• How do I hide Construction Geometry in a drawing

    When adding an assembly in a drawing, Construction Geometry shows up as a blue point with and arrow pointing up and right.  How do I exclude these from my drawing?
    Keith Layton
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  • Not too long ago....

    Not too long ago, this forum used to be my fastest resource for Solidworks. Any question I had, any information I needed, it was just enough to search here and post my question. There were always a lot of professiona...
    Habib Ghalamkari
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  • my server system os issue ,so i need resinstalled solidwork software

    #my server system os issue,  so I need to be reinstalled solid work software     please support  me SolidWorks API Support
    Vinoth Kumar
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  • 2019 hide command not hiding part in assembly

    With 2109 we are having problems with hiding parts in assemblies.  When we use the hide command, the icon in the feature panel will change to the hidden part file icon, but in the graphic window, nothing changes....
    John Malmberg
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  • How to reorienting the Global Origin on an Imported Part in 2019 composer

    I am working with .smgProj file. that improted two files, but need to reorientate these to the global orign coordinates. For example, when I "Align Camera" to top/bottom the model rotates to left and right of the mod...
    Danny Bigras
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  • Error. RSS feed

    I've been seeing this for a while now. Am I the only one or is this just something that we all experience and think nothing about it?
    Peter De Vlieger
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  • A sharing violation ocurre while saving a part

    While I was saving a part, this window appeared and it doesn allow me to save the part
    Rodrigo Covarrubias
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  • Do you have problems encountered while working with SOLIDWORKS offline or without internet connection?

    Please help me with my question. Thanks
    Michael Jonnar Orpeza
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  • Complete quest.

    Hi,   Can anyone help me to complete the attached quest.
    Gaurav Bansal
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  • How to create amacro to make a drawing template from part or assembly sldworks?

    Hello every one, I want to create solidworks Macro to make a drawing template from part or assembly sldworks and I need aMacro to create main views (shaded)scale A3 I need macro codes for both process Thanks alot
    Eslam Elesh
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  • Is it possible to link a (.dwg) version drawing file to a solidworks part model ?

    I have a drawing file(AutoCAD) version. I need it to be linked to a solidworks component, such that if I make a change in the model, the same is reflected in the drawing. Is there a possibility of doing so?
    Chetan M.
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  • Poll - Should we keep "Helpful" and "Like"?

    The intent is give user credit for "being helpful". Not sure we need this with the "Like" button.
    Greg Jankowski
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  • Hello guys, today I was trying to use my SW, but when I opened it, some tabs started to disappear, Im new in this forum.

    Ruben Mendoza
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  • Option to Paste Images Directly into a reply

    19 votes
    Would be nice to have option to directly paste images into a reply instead of going thru insert image (like we've in Gmail)
    Deepak Gupta
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  • how do I print or copy the feature manager to use in another part?

    how do I print or copy the feature manager to use in another part?
    Paul Peterson
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  • mold creation from imported part

    Hello all!I have a project for my dissertation thesis in which I will create a mold by an ancient greek macedonian coin which I've scanned and got the igs format.So,for creating the mold I have split the coin using a ...
    Apostolos Athanasiadis
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  • Forum feature: feature symbol emojis

    A possible feature for this forum would be custom emoji's (or something similar) with the symbol for each feature in SolidWorks. For example, I would want to be able to type "/(Surface Extrude) Surface Extrude" to get...
    Chris Pratt
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  • buongiorno ho problemi con il routing mi dice trascinamento non riuscito

    Massimo Gazzetta
    created by Massimo Gazzetta
  • Validation failed?

    Anyone else getting this "validation failed" message when trying to access downloads or the fixed SPR list via the Customer Portal?  
    Eddie Pellegrin
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  • 2019 SP4 is out! Who knew ?

    Last time I checked was monday the 26th and seeing as that it had been a few days I swung by the customerportal. And yes, it's been out since Tuesday.   Now if only there was a way to inform the users about tha...
    Peter De Vlieger
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