• Design manager task bar disappears

    Hi, so I downloaded Solidworks 2019, and when I try to draw a part, the taskbar on the left with the feature manager box, as well as the dropdown with "Features Sketch Evaluate"etc are disappearing. They aren't autohi...
    Lauren Harrison
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  • Assembly to Part

    I'm a self taught SW user and working on a project I needed to assemblies and wanted to mate them together so i kept the assembly and changed the assembly to a part and then tried to mate them. The issue is when i con...
    Pulkit Sharma
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  • How do I make spotlights show up?

    I am working on lighting  a trade show display and turned off my ambient and directional lights so that I could figure out where spotlights will be placed to light the display in the convention center. I need to ...
    Chris Brown
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  • Activation Wizard Initialization Error 72 (SW Student Edition 2018)

    I downloaded a fresh copy of SW 2018 over my copy of 2017, which was already on my computer. I put in the serial number, and things seemed to run fine the first time around.   Subsequent attempts to open it res...
    Eatone Cheng
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  • Can I open files from a pro license on a student edition?

    I have an internship at a company where I got a laptop with a pro license. But in the weekends, I am not able to open SolidWorks on that laptop. Can I legally open those files without getting sued? If yes, can I edit ...
    Eimert Van Middelkoop
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  • Quisiera saber si al igual que Inventor, SolidWorks tiene un complemento que a demás de obtener los elementos normalizados permite calcularlos. Por ejemplo si quiero el modelo de un resorte, un engrane, un tornillo, un eje etc. Inventor da la posibilidad

    Soy usuario de Inventor y estoi empesando en Solidworks. Quisiera saber si al igual que Inventor, SolidWorks tiene un complemento que a demás de obtener los elementos normalizados permite calcularlos. Por ejemp...
    Yoan Botello Botello
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  • How to mate a timing belt teeth with two different gears with reduction ratio of 2:1?

    I am trying to mate a timing belt with two different gears. It works perfectly with one gear but when i mate with the other gear it says one of the pulleys selected is fixed. How can i avoid that? If i don't mate with...
    Goutam Behera
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  • Re installation of student edition not working. Does anyone know how to fix this error?

    Recently I had to uninstall the student edition of Solidworks for Windows 10 because it would not start. When I try to install it now it gives me the error Internal error: The Windows Installer for this product compon...
    Andrew Gothard
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  • SW Education download Install manager

    I got SW Education already 1Year, and now I got a new license from my school, but i couldn`t even download the Install manager. How can I fix this ?   I click at Download but then nothing happens
    David Moosmann
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  • I can't able to access some of the videos which is available in "my.solidworks.com "https://my.solidworks.com/training/path/47/routing-piping-1",

    Please help me with how to access(upgrade) the below/similar learning videos? I'm already having SW premium license but still, I can't able to access videos because of std. account type. Is that mean I have to pay a...
    Lokesha Kj
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  • Please; how to obtenu the solidworks certification

    Please; how to obtenu the solidworks certification
    Bachir Abes
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  • offline access

    How can training manuals, documents, content be downloaded for offline use (such as when traveling in an airplane for an extended duration)?
    Keith Loritz
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  • How to get back to Model View

    The model view I have is not the same as the view in the Tutorial example. I would like to flip it or chose the correct view. 1. Is there a way to delete the wrong choice and, 2. get back to the Drawing view choice...
    F. Leatin
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  • How to Delete the Drawing portion only.

    I'm in the drawing portion of this tutorial. The instruction are not quite correct. I've gotten a page size that is not what I would like. I'd like to delete this portion of the tutorial and then start it again. How ...
    F. Leatin
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  • Sheet metal Roll back bar ?

    This tutorial is asking to "Verify" the roll back bar is rolled back to the end ? Can someone explain this ? Thank you.  
    F. Leatin
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  • Need to Export Office 365 Mailbox Data to Desktop

    I have created the Office 365 account and I need to have all my email data to my personal computer. Is there any way so that I can get all of my data from Office 365 to desktop easily because drag and drop is not work...
    Pamu Master
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  • CSWA-S

    Hi, I Have taken the cswa-s twice now and both times I have gotten this question wrong. can someone tell me what exactly I'm doing wrong? specification for the part is: Plain carbon steel Q2. what's the (Y) max di...
    Pascal Pierre
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    Aman Mittal
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  • I filled out EAA form but havn't recieved an e-mail?

    I noticed that SW has upgraded its agreement with EAA since I downloaded SW. I followed instructions and uninstalled SW from my computer and filled out the EAA form for newer version but no E-mail with new download?
    Blane Chism
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  • Solidwork crashing when using sketch filet

    Hello   I have an issue where Solidwork keeps crashing when using sketch filet tool. Other programs work fine but this doesn't. My laptop that runs i3 & HD620 has no issues whatsoever. I've tried re-installi...
    Lassi Rantanen
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