• How to solve rebuild problem in large assembly of weldment ?

    Solidworks failed to rebuild the  large assembly & if rebuild, rebulding wrong size configurations.
    Ankush Dahake
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  • Where can I download “what's naw” in VRC?

    I want to download "2020what'naw", but I can't find the download button in VRC?
    Weiyuan Liu
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  • How do I toggle on threaded/indented forum messages?

    Don't really care for this new forum "flat" layout. In preferences I see threaded (Indented) as an option but nothing changes when I toggle it. Is there anyway to get my indented threaded view back. It was useful to s...
    Jason Capriotti
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  • Forum question: why can't I copy from snipping tool anymore?

    Anyone else having this problem? I use to be able to simply ctrl-c images from the snipping tool then ctrl-v them onto posts in this forum. But with the new format, I can't seem to do that anymore without saving it to...
    Steven Mills
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  • Ok folks, tell me how you would model this in SW 2019

    I've been trying all afternoon to model this feature and can't seem to get it right. Revolve doesn't work and loft keeps failing to create the feature because of self-intersecting issues. Any help at all is welcome.&#...
    Michael Stalter
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  • How can I find my own help request?

    I know there's been several posts about recent changes of forum, but I'm really desperate to find my own posts. I asked two questions but one of them doesn't show, neither in Questions nor in Discussion sections. Ev...
    Habib Ghalamkari
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  • Can anyone create a poll?

    Can anyone create a poll on the forum, or do you have to be a SolidWorks administrator?
    Eddie Pellegrin
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  • comment sauvegarder ses créations

    Comment sauvegarder dans la version online ses créations sur son propre ordinateur pour ensuite lancer une impression 3D ?   Merci d'avance Fred
    Fred Eruor
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  • MySolidWorks Forums is 7 days old!

    I thought somebody at SolidWorks would have noticed this by now. The Forums panel is not being updated. Please fix!  
    Bill Toft
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  • Is anyone else having issues with the My.SolidWorks forum page not updating again?

    The forum page from SOLIDWORKS Forums | MySolidWorks seems to be not working again. Mine has not updated in 3 days.
    Victor Frauenfeld
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  • Does SolidWorks assign someone to each question?

    I am very confused and disappointed from SolidWorks. In Ansys, I can submit a question and someone will be assigned to me to answer my question. Here is like you should be lucky to get an answer! How can I make sure m...
    Mahsa Ghaffari
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  • My https://my.solidworks.com/forums page is now 5 days old?

    Why does this keep happening? It just stopped updating. I am using Google Chrome. I even tried to access it with IE 10 and it also shows the latest entry as 5 days ago.   I also tried from my mobile phone. Every...
    Victor Frauenfeld
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  • Forum login showing in Chinese?

    I went to log in to this forum last week and was met by this:     To my knowledge, I haven't done anything or changed anything that would suddenly cause this to switch languages, and I'm not tech savvy en...
    Austin Broeker
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  • ~ !? What does it mean?

    What does it mean? this symbol is in front of most of my SW files but not all, what does it mean?
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  • Is there a way to save SW settings?

    I am going to format MY PC as she has a few bugs and I want to start a fresh.   Is there a way to save my custom setting like Key board shortcuts and such?   Any other tips would be handy?   Thanks!!
    Brent Trotter
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    Where is the draftsight group?
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  • assembly drawing bom problem?

    Some shows inch some shows metric. What happened? lzeng@globalvehicle.ca
    Leo Zeng
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  • Lofted Boss/Base on a Sphere into a Horn?

    Hello guys,   I love this place since I get most of the help to enhance my SolidWorks skills. well, straight into the point.   Just picture an Evil Emoji on an iPhone, that is practically what I am trying ...
    Karlo Ramirez
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  • helix around outside radius

    I would like to wrap a circular tube around the face of this radius bulb shape, do I need to create a viable helix to do so? Because when I attempt to do an angled helix It does not stay concentric to the outside face...
    Mr Turtle
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  • I'm getting a new window when I log on

    When I log on to the forums, I get this window:   Press the list icon, press the "LOCAL LOGINS" button, and I am logged in.   Anyone else seeing this? Or is it something our local IT is doing?   Th...
    Dwight Livingston
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