Greg Jankowski

Update to Support, Forums, and Resource Centers areas of

Blog Post created by Greg Jankowski Employee on Dec 13, 2011

We are pleased to announce the availability of updates to the Support, Forums, and Resource Center areas of Each of the major areas (support, community, and content) have been improved to provide a better experience when you are are looking for answers to questions, or want to learn more about our products or services.


Goals for these updates:

  • Improve and simplify navigation within all the community, support, and content areas of
  • Unify the experience making it easier to move from one area to another seamlessly and improve discoverability.
  • Better organize our different types of learning content into one location.


Support – The support area was re-organized to make it easier get to product specific information. The sections are organized based on product type. The references and resources for each area have a simpler layout making what you need easier to find.


To find out more, visit the SolidWorks Support area on


SolidWorks Forums (Community) – The SolidWorks Forums has been integrated into making it easy to move from the web pages. You also have easy access from the SolidWorks Forums home page to other community resources (i.e., SolidWorks Blogs, SolidWorks User Groups, connecting with SolidWorks. etc.).


To find out more, visit the SolidWorks Forums.


Resource Center (Content) – This is the 1st step in not only combining the different sources, making learning resources more discoverable and adding more of the content you have asked for. The SolidWorks Resource Center is your one-stop for learning content or to get more information about SolidWorks.


New items added to the Resource Center:

  • SolidWorks Part Reviewer*. New with SolidWorks 2012, these example files allow you to walk through a design step by step and see how a part was modeled.
  • Tutorials. There are a number of additional tutorials that are easily accessible within the Resource Center.
  • Technical Tips (Best Practices)*.
  • API Samples*.
  • Administration Guides.
  • Online Help.
  • SolidWorks Forums Video Library.
  • And more…


To find out more, visit the Resource Center.