• Under Attack Message

    Anyone has seen this warning :  
    Christian Chu
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  • Forum login showing in Chinese?

    I went to log in to this forum last week and was met by this:     To my knowledge, I haven't done anything or changed anything that would suddenly cause this to switch languages, and I'm not tech savvy en...
    Austin Broeker
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  • This is a test question

      Just testing to see what this looks like.  There is a new "insert video" button, and it allows me to browse previously inserted videos to the forum.  Cool.     Let see what it looks like
    Dan Pihlaja
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  • On-going recognition

    As we mentioned previously, we are adding recognition for on-going engagement in the community.   On-going missions: Comment 15 times in 30 days (50 points) Get a correct answer (50 points) Get a helpful answ...
    Greg Jankowski
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  • ~ !? What does it mean?

    What does it mean? this symbol is in front of most of my SW files but not all, what does it mean?
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  • Is there a way to save SW settings?

    I am going to format MY PC as she has a few bugs and I want to start a fresh.   Is there a way to save my custom setting like Key board shortcuts and such?   Any other tips would be handy?   Thanks!!
    Brent Trotter
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    Where is the draftsight group?
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  • assembly drawing bom problem?

    Some shows inch some shows metric. What happened? lzeng@globalvehicle.ca
    Leo Zeng
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  • Lofted Boss/Base on a Sphere into a Horn?

    Hello guys,   I love this place since I get most of the help to enhance my SolidWorks skills. well, straight into the point.   Just picture an Evil Emoji on an iPhone, that is practically what I am trying ...
    Karlo Ramirez
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  • helix around outside radius

    I would like to wrap a circular tube around the face of this radius bulb shape, do I need to create a viable helix to do so? Because when I attempt to do an angled helix It does not stay concentric to the outside face...
    Mr Turtle
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  • I'm getting a new window when I log on

    When I log on to the forums, I get this window:   Press the list icon, press the "LOCAL LOGINS" button, and I am logged in.   Anyone else seeing this? Or is it something our local IT is doing?   Th...
    Dwight Livingston
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  • Forum login - strange...

    Since last week, to login to the forum I have to do it this way: 1. standard forum page where I would normally click on log in (and that's it). 2....but now it's showing this page after clicking on 'log in': 3....
    Wojciech Paterski
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  • wheres one suposed to get started with solid works and camworks with only 4 days training

    4 days training and lost.
    Robert Vaillancourt
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  • Forum Pictures

      Anybody else have problems seeing pictures on the Forum.  Just in the last 10 minutes I've seen a bunch of Pizza boxes with a red X.  Sometimes if I refresh the page they come back.
    David Nelson
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  • How To: Update your profile

    Introduce your self to the Community quickly and easily by updating your Profile.   Upload a Photo Upload an Avatar Update Your Profile Controlling Your Privacy Settings Profile Video  ...
    Community Manager
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  • Incorrect link in forum header

    Hello,   I couldn't find where to report this. On the top of the forum page, next to DSS SW, there is a Forums drop down. If you click directly on the Forums, and not on any of the drop down items, it brings y...
  • Convert partes from SW 2018 to SW 2016

    Does someone know if i can open a STEP file from SW 2018 to SW 2016 and convert all his properties as a correct design??     I need to open all the components of one machine designed in SW 2018 b...
    Daniel Cazarez
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  • delet my account

    quero deletar minha conta, por favor.
    Jeferson Alves
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  • Why will a part in an assembly not load?

    We had a server problem recently and some of our part files had to re built. Once I rebuilt the part and try and open the assembly the parts are grayed out. SolidWorks tries to locate the missing file, but the part is...
    Russell Williams
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  • Phishing with Private Messages in this Forum...

    There seems to be no limit to the lengths SPAMing PHISHING Trolls will go.   I got this as a private message... LOL   Conversation with 1-6ZN35K8 and Rick Beckerhttps://forum.solidworks.com/inbox Mark unrea...
    Rick Becker
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