• SOLIDWORKS Forum Content Experience Changes

    Hi community!   Recently, our members noticed a large change in the way that discussions appear on the forum. In one conversation, some community members mentioned the possibility that our forum platform provide...
    Charles Dane
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  • This is a test discussion

    This is a test.  BEEEEEEEEP   This has been a test.
    Dan Pihlaja
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  • A question for admins : How the posts are moderated?

    The question is simple. I need to know which posts needs being moderated and which posts don't. What's your policy on deciding which post needs being moderated before being seen by public?   Yesterday, I saw a ...
    Habib Ghalamkari
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  • MySolidWorks Forums is 7 days old!

    I thought somebody at SolidWorks would have noticed this by now. The Forums panel is not being updated. Please fix!  
    Bill Toft
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  • Is anyone else having issues with the My.SolidWorks forum page not updating again?

    The forum page from SOLIDWORKS Forums | MySolidWorks seems to be not working again. Mine has not updated in 3 days.
    Victor Frauenfeld
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  • when open macro sw crashing

    when open macro in sw2015 than sw crashing 
  • Does SolidWorks assign someone to each question?

    I am very confused and disappointed from SolidWorks. In Ansys, I can submit a question and someone will be assigned to me to answer my question. Here is like you should be lucky to get an answer! How can I make sure m...
    Mahsa Ghaffari
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  • I see the points are messed up again...

    the point system isn't updating again and Richard Doyle is on vacation.
    Edward Poole
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  • Can anyone create a poll?

    Can anyone create a poll on the forum, or do you have to be a SolidWorks administrator?
    Eddie Pellegrin
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  • Poll - Should we keep "Helpful" and "Like"?

    The intent is give user credit for "being helpful". Not sure we need this with the "Like" button.
    Greg Jankowski
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  • What do you think of the new Forum Format?

    Personally, I think it suques.   Community Manager edit: Please see https://forum.solidworks.com/message/963981 for an update and new discussion. Cheers!
    Dennis Dohogne
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  • Error. RSS feed

    I've been seeing this for a while now. Am I the only one or is this just something that we all experience and think nothing about it?
    Peter De Vlieger
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  • My https://my.solidworks.com/forums page is now 5 days old?

    Why does this keep happening? It just stopped updating. I am using Google Chrome. I even tried to access it with IE 10 and it also shows the latest entry as 5 days ago.   I also tried from my mobile phone. Every...
    Victor Frauenfeld
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  • Under Attack Message

    Anyone has seen this warning :  
    Christian Chu
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  • Forum login showing in Chinese?

    I went to log in to this forum last week and was met by this:     To my knowledge, I haven't done anything or changed anything that would suddenly cause this to switch languages, and I'm not tech savvy en...
    Austin Broeker
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  • This is a test question

      Just testing to see what this looks like.  There is a new "insert video" button, and it allows me to browse previously inserted videos to the forum.  Cool.     Let see what it looks like
    Dan Pihlaja
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  • On-going recognition

    As we mentioned previously, we are adding recognition for on-going engagement in the community.   On-going missions: Comment 15 times in 30 days (50 points) Get a correct answer (50 points) Get a helpful answ...
    Greg Jankowski
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  • ~ !? What does it mean?

    What does it mean? this symbol is in front of most of my SW files but not all, what does it mean?
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  • Is there a way to save SW settings?

    I am going to format MY PC as she has a few bugs and I want to start a fresh.   Is there a way to save my custom setting like Key board shortcuts and such?   Any other tips would be handy?   Thanks!!
    Brent Trotter
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    Where is the draftsight group?
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