Dan Pihlaja

What is the difference between viewing a thread in my Inbox and viewing it separately?

Blog Post created by Dan Pihlaja on Jul 31, 2018

Often, we see many users (both old and new) getting confused about the difference between viewing a thread in their inbox and viewing that thread by opening the thread separately.


Hopefully, this clears up much of that confusion.


To view a thread in your inbox:

After you log in to the Forums, you are directed to: https://forum.solidworks.com/welcome



To view your Inbox, click the little bell icon next to your picture:


This directs you here:


Selecting a thread inside your inbox, shows the thread in a format in which each reply is listed sequentially:


However.....in this format, it is impossible to view attachments, attach files, delete replies or edit replies if you reply to or view the thread from inside this inbox.


The key is to open the thread separately.

To do this, you can do 1 of many different things.

The simplest is to click the thread title:


Alternatively, you can RMB on the title and select Open Link in new Tab or Window (works on both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer).

Other options:

These work with both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome:

     Opening the thread in a new Tab:

          CTRL + Click on the link

          Click the link with the middle mouse button

          SHIFT + Middle mouse click = Open in new Tab and view that Tab.

     Opening the thread in a new Window:

          SHIFT + Click on the link


Once you have clicked the title and opened the thread separately:


Attachments can now be seen:


And replies are now shown as indented under the message they are replying to (unless the thread has reached a certain length....then indented replies go away and replies are shown sequentially again....but all other things are the same):


And now that the thread is opened separately, access to the advanced editor appears inside a reply.


Also, it is now possible to delete and edit replies.  And to branch replies out to a new thread.


See this FAQ by Glenn Schroeder for more information about how to attach files:

How can I attach a file to a forum post?