• Free Student version

    Hello, I am an object design student at La Martinière Diderot school in Lyon. So I regularly use the software in my school. I saw that it was possible to get a free license as a student. How can I get it? Thank...
    Lucas Guillemin
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  • can't select the smart component

    hello, everybody Can't select the hinge as smart component, only work in second option which is component. I don't know why ? Please could you help me wit this ?   
    Dan Aninaru
    created by Dan Aninaru
  • Any suggestions on how to grade student work?

    When students submit drawings is there simple/quick way to check and evaluate drawings?
    William Finnegan
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  • Solidworks 2019-2020 Installation Problem

    We have a Solidworks network license and I have downloaded Solidworks 2019-2020 but it will not install on the client machine, after entering the serial number, message states to wait  until after the 2019-2020 v...
    Joan Perry
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  • will i be able to access CSWP tutorials and practice exams from home without a home user license

    I plan on getting my CSWP but don't have a home computer currently. I wanted to make sure I could still access tutorials and practice exams if I'm unable to get a home computer and home user license before the Octobe...
    Steve Kilgore
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  • SOLIDWORKS student license for "informal" business

    Greetings I am a Masters student in possession of a SOLIDWORKS student license. I also own a 3D printer and would like to use my design skills to make some extra bucks by designing and 3D printing parts for people. T...
    Daniel Kirkman
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  • I've designed a 6*19 wire rope, using sweep feature. The file size is very big,causing system crash during assembly. Is there any solution for that?

    The file size of the part is big for a very small length. When I'm trying to cover the path with the wire rope, the size of the part is increasing exponentially, causing a system failure.
    Prakash Prashant
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  • downlode stops

    I am trying to download SW 2019-2020 edition on my Win10 laptop, using IE.  All steps go smoothly until the download phase.  The download hangs-up (stops) running at 1%...  What is the solution?  T...
    Rebecca Morris
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  • no data filled in tab builder

    Hello, I would like to fill MATERIAL in my cut list, starting from tab builder (I have a xls file with materials in one tab). The link with the excel file storing the material seem to be broken so no way to make sele...
    Dan Aninaru
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  • Solidworks CWSP Certification

    Is an active subscription required to take the various Certification exams and become certified?
    Jim Hudspith
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  • Re-loading SW Student

    I have needed to reload SW student edition on my laptop. It asks for serial number which I no longer have - I downloaded my version some months ago and have no disc. Any ideas about what I can do?
    Peter Edwards
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  • I Want to prepare for CSWA-academic certification. Please suggest a laptop model to learn and practice  SolidWorks

    I Want to prepare for CSWA-academic certification. Please suggest a laptop model to learn and practice SolidWorks.
    Vijay Premkumar
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  • quiero aprender del curso desde primera etapa

    No se nada de Solidworks y quisiera aprender desde el comienzo. Por favor que todo sea en español.
    Daniel Ardila Cancelado
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  • How to create a loft

    I want to create a loft tangent to a surface i want create inside lines
    Ranga Charith
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  • Is it possible to get extra time on the CSWA for a student with a learning disability?

    I have a student that has the ability to pass the CSWA, but the time limit is a limiting factor because of a disability.  Does anyone know if there are accommodations available and who to contact?
    Judith Kirchner
    created by Judith Kirchner
  • Sheet Metal Geometry Changing After Folding

    I am a student and fairly new to Solidworks. I am making a barrel slide bolt and using sheet metal so I can cut out a section of the rounded chamber. I unfolded the part to made an extruded cut and when I folded the p...
    Jake Laidlaw
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  • Loft synchronization

    A novice here, using the tutorial's I am in 'Lofted Surface-Surface Bodies' lesson, have the Nozzle created and lofted, only the lofted surface is twisted, the tutorial directs the user to 'Loft Synchronization' ...
    Ken Brunskill
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  • 3D  95 Percentile Mannequin

    Does anyone have a 3d model of a correctly proportioned 95 percentile mannequin? My students need one for designing concept vehicles and we are having trouble finding one that we know is correct. Thanks Russell
    Russell White
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  • Exercise book recommendation request for CSWA exam

    Can anyone recommend a good exercise book to allow me to create 3D parts on SW? I have completed all the tutorial videos for the CSWA exam but dont feel confident yet to sit it. I need to put what ive learned into pra...
    Darren Grant
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  • solidworks expert tutor

    Hi all, I'm looking for someone who can tutor me about solidworks. We can do it via skype. I need to learn more about costing. For example |I design all my cabinets, mouldings, toekicks, fillers,,,,all parts of a com...
    Kim Dang
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