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David Matula
I worked at a shop and the boss asked one of the guys what kind of work his ma was doing?  This puzzled everyone in ear shot....why was the boss man curious about this guys ma for a job? The young man said she was working but was always looking for something he asked what kind of job it was that the boss wanted her for. The boss… (Show more)
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John Stoltzfus
INFORMATION OVERLOAD (99 different search Categories) - Forum Searches (Yellow highlights are the latest added files) NOTE:  There are could be double listings  After doing these searches I'm almost convinced that every question has an answer, except for the latest version issues   Also, typical with every search there are returns that don't… (Show more)
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Marshall Wilson
I was just working with a sketch pattern, and had to go in and adjust some of the parameters. As I was doing this - clicking on the "pattern" relation icon (after showing relations of course), then selecting "pattern" from the relation menu and RMB for "edit" , I realized this must be one of the most obscure sequences for a heavily used feature.… (Show more)
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Richard K.
I've been getting increasingly frustrated with bugs in Solidworks that go for months without any developer love.  Here's one example that's causing me a lot of pain, and it's had an SPR open since the 2015 versions.  I'm not the only one who feels the software has been getting buggier with each release.   Meanwhile Dassault has been hard at work… (Show more)
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Cam Schmidt
I have uninstalled and reinstalled solidworks but it still will not open. The app is on my desktop but will not open. Any help?
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Chris Wilson
2018 pr1 doesn't seem to include solidworks cam?  The beta version had it but pr1 doesn't seem too.
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Mikko Manninen
Hello,   I would need to open two .stp files in one window so I can move them next to each other and compare their features, how this can be done? I am new with solidworks and couldn't figure out how to do this by googling. In program named glovius this was under the "compare" feature. Also, how can I open two copies of the same .stp file in one… (Show more)
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Nimisha Nath
Hi everyone! Do you use the Measure Tool in SOLIDWORKS? If yes, I want to gather a little input on the tool from you.   Can you please share some information on few queries below: How and when do you usually use the Measure Tool? What is the most common scenario to use the Measure Tool? Would you prefer to use the Measure Tool while executing… (Show more)
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Mike Oswald
After I installed 3dconnexion's software, and try to boot Solidworks 2008 sp2.1, I recieve a message that says "C:\ProgramFiles\3dconnexion\3dconnexion Add-In for Solidworks\mglsw20u.dll cannot be loaded. Either the add-in or one of its componets is missing." Can anyone help?
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