Michel Cloutier

Getting the best out of your SW Search

Blog Post created by Michel Cloutier Employee on Nov 17, 2009

This week, a few tips on how to tweak the SW Search. The SW Search is great but the problem is that after awhile, there is just too much results showing when doing a search that it becomes hard to filter out what you really need. Since the SW Search is based on the Windows Desktop Search, this tip will address both.


First, let’s start by looking at the SW Search. To do this is simple, just open SW and go to the System Options, File Locations, Search Paths. Then, simply remove any locations that are not useful for you. For example, I removed all templates folders and the toolbox path since I don’t want these to show up in my search results. When you are done, CLOSE SOLIDWORKS to make sure changes are saved to Windows Desktop Search.



Second, the Windows Desktop Search options are called with a RMB on the Windows Desktop Search icon located on the Taskbar and select Windows Desktop Search Options…



Here, you should find the same locations set in SW plus MS Outlook and My Documents. If you don’t use Windows Search, then remove these locations as well using the Modify option. By doing this, you can effectively drop the number of indexed items from thousands to only a few hundreds, reduce the index file size and make the Windows Search faster and more responsive. After doing this, it will be best to rebuild the index by going to the Advanced button.