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Greg Jankowski

Need Help?

Posted by Greg Jankowski Employee Jul 30, 2009

The 1st thing you need to do to access all the features of the forums is to insure you have an account.


While you can read many of the discussions without logging in, you will not have access to all the features (i.e., search) within the forums and you will not be able to comment or create a discussion.


There are two types of accounts, one created with a SolidWorks password, and one without. Customers also may be entitled to additional services and features within this site if your serial has an active Subscription Service contract.


If you have a serial #, use that to create the account.


To create a new account:

  1. Visit the create a new account page.
  2. Do you have a SolidWorks Serial #?
    • Yes, enter your serial # in the serial # field.
    • No, just click the "I don't have a serial number" button.
  3. Complete the remaining steps of the process.
  4. Return to the Forum and login.


For account issues:

If you have any issues with accounts or access:

  1. Make sure you can login into the Customer Portal.
  2. If you still have account relates issues, email Please include your account name and contact information.


For other issues:

If you have any other issues:

  1. Email Include contact information and a detailed description of your issue.


Greg Jankowski

Survey and enhancements

Posted by Greg Jankowski Employee Jul 27, 2009

If you have not done so, here is the link to the forum survey.


Here are the results so far:





5 - Very satisfied 4 - Satisfied 3 - Neutral 2 - Dissatisfied 1 - Very dissatisfied




5 - Must have 4 - I like it 3 - Neutral 2 - Don't like it 1 - Really don't like it



We will also be placing links to the enhancements on the Know Issues/Enhancements document.

The specified item was not found.


We be adding documents to comment and rate each feature.


Your feedback and ideas have been helpful and are appreciated.

Your profile is the place where you can tell others users about yourself, what you work on, and put a picture of yourself for others to see.


Your profile has three items within the Actions menu:


Edit profile - Edit the details shown in the your profile:

  • First Name, Lasrt Name, and Email cannot be edited and is defined by your Customer Portal Account.
  • Select your primary version of SolidWorks.
  • Other Software is a multi-select box (hold down the Ctrl key and select the other software you use.
  • Add a breif description of your hardware.


edit profile.png



Profile & Signatures - A difference on site from the old forums is that singatures are dynamic.The example below shows my profile displaying:

  • The version of SolidWorks I am using.
  • A breif description of my hardware.
  • You email if you have choosen to display it to others (this is off by default).
  • Your status (Member, Contributor, MVP, SolidWorks Employee).
  • Recent activity.

Change photo & avatar - Coming soon...


Edit Preferences - See Forum Tip - Turn of email notifications for details.

There are a number of different ways to watch what is important to you. Email notifications are turn


To change the default:

  1. Click Preferences from the Your Stuff pull-down in the userbar:
  2. De-select the two email subscriptions at the bottom of the preferences area.


There is also an Email Notification tab within your Profile that allows you turn off selected email notifcations.



Hope this helps. Next tip will be on watched items.

One of the downsides in having a very active community, is that there are too many new threads and comment showing up in the Recent Content or Popular content areas. There is a way to limit what you see if you don't follow one of the Categories or Sub-Categories.



Define the Categories that are important


The 1st part of this is customizing Your View to show only the Categories/Sub-Categories or Groups that you want to follow.


Just navigate to the Categories/Sub-Categories and click Follow this community (see yellow highlighted area under the Actions menu).



Customize Your View



The 2nd part of this is customizing Your View to only show the things you are following.


Here are the steps:

  1. Login

  2. Click Your View and Personalize

  3. Select the Your Followed Places in to limit the Recent Content to only categories or groups you are following. You can also set this to just one Category or Sub-Category by selecting an items from the Communities pull-down.recent_content.jpg

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