• eDrawings is now available for the iPhone

    Just a quick update--both versions of eDrawings are now universal apps for iOS. If you already have either iPad app, you can use it on your iPhone as well. More info on our blog: http://blogs.solidworks.com/solidworks...
    Matthew West
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  • Toolbox Part names in eDrawings

    How do I control the names of toolbox components in the feature tree? What is the easiest way to have my company's part numbers populate the part name field in the Feature tree within solidworks?
    Jonathan Muniz
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  • What's on your iPad? How are you using the eDrawings app?

    Hi Everyone,   The launch of eDrawings on the iPad intrigues me, and I'd like to get a realistic idea of the demand for its use.  As designers, we see things a bit differently from some of the consumers of ...
    Dan Bertschi
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  • Measuring Ability Explained

    This post is an attempt to clear up some confusion regarding whether or not a given document can be measured in eDrawings.   We're working on improving the documentation for this topic, so your feedback on the i...
    Paul Kaiser
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  • Can I mesure Any solidworks file Through E-Drawing

    --I am having Solidworks Standerd & E-Drawing Standerd.
    Dayamoy Mandal
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  • An explanation of the Graphics Boost option

    The Graphics Boost option (on the Tools > Options dialog) can have a big impact on the manner in which eDrawings uses your computer's graphics system. At its core, eDrawings uses the OpenGL graphics API.  Vi...
    Paul Kaiser
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  • import edrawing files to solidworks 2008

    if i can "publish" any solidworks file into an edrawings file, how can i bring in an edrawings file into solidworks 2008 to work on the model
    jim richardson
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  • View solidworks models from web browser?

    eDrawing for iPad is really a hot topic in recent days. Anyone like the ideas of viewing solidworks models from web browser without any plugin? Something like www.publishyourdesign.com. That is really feasible from te...
    Andrew Jordon
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  • eDrawings for iPad now available

    Pretty neat, I'm not sure if it will be useful or not. It is $1.99, so for people with iPads it is at least a good price for what you get. I'm still weary of its usefulness, without any direct link to PDM or a server ...
    Charles Culp
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  • Trouble with SolidWorks file: SLDASM

    Hi, as an IT professional I have a problem with files SLDASM, namely: Sometimes it is so that the engineer writes a file on a network drive (under control of Novell), and when you try to re-open the file using SolidWo...
    Z. S
    created by Z. S
  • configurations in e-viewer

    As you can see from the attached work bench model it has three configurations inside the configuration manager in the tree. When I open it up in e-viewer the configurations become one entity. Is there a way around thi...
    paul braithwaite
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  • solidworks viewer

    what is the diffrence between edrawings and sldworks viewer
    Basam Rafou
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  • change language

    Does anyone know how to change the text from English to spanish. I am creating notes for a sticker on a product and i can't figure out how to get spanish font.
    Brad Bogedain
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  • Edrawing Registration

    I have never been able to register edrawings viewer. This has been going on for years over about half a dozen different computers. It gives me an error: "Unable to register at this time. Please try again later." It's ...
    Misha Young
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  • Please help Please part & surface appearance issues

    Please help. Please. Just installed SolidWorks 09 SP2.1. I am trying to change part & surface appearance. When I try to select the box to change color to a body or feature. I get a denied message saying"Access to ...
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  • Space Navigator SE

    To All, Recently upgraded to Solidworks 2009 SP3 - having issues with Space Navigator SE 3.7.12 - my system will crash on large assemblies. My system is as follows Intel Core2 Extreme CPU X9650 3.00GHz-3.3...
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  • eDrawing 2007 trouble with Measure

    It's under options when you are saving the edrawing.
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  • No Mass properties in E-drawings

    My manufacturing floor uses E-drawings to reference designs and themass properties button is greyed out. Is there some toggle orsetting that I need to activate to get this function? I know theiris an enable measure wh...
    Roy Reed
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  • PDMWorks & edrawings

    I know edrawings can be used as a markup tool for SW files, but what is the typical way to use this as it related to PDMWorks? If a user simply right clicks on a SW file and selects View/Markup, edrawings opens t...
    Jonathan Bravard
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  • Colours not diplayed correctly in e-drawings

    When I have assemblies with many parts (15 to 50) I like to asign a colour to each part at the part level to make things a bit easier to identify in the assembly. When I save the assembly as an e-drawing (2009) some o...
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