• Why cant I convert this surface to solid?

    Please take a look at this, While pressing the thicken option, I'm not getting the covert to solid option
    Aryan Panthri
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  • Please help knit this!

    I cant knit this model because of some additional mirrors I did and its way too hard for me since I spent the last 2.5 hours figuring how to knit this all, please help!
    Aryan Panthri
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  • Missing Design Library 2020

    So I am Missing my Design Library - just installed the program via the website - this is the 2020-2021 Edu version. What do I do?
    Marc Rickeard
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  • Solidworks Startup Error G8B

    Does anyone know how to solve this issue?  'G8B : Image Idices are not proper Plz Check the order in enums and the images' I have Solidworks 2020 Student version, this error st...
    David Darwich
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  • what can i do, when gave the license back to the server and lost my serial number? please help! Education version for students.

    what can i do, when gave the license back to the server and lost my serial number? please help! Education version for students.
    Vincent Strasser
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  • Split line features confusion!

    Hi~ How can I "extude" the splitline in this model? The splitline feature is located towards the end of the features manager bar
    Aryan Panthri
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  • como activo el solid premium

    Al descargar no puse premium y necesito para ahcer análisis térmico en solid 
    Yadira Zamora
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  • SOLIDWORKS Student Premium "not properly commissioned"?

    I recently uninstalled the Student Standard (2019-2020) version of SOLIDWORKS and installed the Student Premium (2019-2020) version, under direction of my professor. When I try to run the program, I get the message "T...
    Jeshurun Horton
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  • How to change the length of a dimension without restarting my entire project? Editing sketch dimension will cause absurd geometry?

    After manufacturing my item and doing basic testing I notice that I could use a longer "leg length" (see attached images). This length is in my very first sketch for the 2-body part. If I simply try to edit the sketch...
    Gabriel Rios
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  • layers enable

    I am using SolidWorks 2015 Educational Edition in Windows 10, and I need to access Layers to change the way Dimensions are colored, but the Layers Toolbar is greyed out, so I can not select anything. Is this a p...
    Paul Nagelkerke
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  • ebook

    Jag har gått en SWE Schematics kurs. Det finns en instruktion hur man kan ladda ner instruktionsboken för kursen. Denna länk http://my.solidworks.com/ebook/getebook fungerar inte för mig. Fö...
    Rune Ingman
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  • I have no idea what im doing wrong, please help

    First off, I'm not sure if this if the correct discussion board to post out of all, sorry if it's in the wrong place I tried making this part and I'm not getting the correct mass, please help me The correct answer i...
    Aryan Panthri
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  • Can I keep using and updating SW?

    Hello,   I'm doing my program at the University of Oldenburg in collaboration with the Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences. Most of our modules are from Uni-Ol, but one of the few we get from E/L...
    Connor Fitzgerald
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  • SolidWorks 2019 Education version and 3DExperience Platform

    Hi, I am using the 2019/20 education version. Usually I get access through university SNL and I have borrowed 30 days license from the server which has since expired. I signed up for the 3DExperience Always On. I have...
    Hui Leng Choo
    created by Hui Leng Choo
  • Trouble making organic form (please help)

    Hi all,   I'm designing a one-handed controller with an ergonomic organic form, pictured below:         I've attempted to make it with a loft in Solidworks and created guide curves from so...
    Dan Hurd
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  • How can I fully define all my small circles within a larger circle?

    Hello i am trying to define 6 small circles within the larger circle but i can only get 2 of the small circles defined. the rest of the small circles remain blue. what can i do to define all of them? (this is the part...
    Diana Mendoza
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  • How do I activate my student license?

    I received an SDK-ID and serial number from my school yesterday with the place to download to Solidworks. I went through all the installation and input the serial number during. Everything installed just fine but when...
    Brandon Terry
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  • costos

    Costos del producto
    Gabriel Flores
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  • I am trying to look at my "thread path" (Helix and spiral ),  i am clicking on the view button with the little eye and  it  doesn't show ,  i know it is in their though because when i click the name of it it shows , can anyone help me?

    the "Helix and Spiral" that i made cannot be seen even after i click view on it , the same thing goes for the thing called "Thread Section " , i know both things are there though because when ever i click their name t...
    Omar Macias
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  • Donating to Hospitals using Solidworks Student Edition

    I currently am a student who has the Student edition of SOLIDWORKS installed on my personal computer. With the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided that I would design and 3D-print a face shield that could be used by doctors ...
    Sergio Paez
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