• how to activate RealView Graphics if the icon is grey?

    How to activate RealView Graphics if the icon is grey? I have tried for a long time but still have no idea. Thanks~~
    Sean Lin
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  • problem mit excel tabelle

    Hallo zusamen   Nach der Arbeit an der Excel-Tabelle in einer Konfiguration. Solid Works aktualisiert nicht die neuesten Ergänzungen der Tabelle (siehe Anhang). Es ist blockiert muss mit Task-Manager schli...
    Dejan Marinkovic
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  • I want to ask with you..? you help me do not know and understand the way there is no toolbox to show on solidworks. Can I have a video example show what is right on the PC.

    Guido Fernando
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    I am working remotely and need to add a color (appearance)  to the face of a LED. The system hangs up. What files do I need on my desktop to have this feature work correctly?
    Donna Weigle
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  • When a user opens Spell check in Solidworks 2019, it causes Solidworks to shut down.

    When a user opens Spell check in Solidworks 2019. It causes Solidworks to shut down. We have Word 2013 version 10.0.16299. He has a new engineering desktop. I am unable to duplicate the issue. Anyone else seen this?
    Marc Clark
    created by Marc Clark
  • My Measure Tool is stuck on millimeters. The window pop up when using the tool doesn't display the window to change units. Any ideas as to fix this?

    My Measure Tool is stuck on millimeters. The window pop up when using the tool doesn't display the window to change units. Any ideas as to fix this?
    Andres Vargas
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  • Why are so many users of this forum obsessed with "Points" ???

    I am curious why so many users of this forum are obsessed with the collection of "Points".   I will frequently see comments if the Point system is down, or people are trying to move Points to another email accou...
    Jeff Wygum
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  • Merging two forum accounts into one?

    I recently put in my two weeks at my job, and I'll soon be starting work at another company.  I currently have 2 SW logins (one for my private email and one for my current work email).  I'd like to merg...
    Jason Warnke
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  • Admin - Moderator?

    Who knows how to contact someone who can tell me why my (and not only my) answers have disappeared (without any information). And I noticed that most of my posts are moderated. Thanks.
    Krzysztof Szpakowski
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  • Solid-bodies being removed

    Solidworks 2020
    Robert Patt
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  • Why SolidWorks can only see the interior of the model

    青 陈
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  • I see the points are messed up again...

    青 陈
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  • How many times have you searched the forum only to find your own post answered the question?

    For me, 4 or 5 times.   Happened again just now. I didn't know how to change the configuration of an inserted part, but a forum search took me to a post from 2017, one which I answered. Damn.  I suppose I u...
    Dwight Livingston
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  • A question for admins : How the posts are moderated?

    The question is simple. I need to know which posts needs being moderated and which posts don't. What's your policy on deciding which post needs being moderated before being seen by public?   Yesterday, I saw a ...
    Habib Ghalamkari
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  • Sheet metal .igs files

    When opening an .igs file the object is shown as a solid body rather than a sheet metal/part file. This issue is recent and did not occur before.   Thank you
    Ritesh Amin
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  • Phishing with Private Messages in this Forum...

    There seems to be no limit to the lengths SPAMing PHISHING Trolls will go.   I got this as a private message... LOL   Conversation with 1-6ZN35K8 and Rick Beckerhttps://forum.solidworks.com/inbox Mark unrea...
    Rick Becker
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  • Anyone else having issues with forum website display?

    Past few days the forum has been showing up strange.  Tried in Edge, Edge Dev (my goto), Firefox, all the same.  I have cleared history couple times.  
    Ben Nemec
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  • How to alter my profile?

    Hi  Please advise how to alter my profile or delete it?   Orest
    Orest Yaavtushenko
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  • Download disabled for Solidworks 2018 installation manager

    So. Download seems to be disabled for some reason and the installation can't proceed. First time I had this issue. Things I've tried: - Restarting the computer (tried multiple times). - Re-downloading the installer...
    Arthur Vieira
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  • Change Font Size Solar Access Study.

    Hi , How to change font size of solar access study automatic note. Bellow image i have marked mentioned text in yellow color circle.     Thanks, Manupriya.