• Creating solidworks tutorials

    I'd like to create some new solidworks tutorials. What I want to do first is to identify where people struggle to make progress. So I've created a quick 5 question survey. You can see the results from everyone after i...
    Stefano Barfucci
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  • ebook

    Jag har gått en SWE Schematics kurs. Det finns en instruktion hur man kan ladda ner instruktionsboken för kursen. Denna länk http://my.solidworks.com/ebook/getebook fungerar inte för mig. Fö...
    Rune Ingman
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  • I have no idea what im doing wrong, please help

    First off, I'm not sure if this if the correct discussion board to post out of all, sorry if it's in the wrong place I tried making this part and I'm not getting the correct mass, please help me The correct answer i...
    Aryan Panthri
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  • How can i read the name of the gauge table of my model using VBA ?

    I want to debug.print the name of the gauge table of my solidworks model in the immediate verificaion of the macro, does anyone knows how to do that, please ? Is there a method that can reach the name of the gauge tab...
    Eduardo Festugatto
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  • No se nada de solidwork, por donde inicio?

    Por cual curso inicio en el aprendizaje del software solidwork?
    Luis Alfonso Prada Leon
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  • Solidworks equation not changing shape when changing global variable value

    I try changing the values of the global variables in the equation bar but it doesn't change the dimensions of the object on screen. But when I go to the equation tab, the value is shown as changed, but not in the obj...
    Aryan Panthri
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  • Error in saving file as pack and go

    I have installed solidwork 2019,i have errors for saving the file as pack n go.
    Amarjoth Singh
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  • Hi, I bought these programs: SOLIDWORKS Student Edition 2019-2020, 3DEXPERIENCE but it won't let me download them. could share a video to see the step by step.thanks

     Hi, I bought these programs: SOLIDWORKS Student Edition 2019-2020, 3DEXPERIENCE but it won't let me download them. could share a video to see the step by step.thanks
    Leila Fernández
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  • where can i take the pratice solidworks test again

    2nd practice test
    Kathleen Romero
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  • Can I keep using and updating SW?

    Hello,   I'm doing my program at the University of Oldenburg in collaboration with the Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences. Most of our modules are from Uni-Ol, but one of the few we get from E/L...
    Connor Fitzgerald
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  • SolidWorks 2019 Education version and 3DExperience Platform

    Hi, I am using the 2019/20 education version. Usually I get access through university SNL and I have borrowed 30 days license from the server which has since expired. I signed up for the 3DExperience Always On. I have...
    Hui Leng Choo
    created by Hui Leng Choo
  • Delete Template?

    How I delete template from the New document tab?
    Hemantkumar Patel
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  • Trouble making organic form (please help)

    Hi all,   I'm designing a one-handed controller with an ergonomic organic form, pictured below:         I've attempted to make it with a loft in Solidworks and created guide curves from so...
    Dan Hurd
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  • How can I fully define all my small circles within a larger circle?

    Hello i am trying to define 6 small circles within the larger circle but i can only get 2 of the small circles defined. the rest of the small circles remain blue. what can i do to define all of them? (this is the part...
    Diana Mendoza
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  • comment telecharger solidworks sur mon nouveau pc

    Bonjour, suite à des soucis sur mon ancien pc , j ai du le changer . J aimerais savoir comment je peux télécharger SolidWorks sur mon nouveau ordinateur. Je suis sur le site mais impossible d'avoi...
    Coralie Laplanche
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  • update solidworks 2019 student edition

    Hi, can I update solidworks 2019 student edition sp 2.0 to a later version?  
    Andrea Vincenti
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  • Toolbox

    hello i am a student of mohammad jawid erkin çukurova university we continue our lessons as a distance education due to corona virus I have a course about SOLIDWORKS, I need all applications of my solidworks prog...
    Mohammad Jawid Erkin
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  • sheet size/format

    Does anyone know why there is an empty box when doing a drawing?   Sorry for bad english.  
    Saul Mandujano
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  • Can I return the Solidwork purchased test CSWP last 2 segments?

    I already gave first segment and failed if I no longer want to give the rest of the segments?
    Lay Patel
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  • Connection request under SW forum?

    Hello everyone, How do I send a request for a connection on the SW forum site? Will the request sent to anyone, will they accept my request?
    Hemantkumar Patel
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