• Can edrawings viewer be embedded in a webpage with a link to products database?

    My customer wants to know if he can embed an eDrawings viewer in his existing website where his customers can interact with his products. They want to replicate the page as seen on 3D ContentCentral .Can this be achie...
    Jayesh Halgekar
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  • Save as edrawing web HTML file in trial version

    I need to test an edrawing web HTML file in my website with Chrome to consider buying pro version. With the trial version I can't save as web html file, only ActiveX. Does anyone have a web html file to send me and te...
    Carlos Sobrino
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  • Does anyone try to use VR in eDrawing with other VR devices which is not HTC Vive

    How is it?
    Prich Ngamsirikulchai
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  • SOLIDWORKS / eDrawings to web format

    Hello,   I would like to do something like this: MySolidWorks - Official SOLIDWORKS Community  I'm not talking about the model, but about the way it is presented. I know I can save to HTML (unfortunately,...
    Mariusz Kasprzak
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  • I have installed eDrawing Viewer but when I start it I don't receive the code by mail needed the first time ! I tried with 3 differents address but same problem !

    After eDrawing Viewer installation, the first time I start it, it ask me few informations (name, phone, ...) and after that, I arrive to a field where I have to put a code I receive by mail   My problem is ...
    Francis Zerka
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  • eDrawings measurements not correct

    I've noticed that when I publish a part to eDrawings, the measurements are off.  It's typically in the realm of ~2/1000 of an inch.  For example, I made a part 90" long, but when measured in eDrawings it is ...
    Evan Lockard
    created by Evan Lockard
  • Bonjour, je ne reçois pas mon code de vérification e-drawings ...

    pas de reception du code de vérification pour activer e-drawings
    David Da Silva
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  • eDrawings 2020

    Well it's that time again where I need to review the latest version & ensure that it's OK for production use   Right away I notice another change, that as far as I know of NO ONE asked for It seems that th...
    James Pare
    created by James Pare
  • Save to eDrawings in VBA

    Hello, I have the eDrawings Publisher plugin for Inventor installed. I am looking for the VBA code to save the active document in eDrawings format (.EPRT for a part or .EASM for an assembly)   Thank you very ...
    Daniel Bourquin
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  • How can I make edits to a surface body?

    How can I make edits to a part that is a surface body? When I try to edit a part, I can't because it's surface body.
    Matt Calzone
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  • cannot select faces in edrawing measure

    Hello, I am not able to select faces in edrawing measure tool. Only large surfaces are selected but small ones in sub-assemblies are not. Edges are selected. Edrawing 2015 and SW2017. Thanks.
    Ghazi Toutounji
    created by Ghazi Toutounji
  • edrawings registration

    Hi, thanks for the help, but I have been unable to use edrawings due to the registration, I tried to register it a week ago and I am still waiting for the verification code. Any ideas? thanks
    Nick Greening
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  • VR Controls - Can you use keyboard and mouse?

    I have an old Oculus Rift DK2 but I do not have the controllers. I was wondering if there is a way to get the keyboard and mouse to work with edrawings VR. I was able to get the models to open but I cannot move around...
    Jeremy Brock
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  • crash happy

    I am attempting to run eDrawings 2014 sp02 v14.2.0.116 on a Dell Precision M6800 w/16GB RAM running MS Windows 7  Pro SP1 (64bit).  I say attempt because it has never successfully opened anything.  It c...
    Jeff Kennedy
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  • Hello, Im new so please bear with me! can i download an older 2017 version of eDrawings on my Mac as i am running 10,10 yosemite operating system

    I am running yosemite 10.10 can I download an older cersion of edrawings on my Mac?
    Brett Morgan
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  • Edrawings update

    When box on settings is selected to updates every 30 days does it actually update. 
    David Nelson
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  • Delay in verification code

    Can anyone tell me how long I should expect to wait for a verification code for the basic version of eDrawings? I'm against a deadline and it is taking a while.
    Althea De Souza
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  • Need Verification Code to activate

    We have engaged a supplier to produce drawings for our products. We received the drawings but are unable to view or verify the drawings. I have downloaded eDrawings but am unable to activate.
    Thurman Becker
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  • eDrawings 2019 Open In VR

    I just downloaded the latest version of eDrawings (v, 2019 SP0) and enabled Pro via the 15-day evaluation license. I'd like to test it's VR capability with an HTC Vive as you have in this promotional video...
    Jonathan Girroir
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  • Problems with eDrawings on horizontal mode.

    Why when i use mobile horizontal view in eDrawings my model does not stand upright. But when i use in vertical all is normal. And also in horizontal mode model is shaking and vibrates. I use huawei p20 mate pro. ther...
    Juris Klimpa
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