• im a student using with a student product key for about a year now and i recently got a new computer. When i tried to download solid works again i had an error message telling me i may need to deactivate solid works on another device 

    please help!!
    William Thomas
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  • Installation Error; Windows Installer

    Hello. I have a problem during installation in Windows 10 which prompted me with an error message; "The Windows Installer for this product component did not run as expected: InstallExecute" Does anybody has similar e...
    Andra Misra
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  • A few things about learning solidworks

    Throughout my time on the forums I've been given several pieces of advice. I would just like to comment on them because I've had time to think about them now.   Don't be afraid to start over. J Mather especiall...
    Eric Eubanks
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  • Re: Can I print in one file from individually slddrw ? following pages numbering !

    Mr. Kevin welcome, I'm back, first of all thank you be patient with my request Question 1 - Regarding context "A": ( I was a bit confuse with my original explanation, I apologize) Starting from individually slddrw f...
    Dan Aninaru
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  • How to be prompted by a specific template, before inserting a new part ?

    Hello everybody,   When insert a New part, always in-context assembly, where and how to set a specific part template (let say having dimensions allways in fractions as an example or having both in decimals metr...
    Dan Aninaru
    created by Dan Aninaru
  • I'm going to change courses in school.

    Solidworks just isn't for me. I'm not really liking sitting at a computer for so long. I keep falling asleep in class. I'm going to try something that lets me move around more. Also it's hard to use solidworks without...
    Eric Eubanks
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  • Any suggestions for a CAD Workbook to use in a college classroom?

    I will most likely be teaching a class using SW this coming fall and am looking for some suggestions for workbooks (essentially a book with drawings for students to recreate). I am preferably looking for something tha...
    Greg Berkeley
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  • Modeling Platonic Solids

    I've seen several examples of modeling Platonic Solids in SOLIDWORKS, most notably in a few of Phil Sluder's excellent SWW presentations, but I've never seen a complete set before.  I was also interested in creat...
    William Radigan
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  • Is there a fix for Windows 10? I am having with equation relations and SimulationXpress.

    Is there a fix for Windows 10? Equation relations will not work. simulationXpress does not work either.
    James Townzen
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  • Running SolidWorks 2015-16 Student Edition (2015 SP 2) in Windows 10

    Read past the red bit if you want to Run SolidWorks 2015-16 Student Edition (2015 SP 2) in Windows 10.   "I had the trouser (pants for you guys over the pond) soiling experience that my yearly SolidWorks Student...
    James Goddings
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  • Why is my Loft curved instead of straight?

    There was an issue, The Loft came out curved instead of straight. I created two ellipses and used the Lofted Boss/Base command. After  clicking on both ellipses it showed the preview. I need the outcome to be str...
    Gabe Doggett
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  • a little help :)

    hello, i'm amit. i'm a freshman at BGU and it's my first project at my material engineering studies. me and my partner Omer had a great idea. an eraser made of two major subjests, a rale and a stick connected to it...
    Amit Rodkin
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  • any good training video for SW 2004?

    Does anyone know if any good training video/CD for SW 2004? I check online and couldnt find ANY at all. Im speaking from a student stand point.
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  • Dear all, I'm an industrial design student at Tunghai University, Taiwan. I'm struggling with a class project. I have to create a wooden puppet, resembling a teddy bear if possible. Could someone please help me out. I can't seem to find any tutorials or u

    Dear all, I'm an industrial design student at Tunghai University, Taiwan. I'm struggling with a class project. I have to create a wooden puppet, resembling a teddy bear if possible. Could someone please help me out. I...
    Riaan Burger
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  • I tried to make a very simple dynamic simulation – throwing a ball, but could not. Our school version does not show “Initial Velocity” setup.  Do we need to buy kinematic/dynamics feature?

    laurie Prest
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  • Hotfix for SolidWorks Student Design Kit expiry problem "This limited life version of SolidWorks has expired"

    IMPORTANT NOTE The expiry issue for new downloads of the SolidWorks Student Design Kit has been corrected - meaning the hotfix does not need to be applied if the software was downloaded on 15th January 2014 or later....
    Nick Birkett-Smith
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  • SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten list: Vote Now! Voting ends January 15, 2014.

    Hi everyone,   Just a reminder that voting for the SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten list ends on Wednesday January 15, 2014. Please be sure to submit your votes as soon as possible to have your opinion heard.  ...
    Salih Alani
    created by Salih Alani
  • Can't install Solidworks on a new computer

    Hello! I've encountered this problem:   I've just got a new computer so I would like to deactivate my license on my previous computer. I'm a student by the way. The thing is, I want to transfer the license but I...
    Daniel Le
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  • Unable to click next on install solution

    Hi, I'm new to Solidworks and recently I was having what is apparently a common issue installing the program. I was unable to click the next button on the installation manager. After going through many, many, many, tu...
    Roger Arnold
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  • Link to contact student edition support for technical issues.

    I found this information on SolidWorks website:   For student edition support request, you can go to following link: http://www.solidworks.com/sw/education/6860_ENU_HTML.htm   and select Student Support R...
    anurag shukla
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