Greg Jankowski

Forum Tip - Attaching and Embedding files

Blog Post created by Greg Jankowski Employee on Aug 20, 2009

There are difference ways to attach or embed files and images within a message. This tip will help describe the differences and how to use each.


Attach Files

This is one of the more common methods of providing others with additional information so they can answer your question. There is a 50 MB limit on attachments and no restriction on file type (see note below).


To attach a file, just click Browse and select the desired file and click Open to attach the file.



  • If you are uploading a SolidWorks part, assembly, or drawing and do not Zip the file, it will be zipped automatically as the file is uploaded.
  • More than one file can be attached to a message, just repeat the process to attach another file.



Insert Image

Insert image is used to place an image within the message (see example below). This can be used to display the image so it is visible right in the message where you are discussing the issue.


There are three options; From your Computer (same process as Attach Files), Uploaded Images which allows you to re-use images already upload within that post, and From the Web where you can directly reference an image via URL. The From your Computer option is, by far, used most often.




  • Maximum file size is 2 MB.
  • Images larger then 450px wide or 600px tall will be scaled to fit.



Insert Link

Insert link allows for referencing a external URL or a items within the Community Forums. There are three optins; Web Address, All Content, and Browse History.


To link to an external web page (URL), click the Web address tab (default) and insert the URL.


To link to an item within the Community Forum, you can search using the All Content tab.


The Browse History button is useful is you have been to the desired page recently. Recent items are displayed and can be selected.




Insert Video

Video can also be embedded within a message. You must use one of the video service listed and insert the URL or embed code.