• eDrawings measurements not correct

    I've noticed that when I publish a part to eDrawings, the measurements are off.  It's typically in the realm of ~2/1000 of an inch.  For example, I made a part 90" long, but when measured in eDrawings it is ...
    Evan Lockard
    created by Evan Lockard
  • Bonjour, je ne reçois pas mon code de vérification e-drawings ...

    pas de reception du code de vérification pour activer e-drawings
    David Da Silva
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  • eDrawings 2020

    Well it's that time again where I need to review the latest version & ensure that it's OK for production use   Right away I notice another change, that as far as I know of NO ONE asked for It seems that th...
    James Pare
    created by James Pare
  • Save to eDrawings in VBA

    Hello, I have the eDrawings Publisher plugin for Inventor installed. I am looking for the VBA code to save the active document in eDrawings format (.EPRT for a part or .EASM for an assembly)   Thank you very ...
    Daniel Bourquin
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  • Custom properties shown in eDrawings assembly

    Hello everybody!   We are currently updating our storage rooms and at the same time updating our of the shelf components to have a label that tells the blacksmiths/welders where to find those parts. They, of co...
    Kristian Palumhoj
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  • How can I make edits to a surface body?

    How can I make edits to a part that is a surface body? When I try to edit a part, I can't because it's surface body.
    Matt Calzone
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  • cannot select faces in edrawing measure

    Hello, I am not able to select faces in edrawing measure tool. Only large surfaces are selected but small ones in sub-assemblies are not. Edges are selected. Edrawing 2015 and SW2017. Thanks.
    Ghazi Toutounji
    created by Ghazi Toutounji
  • edrawings registration

    Hi, thanks for the help, but I have been unable to use edrawings due to the registration, I tried to register it a week ago and I am still waiting for the verification code. Any ideas? thanks
    Nick Greening
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  • crash happy

    I am attempting to run eDrawings 2014 sp02 v14.2.0.116 on a Dell Precision M6800 w/16GB RAM running MS Windows 7  Pro SP1 (64bit).  I say attempt because it has never successfully opened anything.  It c...
    Jeff Kennedy
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  • Hello, Im new so please bear with me! can i download an older 2017 version of eDrawings on my Mac as i am running 10,10 yosemite operating system

    I am running yosemite 10.10 can I download an older cersion of edrawings on my Mac?
    Brett Morgan
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  • Edrawings update

    When box on settings is selected to updates every 30 days does it actually update. 
    David Nelson
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  • Delay in verification code

    Can anyone tell me how long I should expect to wait for a verification code for the basic version of eDrawings? I'm against a deadline and it is taking a while.
    Althea De Souza
    last modified by Althea De Souza
  • Need Verification Code to activate

    We have engaged a supplier to produce drawings for our products. We received the drawings but are unable to view or verify the drawings. I have downloaded eDrawings but am unable to activate.
    Thurman Becker
    last modified by Thurman Becker
  • eDrawings 2019 Open In VR

    I just downloaded the latest version of eDrawings (v, 2019 SP0) and enabled Pro via the 15-day evaluation license. I'd like to test it's VR capability with an HTC Vive as you have in this promotional video...
    Jonathan Girroir
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  • Problems with eDrawings on horizontal mode.

    Why when i use mobile horizontal view in eDrawings my model does not stand upright. But when i use in vertical all is normal. And also in horizontal mode model is shaking and vibrates. I use huawei p20 mate pro. ther...
    Juris Klimpa
    last modified by Juris Klimpa
  • It seems incredibly cumbersome to make a range of solidworks files available to view on the iPad.

    Unless I’m missing a trick somewhere, there is no way to click-through / open the file directly from typical cloud services (oneDrive, DropBox etc). I’m finding the process to be, upload the file from a PC...
    Adam Edwards
    last modified by Adam Edwards
  • Colors missing in eDrawings 2020 VR mode

    I open my design in VR and a lot of the parts are grey. But some are colored. After some troubleshooting I have found that appearances applied to features in eDRAWINGS 2020 VR is not shown. Appearances applied ...
    Erik Wallebom
    last modified by Erik Wallebom
  • Show Fileproperty as Overlay in Viewport possible?

    Edrawings : Is there a possibility to show a File Property / Attribute like for example: Version / Status of an opened File within Edrawings Viewport as a kind of transparent overlay? (like in the attached Video of a...
    Ricco Blust
    created by Ricco Blust
  • eDrawings Open in VR - Summary

    Hi Guys, The topic of eDrawings Direct VR through the “Open in VR” has come up a lot in multiple threads and I thought I’d put all the points together in one place, hence this post. Please feel free...
    Arnav Mukherjee
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  • verification email

    verification email never received for E Drawings
    Gordon Winson
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