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SolidWorks Support Monthly FAQ - January 2012

Blog Post created by Robbie Liotta Employee on Jan 20, 2012

This month’s edition of SolidWorks Support News covers a few of the most common questions and issues handled by the support team over the past month, as well as recent updates to the SolidWorks Knowledge Base.


Top questions and issues:


  1. S-057628 - What methods are there to save a large assembly as a single part, to improve performance?

    There are several options:
    1. Save assembly as part, using either:
      a. All components.
      b. Exterior components.
      c. Exterior faces.
    2. Use Defeature command to simplify the assembly into a defeatured part. This method offers more control than “Save as part”, and can be used to selectively remove unwanted detail and/or internal components, while preserving key geometry.
    3. Create a Speedpak configuration of the assembly. While not truly saving the assembly as a part, the resulting Speedpak configuration will be self-contained, meaning it can be opened without any referenced documents.
  2. S-057728 - What causes the error "Could not access the file ...\lang\english\swbrowser.mdb since it is open in another application" to show when checking in the Toolbox library files in an Enterprise PDM vault after upgrading to SolidWorks 2012?

    On some systems, when the Toolbox 2012 installer upgrades the SWBrowser.mdb in an Enterprise PDM file vault it recreates/modifies the Windows® file permissions on the updated file, preventing the Windows profile - thereby Enterprise PDM - from accessing (checking in) the file after the upgrade.

    Checking in or performing any Enterprise PDM action on the updated mdb file gives errors such as:
    Could not access the file ...\lang\English\SWBrowser.mdb since it is open in another application.
  3. S-057243 - While saving Toolbox settings in 2012, why do I see error message "Failed to save Toolbox library: Access to path '..\browser\ToolboxFiles.index' is denied"?

    This error message appears if the user does not have write permissions to the file 'ToolboxFiles.index' that is located in browser folder of toolbox data location.
    Because of the new architecture in SW2012, toolbox doesn't depend on the database to save the folder structure of toolbox. Now they are saved in 'ToolboxFiles.index'.


New Knowledge Base articles:


  1. S-057629 - In cases where a large assembly has many configurations, what are the implications of creating Speedpak configurations for each of these parent configurations?

    Creating a Speedpak configuration essentially creates another configuration, nested beneath the parent configuration. The major factor to consider is file size - adding a configuration will, by design, increase the file size of the assembly. In the case of Speedpak configurations the file size will likely increase even more, because Speedpak configurations are "self-contained" - i.e. they contain geometry data that would normally be stored at part (not assembly) level.
  2. S-057486 - What is the procedure to insert a toolbox standard downloaded from the Customer Portal into the local toolbox installation?

    The toolbox standard downloaded from the customer portal has to be located in the folder “<SolidWorks installation folder>\ Solidworks Data\Browser” and the file ToolboxFiles.index (also present in this folder) has to be deleted. With the next run of SolidWorks the ToolboxFiles.index will be recreated and this time it will include the new toolbox standard (so the “Toolbox Settings” wizard is now showing it as one of the available toolbox standards).
  3. S-057465 - In SolidWorks 2012, hitting the 'S' key once launches the Shortcut Bar like in previous versions. But why does hitting 'S' again in 2012 begin entering text in a command search instead of closing the Shortcut Bar?

    This was an intentional change. However, to avoid this behavior, a new option was introduced in SolidWorks 2012 SP0 allowing the users to decide if they want to use command search or not when the shortcut bar is showing. In the Customize dialog, uncheck the option "Activate Command Search when Shortcut Bar is launched." With this option turned off, it is possible to hit the 'S' key once to launch the Shortcut Bar, then hit 'S' again to turn it off without going into search mode.
  4. S-057981 - Is there an option for eDrawings 2012 that can turn off the ability to check file references?

    Yes, starting with eDrawings 2012 SP 2.0, there is an option found under Tools -> Options called “Do not check for file references” 



Thanks for reading this month’s SolidWorks Support News. If you need additional help with these issues or any others, please contact your SolidWorks Value Added Reseller. If you are attending SolidWorks World 2012 in San Diego, members of the SolidWorks Technical Support team will be present at the CAD Manager's Bootcamp session on Sunday and at the SolidWorks booth at the Partner Pavillion throughout the conference. We look forward to see you there!


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