Jody Stiles

Would you like to help define the future of SolidWorks?

Blog Post created by Jody Stiles Employee on Aug 23, 2012

Have you had that moment when you thought ‘If only SolidWorks would do it this way, my life would be so much easier.’ or ‘I make this widget every day, I wonder if SolidWorks knows I need this feature.’


Would you like to sit down and talk with a member of our team face to face?  SolidWorks Product Definition would like to offer you an opportunity to meet with a member of our team at your facility to talk with you about your needs, wants, and desires.  We, in Product Definition, travel around the world to meet with you, our user community, to find out how you use our software, how it helps you in your daily work, and what we can do to help you become more productive. 


What do you get out of it?  You get direct input on new functionality that often finds its way into a future release and the satisfaction that comes with hearing that voice in your head say ‘Oh cool! That’s my idea they added!’


What do we get out of it?  We get insight into the direction the design and development fields are moving, what our users need, and where we need to take the software to continue to be the 3D design software of choice for so many of you.


If you are interested, please e-mail our team at and tell us a little about yourself, your company, the products you make, and how best to contact you.  Please note that these meetings are not meant to address bugs with the software, those are still best handled by your SolidWorks reseller.


Thank you for your time and as always, thanks for choosing SolidWorks.


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