Glenn Schroeder

How can I get a Bill of Materials on a sheet by itself?

Blog Post created by Glenn Schroeder on Jan 2, 2018

Insert the drawing view and insert the Bill of Materials (BOM), like usual, but after inserting the BOM you can delete the drawing view.  After it's inserted in the drawing the BOM is linked to the assembly file itself, not the drawing view, and will still update if the assembly is edited, even if the drawing view has been deleted.  If you don't want to delete the view for some reason, you can move it off the sheet, or Hide it.


Because of this behavior, if you have inserted a drawing view of an assembly and a BOM, and then change the drawing view to show a different configuration, the BOM will not automatically update to reflect this configuration.  You can go to the BOM's Property Manager and change which assembly configuration it's referencing.  In the example shown below the Assembly only had one configuration, but if you have more you can choose which one you want the BOM to reference.



If you want to keep the drawing view visible and in it's present location, but the BOM won't fit on the same sheet, you can move it to another sheet.  Go to your tree, find the BOM, click on it, and drag and drop it on the sheet name of the sheet you want it moved to.  You may need to rebuild for the move to take effect.