Jim Wilkinson

How do I change my name or e-mail address in the SOLIDWORKS Forums?

Blog Post created by Jim Wilkinson on Jan 16, 2018

Most options about your forum profile can be changes using theEdit Profile page within the forums. However, your name and e-mail address actually come from your SOLIDWORKS ID which is defined in and used by the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal and must be changed there. To change your name or e-mail address do the following:

  1. Go to www.solidworks.com
  2. Click the image of the avatar in the upper right and then the link to the SW Customer Portal and enter your login if prompted:
  3. Choose the My Profile link in the quick links on the left:
  4. Choose the "click here" link shown below the My Profile section indicated that you want to request a change to your email address or company information.
  5. Make the desired changes in the form that comes up and hit Submit.