Greg Jankowski

What's New - July forum update

Blog Post created by Greg Jankowski Employee on Jul 9, 2011

The following is a list of updates to the forums. We also will be doing some more updates soon to enhance navigation and the ability to find what you are looking for easier.



  • The correct answer to a question is now featured at the top of the  discussion, along with links to view it in context and see answers  marked Helpful
  • Admins and Moderators can mark a specific response as the Correct Answer
  • The asker can mark their own reply as the correct answer from the discussion view (they do not get  points for this)
  • The entire community can now give feedback on what's useful in a discussion by Liking individual replies
  • Inline mini-RTE form for replying to discussions when in threaded mode
  • All replies happen inline (no new page load to reply)



Ratings and Liking

  • Configure ratings and/or liking on any content type
  • Like content and individual comments/replies
  • See who liked content
  • When rating, write a review that will be added to the comments with the rating
  • New Top Liked and Top Rated widgets


  • It's now easier to search, find, and navigate on tags
  • Authors and editors can now tag content without going into edit mode or generating a new version


  • See Popular Posts from the blog you're reading on blog overview and blog post pages
  • Authors now have the option to make minor changes to blogs that won't send email update notifications



  • Members now have site-wide control over threaded vs. flat comment and discussion views (set in User Preferences)
  • Everyone gets a voice with Liking on individual comments
  • Users can now add Reviews when they Rate content that  are displayed together in the comments section
  • Comments now support selecting or uploading a new image
  • Sleeker, refreshed comments UI
  • Preview of first page of attachments (similar to activity stream view)
  • Link function includes an option to toggle selection of content types to search


Profile privacy controls
  • Individual users can choose what information others can see on their profiles based on whether and how they are connected
  • Users can preview how their profile will look to Friends and Connections, Colleagues, Registered Users, or Everyone

Email notifications
  • Add attachments in reply by email
  • Reply by email to Bookmark comments

  • Pagination is now included at the top and bottom of lists
  • Changing pages now brings user focus back to top of the new page
  • The user's preferred number of results in search is now sticky
  • Optionally enable pagination on document and blog comments

Performance improvements
  • Improved caching and page load times