• downloadable student edition

    I want to buy a student edition of solidworks but would rather download it after purchasing rather than waiting for it in the mail. Does anyone know of a place I can buy and download solidworks?
    kyle brown
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  • SolidWorks in 64x hardware

    Can SolidWorks Edu Edition be installed in a 64x Hardware
    Niranjan Joseph
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  • Solidworks Utilities Student Edition

    I am trying to figure out how to access the Solidworks Utilities in the student edition 2008-2009. It doesn't appear to be licensed for this while previous versions were. It doesn't show up i addins either. Any ideas?
    Joshua Strickon
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  • Solidworks 2009 - Files created in student version now easily spotted.

    Hi, As soon as I started doing commercial work, I bought SW Premium. At the time the files I was creating in the Premium version did not look any different from the Student one, although my reseller said an e...
    Stuart Brown
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  • 2008-2009 Student Edition Installation Issues

    I would be most grateful to anyone out there more experienced than me who can advise me on the following installation problem. I have recently purchased the latest student edition and hoped to install the software o...
    Ian Flude
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  • SDK 2008-2009, windows x64 vista is not supported

    Hello guys, I'm new on this forum and i wish some people can help me out.. I just recently received a student design kid from school with license and everything, but when i want to instal the instalation file ...
    melvin zaaijer
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