Greg Jankowski

Forum Tip - Creating or replying to a message

Blog Post created by Greg Jankowski Employee on Jan 4, 2011

The following are some key tips when creating or replying to a message in the forum.



  1. Message Title- Create a clear, concise description of your message. This will help the gets others attention.
    Note: The other note here is create the message within the proper category. Placing a message in the wrong area will make it harder to get answers and comments.

  2. Mark as Question - By default a message is created as a questions. If you aren't asking a question, just uncheck the Mark this thread as a Question. You can change this setting up to 15 minutes after posting the message.

  3. Formatting- The rich text formatting controls are pretty standard with the exception of the Remove Formatting button which remove any formatting from the text. This can especially be an issue when pasting in from another source. Pasting content from another application (i.e., Microsoft Word) can be problematic.

  4. Images and Video - Inserting a file is different than attaching an attachment, Insert Video or Image will insert the object in-line meaning you will see a preview of the image. If the image is too big, a smaller image will show (see the image above). To show
  5. Links - Add links to other web pages by entering a URL or looking at your recent history within the Forums.
  6. Quotes - Add quotes from previous posts.
  7. Spell check- One of the key features is the ability to check your spelling before publish a discussion. Just click the button and the words not recognized will be displayed.
  8. Text area- This is the area in which you enter the discussion. You can also use the right mouse button to insert links, tables, and images.
  9. Change window size -
  10. Attach Files - You can attach files to your document for other to view as well.

  11. Tags - Add tags to help other find and categorize your discussions. You can add tags or select from Popular Tags.