Jim Wilkinson

Welcome to the SOLIDWORKS Forum FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Blog Post created by Jim Wilkinson on Dec 22, 2017

This space in the forum is used to document FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about the forum itself and the SOLIDWORKS software. Most blogs in the forum are limited to SOLIDWORKS employees posting. But, since Glenn Schroeder took his own initiative to create FAQs using regular discussions, he also has permission and most of the initial content for these FAQs came from Glenn's FAQ posts. Dan Pihlaja has also been added as a FAQ contributor due to his excellent post on using the forum and other helpful posts. Thank you Glenn and Dan for your hard work and dedication to the SOLIDWORKS community!


Each FAQ has one or more category assigned to it to aid in browsing and searching the FAQs. On the space homepage (FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)) there is also listings for:

  • Sticky FAQs which are manually selected/listed by forum moderators. These hopefully make up for the fact that the forums themselves don't have "sticky posts".
  • Popular FAQs which the forum automatically populates based on users visiting the individual FAQs


We will continue to look for other ways to creatively use the FAQs in the forum.


If you have suggestions for use of FAQs on the forum or the FAQ space itself, post those suggestions in a comment to this post.

If you have suggestions on actual FAQs that should be added, see this blog post: Call for FAQs