• E-Drawings change interface language

    My E-Drawings language is same as my PC (Turkish) but I need to use it in English. My Solidworks in English but rest of them (e-drawings, visualize) in Turkish. How can I change it to English? I tried to modify the ...
    Erdem Erduvan
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  • eDrawings HTML Reliability?

    Hello,   I just saw your new feature that saving 3d model as html about edrawings.I want to asked that. If I use this feature and save html,Do I face with any security problem? I mean, Is this html give any meas...
    Ali Mert Uytun
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  • Show fractions in eDrawings

    When using the measure tool in eDrawings Pro 2017 is  there away to show fractions instead of decimal?
    Corey Sorensen
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  • Why eDrawings?

    Does anybody know why a company needs edrawings, if you can't do much more than view them? All changes need to be made to the Solidworks file. Right now it doesn't make sense for us to maintain two different f...
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  • eDrawings 2018 SP5.0 - Input String was not a correct format

    Hi, I have a workstation with Windows 7 x64 and I installed SolidWorks 2018 SP 5.0 Premium. When I want to start eDrawings 2018 x64 I am getting error: Input string was not in a correct format.   Can anyone hel...
    Stephen Martin
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  • Edrawings API, Batch Print

    I've written a small vb.net app using Edrawings API that opens and prints a document based on command line arguments, which works very well if I run from the command line. However, if I start this app from a web app o...
    Roger Barnes
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  • Back dated e-drawings compatability

    Simply put if we save out an e-drawing for customer approval.   It would be nice to be able to save back to 3 previous versions of e-drawings. So right now we are on 2017 having the ability to post date to 2014 ...
    Paul Risley
    created by Paul Risley
  • not a huge problem in .ai image, but i have to open it

    I am a graphic designer. And I quite often work with Adobe Illustrator, but there was a problem. Only yesterday, my .ai image stopped opening and it viewed me - The file is damaged and could not be repaired. It is bad...
    Edwige Gide
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  • one of my .psd images

    The day before yesterday something happened, that became me very upset. My hardly processing .psd file wasn’t properly opened. I've lack of thoughts what to do.
    Sekiguch Ichino
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  • SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Top Ten List

                Thank you to everyone who has submitted enhancement ideas for this year’s SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten. As a reminder, the idea submission phase wil...
    Khaled Hassan
    created by Khaled Hassan
  • Measuring issue in edrawings 2016

    I have a solution to post for future users who may encounter this problem.   I was unable to measure in edrawings. I could start the measurement tool, I could hover over the model and items would change red - bu...
    Alex Sheydayi
    created by Alex Sheydayi
  • eDrawingsViewer 2016 "show all" bug

    Hi,   I skip right away the rant about how buggy eDrawingsViewer 2016 is, how much negative impact this has on our workflow and that all my fellow coworkers and myself are seriuosly frustrated that Solidworks is...
    Gerald Kratzert
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  • Licensing Compatibility

    For floating license, if I've a server with SW2009, can I use Sw2008 software with this server ?
    Dominique BERTHIER
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  • eDV 2015 annoyance: Components list extremely slow for assemblies

    Hi,   we usually use the components list a lot to filter for specific sub assemblies or parts to either only show these parts or hide them (which is a very efficient way for bigger assemblies). In eDV 2014 this ...
    Gerald Kratzert
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  • eDrawings 2016 - first impressions

    As soon as I saw E-drawings 2016 available for download yesterday, I installed it to see if the improvements I was waiting for were implemented.   At first the installer would not complete, saying I already had ...
    Kim Aleksijuk
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  • 2015 and 2016 on the same machine?

    Hi All,   Does anyone know if it is possible to install eDrawings 2015 and 2016 on the same machine?   Not that I want to run both but I'm reluctant to uninstall 2015 (awful as it is) until I know if 2016 ...
    Barry Halford
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  • eDV 2015 bug: click through bug

    Hi,   these bug is difficult to reproduce. When I work with an assembly at some point it is not possible to select a part, instead a part behind or below this part will be selected instead. E.g. see the followin...
    Gerald Kratzert
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  • eDrawings for Android 5 (Lollipop) now available!

    Hi everyone!   I just wanted to quickly announce that eDrawings is now available for Android 5 (Lollipop)! You can now take advantage of the viewing and collaboration power of eDrawings on the newest version of ...
    Blake Reeves
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  • Re: How can I add an edrawings file to a website?

    If it was me I would use a 3D PDF file. No special reader is required.
    Bernie Daraz
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  • Augmented Reality Now Available on eDrawings for Android

    Hi Everyone!   I'm excited to officially announce that the highly requested Augmented Reality (AR) experience (previously only available for iOS) is now available in the latest update to eDrawings® Pro for ...
    Blake Reeves
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