• Anyone else having issues with forum website display?

    Past few days the forum has been showing up strange.  Tried in Edge, Edge Dev (my goto), Firefox, all the same.  I have cleared history couple times.  
    Ben Nemec
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  • Forum Layout Bugs / Glitches

    As of yesterday I'm seeing layout glitches in the forum; I can still access everything but clearly something is amiss.  This is across multiple browsers on Win10 1903;   Firefox 73.0   Edge 44.18362...
    Dave Laban
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  • How to alter my profile?

    Hi  Please advise how to alter my profile or delete it?   Orest
    Orest Yaavtushenko
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  • Download disabled for Solidworks 2018 installation manager

    So. Download seems to be disabled for some reason and the installation can't proceed. First time I had this issue. Things I've tried: - Restarting the computer (tried multiple times). - Re-downloading the installer...
    Arthur Vieira
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  • Change Font Size Solar Access Study.

    Hi , How to change font size of solar access study automatic note. Bellow image i have marked mentioned text in yellow color circle.     Thanks, Manupriya.
  • Run time error in solidworks

    I am having issue with file editing. suddenly solid works closed with below error message. Need solution for this 
    Ganesha Manjunathaiah
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  • all my posts are stuck in moderation. Can a MOD PLEASE reach out to me?

    please can anyone help?
    Justin Pires
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  • Does forum software scan for viruses on attached files?

    Just want to confirm before I download an attachment. Thanks, Debbie   ETA: I have a local anti-virus. I know how to use it. I would like to know if the forum scans prior to upload to their server. 
    Debbie Wescott
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  • Not able to see my old post in forum

    I'm not able to see my old post in my inbox. is there any way to get back all post? Also removed all connection?  
    Manish Panchal
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  • what?

    (Is currently being moderated) What´s that?
    Mario Zahren
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  • How do I  reset my solidworks main screen to its original status?

    How do I  reset my solidworks main screen to its original status?
    Bennett Obienu
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  • Best way to fix BOM placement, Text height in solidworks comoser view? May be anchor point or pivot point? I need to make consistency in BOM placemrnt in composer view.

    Rahul Gaikwad
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  • Can't connect to customer portal - server problem?

    Is there a problem with the support center today?
    Per Engberg
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  • My large main toolbar is missing from my screen.

    My solidworks now looks like this and I do not know what I did to lose it or get it back.I have been searching this for over a week and no answers. What is that toolbar even called?       
    Bill Boden
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    All'esecuzione del comando "inserisci tabella dati" non succede nulla, non crea la tabella e non da messaggi di alcun tipo
    Fabrizio Morra
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  • How to edit step file

    I have received an assembly step file from company,but I do not know how to change it to solidwork file and edit the feature and dimension.anyone has idea?
    Paul Por
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  • How do I edit the file step file by using solidwork

    I have received a step file without part solidwork file,is it can edit the assembly step file without part by part file?
    Paul Por
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  • Make Bookmarks more accessible

    1 vote
    Please make it easier for us to get to our Bookmarks.  Two possibilities would be to add it to the list on the left, or to the drop-down at top right beside our icon.  
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • How does a topic end up in recent content?

    Sometimes a post will show in recent content.   This one for example Switched from Creo to Solidworks       Opening the post will won't show a reply that isn't recent at all.   Wh...
    David Lane
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  • video card no longer supported

    NVIDIA Quadro K4200 video card no longer supported by SolidWorks.
    Jackson Carl
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