• Wouldn't it be nice to be able to exclude particular "Spaces" within a "Group"?

    Sometimes within a Group on the Forum (like always) I am more interested in the main topic instead of some of the sub-groups or spaces.  Anyone else wish they could exclude certain threads within a Group?
    Jim Riddell
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  • Free White Paper on the value of Part Design Journals

    Something that has been helpful with Solidworks Parts is to add helpful links to Design Journals. This is also one step closer towards the "paperless" office.  With a little setup, the Design Library can be used ...
    Edwin Thompson
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  • Pasting Image in Chrome

    Not sure when it was updated but Chrome user can now paste the images directly into a post. Hurraaaaaahhh!!!   Thanks SOLIDWORKS team
    Deepak Gupta
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  • Discussion author is wrong in inbox list.

    I just noticed that a discussion in my inbox showed one name for the author but then the view pane showed another name (the correct name).
    Jamil Snead
    created by Jamil Snead
  • Webmaster:  Something's Wrong

    Several very old discussions suddenly appeared in the latest listings.  From the Forums home page, I clicked on All Content and got the following listing with at least three very old discussions.  
    Asdfa Afsdaff
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  • Date of Post should not change

    This is just a quick idea. Date and Time of a post should not change if you edit it. The original date+time should be preserved, and it should automatically add the date and time of the modification. It could look so...
    Brian McEwen
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  • Go to first un-read

    I belong to another Forum (not CAD-related) that has a nice feature.  When looking at a list of Discussions, there is a small icon beside the  Discussion title.  Clicking on this icon will take the user...
    Glenn Schroeder
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    I still can't get use to this new layout, takes me forever to do anything
    James Pare
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  • new guy start to learn use solidworks

    Just start work in a new company(http://www.odinmould.com) and request use solidwroks software.  Anyone can tell me how to hide the green point? It looks so mess.thanks.
    Frank Chiang
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