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Often, we see many users (both old and new) getting confused about the difference between viewing a thread in their inbox and viewing that thread by opening the thread separately.


Hopefully, this clears up much of that confusion.


To view a thread in your inbox:

After you log in to the Forums, you are directed to:



To view your Inbox, click the little bell icon next to your picture:


This directs you here:


Selecting a thread inside your inbox, shows the thread in a format in which each reply is listed sequentially: this format, it is impossible to view attachments, attach files, delete replies or edit replies if you reply to or view the thread from inside this inbox.


The key is to open the thread separately.

To do this, you can do 1 of many different things.

The simplest is to click the thread title:


Alternatively, you can RMB on the title and select Open Link in new Tab or Window (works on both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer).

Other options:

These work with both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome:

     Opening the thread in a new Tab:

          CTRL + Click on the link

          Click the link with the middle mouse button

          SHIFT + Middle mouse click = Open in new Tab and view that Tab.

     Opening the thread in a new Window:

          SHIFT + Click on the link


Once you have clicked the title and opened the thread separately:


Attachments can now be seen:


And replies are now shown as indented under the message they are replying to (unless the thread has reached a certain length....then indented replies go away and replies are shown sequentially again....but all other things are the same):


And now that the thread is opened separately, access to the advanced editor appears inside a reply.


Also, it is now possible to delete and edit replies.  And to branch replies out to a new thread.


See this FAQ by Glenn Schroeder for more information about how to attach files:

How can I attach a file to a forum post?

  1. If you are new here....please look into these threads.
    1. Get Started in the community
      1. Tips on how to create your profile and stay connected (to say the least!)
    2. Forum Posting
      1. Tips on searching for answers, posting a question, updating your profile and editing posts (there's more too!)
      2. Here is a screen shot of one of the most important steps from the post (updated with up to date screen):
      3. Written by Deepak Gupta
    3. Request for Forum Etiquette
      1. A general reminder of etiquette while on a public forum and where to post off topic responses.
      2. Written by Dennis Dohogne
    4. Please use the Quote Previous Message Functionality
      1. Tips on how to quote someone else while replying to a post (very important, especially on long threads).
      2. Written by Jim Wilkinson
    5. How to ask a good question in the API forum
      1. This one is specific to API, but I think that it applies everywhere else, too!
      2. Tips on how to keep questions short and to the point
      3. Written by Keith Rice
  2. Regarding Questions:
    1. First, please do some research. Either by searching using the tips from Forum Posting or by searching using these Excel documents that John Stoltzfus has created.
    2. To actually ask a question, you can do one of 2 things:
      1. From the "Home" page, you can select "Actions"--> "Ask a Question"
      2. From the "Home" page, if you Type something into the dialog box and select the "ask it" button, then a question will be created:
        1. However!  If you do NOT type anything in the dialog box and click "ask it" then a discussion will be created.  (see section 3 below).
        2. If you have accidentally created a discussion and wish to convert it to a question, then you have 15 minutes from when you posted the discussion to convert it to a question:
    3. If you've asked a question and have received a sufficient answer to move forward, then please MARK THAT ANSWER AS CORRECT.
      1. If there are multiple answers that are correct:
        1. Then post a reply summarizing all the correct answers (make sure you give them credit) or
        2. Pick the best suited one.
        3. If multiple answer are the same, then pick the one that was posted first.
      2. This is important for future people who are trying to find the answers to their questions
        1. The ones who are following the tips listed above in the linked posts.
    4. If you found the answer on your own, then please post the answer for other people who have the same question.
    5. If you have not received a sufficient answer, please don't post the question a 2nd time. Other options include:
      1. Edit the question and reword it or add pictures and attach models.....maybe no one understands.
      2. Post a "bump" reply to your own question.
        1. This will pop it to the top of the forum page. (or just edit it and hit post without actually changing anything)
    6. If you post a question, and later, have a different question:
      1. Please create a new question instead of asking the question in your original one.
      2. This is important, because the new question can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle if just posted as a reply.
    7. When you ask a question, please reference which version of Solidworks you are using. This will help a lot.
    8. Posting screen shots with your question will help the answerers a lot as well.
      1. The Windows Snipping tool comes with Windows 7 & 10 for free. Link for instructions on how to use snipping tool.
      2. I personally use Greenshot, a free program for capturing screenshots.
      3. Once you copy the snapshot, you can just paste it right into the body of your question
        Edit: If you are using Microsoft Edge, the paste function doesn't seem to work (it seems to work while you are editing the post, but once you publish it, none of the pasted pictures show up).  Instead, either attach the picture or use the "insert image" function.  
    9. Uploading a file generally helps a lot.
      1. If you can't share the actual file, then recreate the problem in a sample file and upload that.
      2. Use Pack and Go to create a zip and upload that. 2017 SOLIDWORKS Help - Pack and Go Overview
      3. How can I attach a file to a forum post? written by Glenn Schroeder
    10. We have seen many users delete all details of the question once they have a satisfactory answer. (if there are replies to a discussion/question, then the user can not delete the post at all)  I don't understand why they do this.....but don't do this.   It makes it impossible for others who would need the same answer to be able to find it.
  3. If you don't actually have a question, but you still want to discuss something that you feel is important:
    1. If you select the "ask it" button without actually typing anything in the dialog box, then the new post will default as a discussion (but if you have typed something in, then it will default as a question).
      1. This will create a discussion rather than question and open the floor up for lively discussion.
      2. Some notes about this:
        1. If you Select the "ask it" button at the home page and haven't typed anything into the dialog box, then it will default to a discussion.  But if you have typed something in, then it will default to a question.
        2. If you have accidentally created a discussion and want it to be a question (or vice versa), you have 15 minutes from the time you originally posted it to convert it to the other format:
  4. If you have created a question and someone has a secondary question, or the topic has gone in a different direction:
    1. Then as the author of the original question, you have the option to "Branch" a discussion out into a separate thread.
      1. This is also important for future people who are trying to find the answers to their questions



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