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We have just released an update to help address how to get into the forums easier via auto-fill. This is a browser option that will remember your login and and password (see notes & issues below). For a description of the other changes this week, see Forum update and Auto-Fill.


Notes & Known Issues:

  • IE 7/8 will not save the password. This is a browser related issue.
  • Enter (keyboard) does not default to select the “sign in” button for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • If you have any issues with the password (outside of IE), remove this site from the saved password list and try again.
  • If you still have issues, you may need to clear your browser and/or temporary file cache.


Browser Settings

The following will show how to setup your browser to auto-fill. The 1st step is changing, if it’s not already set, your browser settings to accept auto-fill. The 2nd part is to accept saving the password once you enter your username (email) and password.


Internet Explorer 7/8

Settings (IE8 shown)


Save password

<Not available for IE>



Firefox 3.6



Save password



Safari 5.x



Save password



Google Chrome 5.x



Save password



We will continue to look into the known issues listed, continue to improve this experience, and provide an easier means to consistently get into the Forums. Thanks again for your patience.

The following items have been addressed during system maintenance on 7/6:


  1. Increased the timeout (4 hours).
  2. When on a post or page when not logged in, login does not return you to Home page.
  3. Direct URL links to private areas or content does not return you to Home page when you login.


Based on final testing and verification, we plan on rolling out auto-fill capabilities for all supported browsers later this week. We are still verifying specific IE issues and will publish a blog post describing the change and how to insure that auto-fill works consistently.


See Forum login update (auto-fill) for details on auto-fill.


We appreciate your patience as we work to address these issues.

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