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This space is for the discussion of issues and ideas for the SOLIDWORKS Forums only!

To help keep track and organize issues and ideas for the SOLIDWORKS Forums (only!), we have created this dedicated space.


This space should only be used to:

  1. Add tips for using the Forums.
  2. Report any issues.
  3. Create and vote on ideas to improve the experience.
    Note: All ideas not related to the SOLIDWORKS Forums will be closed.
    Please see Enhancement Requests in the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal.


This space will help to organize, share, and respond better to comments, ideas, and issues.


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Greg Jankowski

On-going recognition

Posted by Greg Jankowski Employee Sep 25, 2014

As we mentioned previously, we are adding recognition for on-going engagement in the community.


On-going missions:

  1. Comment 15 times in 30 days (50 points)
  2. Get a correct answer (50 points)
  3. Get a helpful answer (15 points)
  4. Get followed 5 times (15 points)
  5. Have 5 of your comments liked (15 points)
  6. Log in 10 time this month (50 points)
  7. Mark as correct (50 points)


To view your recognition, open your profile and click the point level below your avatar.

Image 5.png


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Greg Jankowski

Forums - Emails

Posted by Greg Jankowski Employee Aug 5, 2014

One of the questions that has come up is how to set email preferences.


1) Select your user avatar / Preferences (!input.jspa)


2) Set the desired email preferences.


3) Click Save.


Note: If you had check get email updates from a specific item in the old forum, you will see the eMail Watches preference shown.

This is non-editable and is either on or off.


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