• Is it possible to get the Student Edition of SolidWorks for educational purposes to use with Solid Professor?

    I am a drafter since the mid 90's using software like AutoCAD and Inventor. I recently received a job offer where knowledge of SolidWorks is needed. While I am familiar with parametric modeling, I have never used Soli...
    Scott Conway
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  • I am trying to look at my "thread path" (Helix and spiral ),  i am clicking on the view button with the little eye and  it  doesn't show ,  i know it is in their though because when i click the name of it it shows , can anyone help me?

    the "Helix and Spiral" that i made cannot be seen even after i click view on it , the same thing goes for the thing called "Thread Section " , i know both things are there though because when ever i click their name t...
    Omar Macias
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  • Which is the best software to convert Yahoo to PST file formats?

    Hello, Do you have any ideas of third party application that allow to convert Yahoo emails to PST file without lost of any loss of email data, every software I found on the internet have some limitation? Thank you 
    Alex Miller
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  • Donating to Hospitals using Solidworks Student Edition

    I currently am a student who has the Student edition of SOLIDWORKS installed on my personal computer. With the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided that I would design and 3D-print a face shield that could be used by doctors ...
    Sergio Paez
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  • Internal Error: register_i386_SldShellExtServerExe

    I am having major issues re-downloading Solidworks. Below are the error the error images. 1. register_i386_SldShellExtServerExe 2. Internal Error   I have been working hours to fix it but I'm pretty ...
    Madeleine Hadd
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  • SolidWorks License Question

    Hi, I'm a recent grad trying to get the CSWP after getting the CSWA to make myself more competitive in the job market. I need a SolidWorks subscription to do this, can I get the educational license as a grad to do thi...
    Alex Hartline
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  • Coronavirus Quarantine and CSWA Proctoring

    With all of our schools shut down for the rest of the 2019 school year due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I will be unable to proctor the academic CSWA in a classroom setting. My students are preparing for the exam but ...
    Jim Dirmaier
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  • I want to register my student version

    I wish to know how is that possible thank you very much
    Bruno Cardoso
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  • I am a student using SW 2019.  When using the Flex feature, the trim panes are not being displayed.  Is there a reason that these planes might not be displayed?

    When I open the flex feature, the trim planes are not displayed. Is there a setting or some other reason this might not be happening?
    Charles Kelly
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  • From Under-defined to Fully defined?

    what are the fundamental steps to identify fully defined parts, assemblies, and drawings in the Solidworks? Most of the time I got under-defined, and I would like to know the fundamental steps of the fully defined mod...
    Hemantkumar Patel
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  • Newbie....where does one go to get training for first time users?

    My company has given me a license to solidworks and I do not have a clue on how to use it.
    Jeremy McClanahan
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  • SW question

    excuse me before,.. i want to learn SW,. but i not have enough money (buy a licence). I learned a little about solidwork, but some features I can't use. i am 19 years old. can anyone tell me what to do? in my cou...
    Much Amad
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  • My SOLIDWORKS 2019-2020 Student Edition has no Toolbox?

    So far i have tried :    -Repairing the installation -Changing the directory of the toolbox in the file settings -Saving the settings   I have included some screenshots that show the problem. I also...
    Florent De Winter
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  • rib error  when

    when i try to create a rib with that sketch created in thge middle with the help of a reference plane it shows failed to create a rib  i want that rib upto that 8mm fillet
    Jitendra Singh
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  • Corona school situation...

    Hello, my son is in terminal class in France, he must carry out a project on solidworks, the high school being closed, can I get a free 2016 version (version used in high school)? thank you
    Allano Yannick
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  • Tips for teaching SW remotely?

    I am working on putting together a class using SolidWorks and have recently found out that I will be teaching it remotely. Students will spend most of the term working independently on projects. While we can use Zoom ...
    Phil Mann
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  • New SOLIDWORKS Training Approach

    I have been tasked to help in creating training that is different from what we currently have, making it more interactive by using Captivate. In the past we have used video capturing software and aligned them with aud...
    Alan Gavidia
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  • how many members can i invite?

    I have a premium subscription with 45 users for my school.  How many members can I invite for training purposes?
    Dave Dickie
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  • What is the difference between fillet welding and Bead welding?

    Soliworks has two options : fillet welding and bead welding. When does they apply?
    Emanuel Degni Junior
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  • Fillet error

    I am facing issues to create the 3rd face fillet feature. Can anyone explain me why this error is shown?
    Shruthi Sureshkumar
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