Your profile is the place where you can tell others users about yourself, what you work on, and put a picture of yourself for others to see.


Your profile has three items within the Actions menu:


Edit profile - Edit the details shown in the your profile:

  • First Name, Lasrt Name, and Email cannot be edited and is defined by your Customer Portal Account.
  • Select your primary version of SolidWorks.
  • Other Software is a multi-select box (hold down the Ctrl key and select the other software you use.
  • Add a breif description of your hardware.


edit profile.png



Profile & Signatures - A difference on site from the old forums is that singatures are dynamic.The example below shows my profile displaying:

  • The version of SolidWorks I am using.
  • A breif description of my hardware.
  • You email if you have choosen to display it to others (this is off by default).
  • Your status (Member, Contributor, MVP, SolidWorks Employee).
  • Recent activity.

Change photo & avatar - Coming soon...


Edit Preferences - See Forum Tip - Turn of email notifications for details.