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John Stoltzfus
    How many times do you see a great thread get trashed or hijacked for various reasons and I'll take the "Stand" and say I'm the worst for doing that..  So when I'm acting stupid tell me to trash it here, get it?? Rants - Cheers - Pet Peeves - or your Aunt Lilly, bring it..  (More then likely the dumbest thread anybody started, but I tried to… (Show more)
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William Campbell
I get initiaization code 72 and solidworks won;t start.  Any solution you know of.
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Dennis Dohogne
Let's try to keep this thread on topic.  Just post your favorite quotes.  Let's keep the non-contributing banter to a minimum.   I keep a file to accumulate inspiring quotes.  I ran across this one today and thought it was worthy of sharing.  The author of the article was quoting a taxi driver he met leaving a conference.  It would be nice to… (Show more)
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Rick Becker
I found this article and peaked my curiosity.   What's your go-to music while you work? Do you use a streaming service?   What Do Engineers Listen to While They Work? | Design News
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Pete Hinkey
Hello, I have SW2018 SP3.0. When I start the program I get a small popup warning type window with no text in it. I cannot start SW without acknowledging this message, whatever it is, but I have no idea what problem if any this is a symptom of. Thanks for the help!
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Todd Blacksher
Good Morning Everyone,   As you may or may not know, our buddy Dave Bear underwent a serious surgery over the weekend. For more information about the surgery, please take a look at this thread - Thank You All............... The SOLIDWORKS Community has really pulled together to recognize and support Dave - Dave Bear is a Certified SOLIDWORKS… (Show more)
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Paul Denino
Like in the next 5-10 years, I guess.   I'm doing a project for my high school and we have to ask other users of CAD software where they see the future of CAD going.   Thanks!
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Oboe Wu
If you are interested in providing your customers and consumers cool 3D online customization, check out SOLIDWORKS | Sell Examples. More information can be found on this dedicated forum group: SOLIDWORKS Sell How would you like to provide online customizable products? Have fun. -Oboe
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Kartikaye Mittal
Hi   I am customizing a laptop with a Nvidia Quadro P2000 graphics Card. My primary use is Solidoworks, Catia, AutoCAD and CNC machining applications. I also want to run Solidworks simulation.   Which of the following processors is a better choice for this?   1. Intel Core Xeon E-2176M, Six Core Xeon 2.70GHz, 4.40GHz Turbo, 12MB 45W 2. Intel Core… (Show more)
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Dan Pihlaja
To summarize a quote from Matt Peneguy in a response below:  This is advice, not instruction.  Nobody is telling you that you have to do something, but this is a way to get better responses.   I just wanted to consolidate some of the most important threads for new people.   1) If you are new here....please read the main part of these threads in… (Show more)
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