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John Stoltzfus
Click to view content    SWIFT = SolidWorks International Forum Team   How many times do you see a great thread get trashed or hijacked for various reasons and I'll take the "Stand" and say I'm the worst for doing that.. So when I'm acting stupid tell me to trash it here, get it?? Rants - Cheers - Pet Peeves - or your Aunt Lilly, bring it.. (More then likely the… (Show more)
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Steven Billeter
Click to view contentYesterday I was made aware that DraftSight looked like it no longer had a free option. I usually try to keep up on these things, but was unaware this change was coming. Then I saw on the "Kitty Dump" thread that others were seeing the same things. Wanted to start a separate thread for this and any other information that might be changing with… (Show more)
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Vance Wright
I know we've had some great favorite quotes, but sometimes I just need a laugh.  So, I'm proposing that everyone post their favorite joke.  Make sure it's PG.  Post no matter how corny.  Can't wait to see what happens.
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Rick Becker
I found this article and peaked my curiosity.   What's your go-to music while you work? Do you use a streaming service?   What Do Engineers Listen to While They Work? | Design News
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Chris Lindloff
We design most of our products in a single "part" which has multiple bodies.  At the end of the design we create a "save bodies" feature and "consume" each of the bodies into their own part file.  Normally we leave 1 body in place to act as a "parent" to all the derived bodies.  This leaves a main file which can be reference back to to edit any of… (Show more)
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Benjamin Nielsen
Click to view contentWhen I run the Save Bodies command, I'm using the parameters in the picture. The issue I'm having is that whenever I try to execute this command, I get an error saying Split Feature Failed. I haven't used the split feature in my multi body part. Some people suggest running Solidworks in Admin mode, but my Windows user has full rights and it… (Show more)
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Kevin Andrews
I am looking at purchasing a license for home use. I do occasional freelance work and use it for my own piddling around....I have a few questions and I would like some knowledge bestowed upon me. Keep in mind that I am trying to do everything legal. I have one question that I will be asking that may not be legal (per Solidworks) but I don't know… (Show more)
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Eric Chambers
So if my computer gets the last license in the license manager, and someone else logs tries to open Solidworks.  The license manager will kick me out and prompt me to save my work and then close me out of Solidworks.  It will then give my license to someone else, when I try to log back in the license manager is full.   Is there a setting that… (Show more)
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Greg Johnson
@why is the material /cross hatch in my drawing not the same as my part material /cross? this is a "custom" material I made from SW material Viton rubber, I have added a matt finish and applied a solid cross section. when I make a section view in a drawing, it's displayed as out no-hatch. I would like this to be displayed as solid cross hatch?… (Show more)
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Robert Tupa
Is there a way to continue adding explode steps using the same selection set as the previous instead of having to reselect?  This would come in handy for jogs in the explosion.   I'm on Proffessional 2012 x64 SP1.0   Robert
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