• Can I open a SW 2018 file in eDrawings 2020

    As per the title, can I open a SolidWorks 2018 file in eDrawings 2020?
    Philip Prendeville
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  • eDrawings 2019 Open In VR

    I just downloaded the latest version of eDrawings (v, 2019 SP0) and enabled Pro via the 15-day evaluation license. I'd like to test it's VR capability with an HTC Vive as you have in this promotional video...
    Jonathan Girroir
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  • eDrawings showing many random lines on DXF for circles

    Please see below. All circles on our flat views are connecting the circles. This is very bizarre and started happening after we upgrade to 2018. AutoCAD opens the file normally without the random lines - it's only eDr...
    Sean Donnelly
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  • E-Drawings change interface language

    My E-Drawings language is same as my PC (Turkish) but I need to use it in English. My Solidworks in English but rest of them (e-drawings, visualize) in Turkish. How can I change it to English? I tried to modify the ...
    Erdem Erduvan
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  • Anyone using E-drawings on Ipad?  All posts are very old.

    I this still being supported?   Is there anything special that I need?  Is there a cost for it? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
    Mark Bradford
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  • edrawing markup not importing correctly

    Hello,     I'm trying to start electronic redlines. These look great in edrawings but when imported, the text spacing is wild. see the images. Are there settings in SW that are blowing this up?   Draw...
    Aaron Stumpf
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  • how to open  e drawing

    How to open and print a edrawing
    Steve Wiseman
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  • Distribute eDrawings Viewer in local network

    Hi!   I would like to distribute the latest eDrawings Viewer 2018 in local network, using Group Policy. I was able to install it successfully but I don't find any option for silent product registration.   ...
    Gabor Kovats-Szocs
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  • Does anyone try to use VR in eDrawing with other VR devices which is not HTC Vive

    How is it?
    Prich Ngamsirikulchai
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  • C

    I sent an edrawing file to a Inspection Colleague, who is responsible for QC of incoming machined parts. The QC guy do not have licensed Solidworks.   Now as a workflow he needs to add additional inspection dimen...
    LE wong
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  • eDrawing touch gestures not working. Windows tablet

    Hi.   I have a brand new surface pro tablet running windows 10 pro. I downloaded the eDrawings application but I'm unable to interact with the model. It seems like I'm stuck in the "mouse and keyboard mode" even...
    Taavi Motsmees
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  • eDrawings measuring in Windows 10 with touch input

    When trying to measure in eDrawings (tested in 2017 & 2019) in Windows 10 using touch input it won't let me select anything. Touching a face/edge/vertex will turn it red, similar to hovering over it with a mouse, ...
    Bas Vandeursen
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  • eDrawings HTML Reliability?

    Hello,   I just saw your new feature that saving 3d model as html about edrawings.I want to asked that. If I use this feature and save html,Do I face with any security problem? I mean, Is this html give any meas...
    Ali Mert Uytun
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  • Augmented Reality - where to start? How?

    My marketing department just started looking into leveraging augmented reality.  Now I see an update for Edrawings that lets you use it on an iPad.   And the blog gives absolutely no pointers on where to ev...
    Nathan Coy
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  • Cannot set EDrawings as default program for .dwg files

    I am running SW 2012 64 bit on win 7 64 bit os and I cannot get EDrawings set as the default program for .dwg files. I sent this to support a while back and they were not able to resolve it.   I had the same p...
    Dan Labonville
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  • Part Description Display in eDrawing

    I am using eDrawing to generate 3D output of assemblies that a user can rotate, explode, interigate, etc. to help identify part information for various parts used in the assembly.  eDrawing displays the part numb...
    Pete Kressin
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  • AR viewer: visualize large items

      I have been experimenting with eDrawings AR viewer (android app with Google Pixel 2) and it seems to work fine with small models or assemblies but I cannot use it to visualise larger furniture items as the phon...
    Sebastien Garcin
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  • eDrawings  Substitute

    Does anyone know of a good substitute for eDrawings.  We use e-drawings out on our Manufacturing floor, but e-drawings is getting too big and bulky for the machines out there.  It would be great if anyone kn...
    Maynard Viersen
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  • 2019 e-drawings viewer has measure tool and properties tool disabled?

    Upgraded to 2019 e-drawings viewer. Measure tool is not enabled, nor is properties tool. What do I need to do?
    Tim Atkins
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  • Show fractions in eDrawings

    When using the measure tool in eDrawings Pro 2017 is  there away to show fractions instead of decimal?
    Corey Sorensen
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