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FAQ - What are the new capabilities of eDrawings Pro for iPad?

Blog Post created by Jaime Luo Employee on Aug 31, 2012

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Updated: 8/30/12



What are the new capabilities of eDrawings Pro for iPad?


- New intuitive and easy-to-use user interface

- Open 2D (edrw, slddrw, dwg, dxf) & 3D (easm, eprt, sldasm, sldprt) files from any location: email attachments, cloud storage services (DropBox, Google Drive, Skydrive, YouSendIt…), email, web & ftp site, internal networks and through iTunes File Sharing

- Zoom, pan and rotate your 2D or 3D CAD data using multi-touch gestures

- Browse your assembly components tree, configurations and drawing sheets

- Hide, show and make components transparent

- Views mode selection: standard orthogonal views, shaded with edges, perspective view

- Play animated 3D standard views as well as 2D drawing views.

- View your designs in full screen and double tap to fit it on screen

- Double tap zooms to drawing views

- Significant performance improvements opening, manipulating and interacting with all models

- Markup your designs and send to others, read others’ markups

- Measure your design data with face, edge, vertices and cylindrical holes filters

- View dynamic cross sections of your 3D designs

- Settings panel for markup customization

- Sample files included


For more information:

- See eDrawings FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

- Ask an eDrawing question