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SolidWorks Support Monthly FAQ - June/July 2012

Blog Post created by Robbie Liotta Employee on Jun 29, 2012

This month’s edition of SolidWorks Support News covers the most common questions and issues handled by the support team, as well as recent updates to the SolidWorks Knowledge Base.


Top Questions and Issues:


  1. SolidWorks 2013 Beta program has started!
    The Beta Program has started! Visit the 2013 Beta site and click "Join Now" to keep updated on the latest Beta News. Participating in the 2013 Beta Program is an excellent opportunity to learn about the new functionality and how it can help your design process before SolidWorks 2013 is released. If you have any questions please email us at beta@solidworks.comS-059626.

  2. S-059626 - Is it really true that SolidWorks 2013 will not install on Windows XP?
    Correct. SolidWorks 2013 will NOT install on Windows XP. The only choice for Windows XP users is to upgrade to Windows 7 or stay with their current version of SolidWorks and miss out on the new features of SolidWorks 2013.

  3. S-059506 - Why are some SolidWorks 2012 tutorials showing XML code and how can they be fixed?
    A problem with the SolidWorks 2012 CHM (*.chm) files causes this problem on SOME computers.

    Download, extract and copy the attached "SolidWorks 2012 tutorials 4182012.ZIP" file to the following SolidWorks installation directory, "C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\lang\english". (This is the default location and may differ if you specified a different location for your installation).

    For SolidWorks Simulation tutorials, download and extract the attached Simulation 2012 to the same location.
    Pending successful testing, this issue will be fixed in SolidWorks 2013.

  4. S-059560 -Why do I still see the effects of radiation when I uncheck "Environment radiation"?
    When the “Environment radiation” is off, the Environment Temperature defaults to absolute zero. So the ambient radiation is as if the model is in space outside the earth’s atmosphere and radiating to absolute zero temperature. The “Environment Radiation” command is available for users to specify a temperature other than absolute zero because most radiation problems are within the earth’s atmosphere. Take a look at the equation below:

    The general heat rate equation (1) due to radiation is

    (1) qrad = emissivity*area*sigma*((Twall)^4 – (Tsur)^4)

    if Tsur = 0 (absolute zero) then equation (1) reduces to

    (2)qrad = emissivity *area*sigma*((Twall)^4)

    What this means is that equation (2) is used when the Environment Radiation is not checked. If we assume that emissivity, area, and temperature at wall (Twall) are all the same, then the heat (qrad) in equation (2) would be greater than equation (1).



New Knowledge Base Articles:


  1. S-059602 - Is it possible to view the exploded configuration in eDrawings for the iPad?
    Yes.  The exploded view can be activated by tapping on the Explode button, similar to the desktop version of eDrawings.  The explode button is the third button from the right in the upper right corner of the app.

    Note: The exploded configuration is not listed in the Configuration tab.  There is a special button for activating the exploded view in eDrawings.

  2. S-059630 - Do SolidWorks 2012 educational licenses contain SolidWorks Plastics?
    No. SolidWorks Plastics will not be available with educational licenses until SolidWorks 2013.

  3. S-059627 - Can a network location (UNC Path) or mapped drive be set for my Auto Recover folder location?
    No, mapped drives and network paths cannot be set for Auto Recover.
    If this is attempted, you will be prompted with a warning:

    - The specified auto-recover folder is not on a local drive. Auto-recover folders cannot be on network drives.
      Would you like to specify a new folder?
    - Click Yes to specify a new folder.
    - Click No to revert to the previous folder.

  4. S-059275 - Where can I find the SPR 627722 hotfix required for Solidworks 2011 SP5 by Logopress3 2012 SP0.2?
    The SPR 627722 hotfix is attached to this Knowledge Base Solution.
    As further reference see:

    In order to install the hotfix:
    - Install HotFix_627722  (after verifying in the Task Manager that sldworks.exe isn't running)
    - Verify that an entry exists in 'Add/Remove Programs' with the correct SPR number
    - Verify that HotFix_627722.exe isn't running in the Task Manager

    Before upgrade Solidworks to the next main release the hotfix needs to be removed following these steps:
    - Uninstall the hotfix from 'Add/Remove Programs' (after verifying in the Task Manager that sldworks.exe isn't running)
    - Verify that hotfix.exe isn't running in the Task Manager

  5. S-059335 - When was "Enable Auto Dimensioning of Sketches" functionality added to FeatureWorks?
    This functionality was introduced in SolidWorks 2009.



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