWorks product in the Customer Portal and then re-activate SolidWorks on your users system. This will refresh our database and allow access to the tool again.

3. Allow HTTP traffic through your firewall and, if using one, check your proxy server settings
- The tool uses standard and secure HTTP and HTTPS ports 80 & 443. If using a proxy server make sure it is not blocking any domains.

4. SolidWorks Performance feedback must be enabled
- Data used by the CAD Admin Dashboard tool is collected via the SolidWorks Performance log file. This is stored on your PC and is sent periodically to our secure servers for analysis. For this to happen look in System Options -> General and enable participation in the SolidWorks Customer Experience Improvement Program.

5. Resellers cannot view customer data
- This is something that is under consideration via an Enhancement Request SPR# 656963. At this time it is not possible and users can only see data from their own environments.



New Knowledge Base Articles:


1. S-060858 - Which firewall ports do I need to keep open to allow the Cad Admin Dashboard tool to work properly?


The Cad Admin Dashboard tool uses the standard HTTP and HTTPS ports which are numbers 80 and 443 respectively.

In general, if you have functioning access to the internet through a web browser for both standard and secure HTTP traffic, the Dashboard tool should work fine.

Problems can occur when using a proxy server to access the internet. If the domains are blocked by a proxy you will need to change the settings before you can use the CAD Admin Dashboard tool successfully.


2. S-061145 - Is it possible to avoid beam projection problems when bonding beams with shell to solid faces?


Bonding beams to surfaces in axial direction can sometimes be challenging. Consider the example of a sheet metal part, reinforced by a weldment frame. Meshing and bonding this assembly with shell and beam elements can often lead to the following error message:


“As beam/joint cannot be projected on the selected surface for following contact(s), analysis may fail…”


This happens if the beams natural axis cannot be projected to the selected shell/solid surface, because the surface is not large enough. Please see the image below where the shell and the beams natural axis can be seen. There is a gap between the two. The projection is perpendicular to the selected surface (orange face) and cannot be achieved in case of shell mesh. Note that with shells it is not possible to select the shell thickness face even if sheet metals are used. Such a selection would only be possible if solid elements are used to mesh the sheet metal part, which is often unfeasible due to computational reasons.   




The workaround would be to increase the size of the shell/solid slightly in order to achieve a successful projection. Please see picture below where the sheet metal size has been extended. Shell and beam element are highly idealised elements and the geometric corruption due to this modification can often be tolerated without significant loss of accuracy.




Another workaround would be to mesh the beam also with shell elements. For example by using the “Define Shell by Selected Surfaces” option (available by RMC a body in the simulation design tree). Please also see S-028999 for more information.


3. S-061353 - Is there a way to store both shell and solid mesh data in the same file when using Solidworks Plastics?


Yes, to do this you need to use separate configurations and turn on the following options  option:

-SolidWorks Plastics->Help->Settings->SolidWorks Configuration Integration

-Create separate Mesh / Results in each configuration and then change SolidWorks Confiurations.

-When you change SolidWorks Configurations, you will see one msg box: "Configuration has changed. Do you want to reload the SolidWorks Plastics project?" -> click Yes.




Thanks for reading this month’s SolidWorks Support News. If you need additional help with these issues or any others, please contact your SolidWorks Value Added Reseller.

Greg Jankowski

Forum Update

Posted by Greg Jankowski Employee Nov 28, 2012

Two changes we made today:

1) We moved all the spaces from SolidWorks Add-in into the SolidWorks space to simplify the top level navigation.
2) The landing page for each space has some updates to highlight some of the document and blog content within each space.


Make your content more discoverable by others by adding categories and tags to your discussions.


You will find these at the bottom of the original discussion as shown below:





Categories are high level metadata we define based on the space you are within. My suggestion is to just check the categories that are applicable. You cannot add new categories.





You can add tags to content based on the topic. As shown above, there is a list of popular tags and you can also type in your own tags.


To insure you don't create similar tags (i.e., schedule, scheduled, etc.), a list of similar tags appears when you type. Re-use existing tags whenever possible. Creating multiple tags that are similar does not make your documents more discoverable.



Another option that can help with tagging is turning on the Quick Tagging Mode. This is done within your profile/preference area.



Viewing Content


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When creating discussions, one way to help yourself and others find your question is to add categories and tags to all the content your create.

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