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eDrawings FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Blog Post created by Greg Jankowski Employee on Apr 23, 2012

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Common eDrawings FAQs:


eDrawings FAQs:


FAQ - What file formats can eDrawings open?


FAQ - Why does eDrawings® attempt to access Outlook® email addresses?


FAQ - How is 'check for updates' disabled from the help menu?


FAQ - Is it possible to reduce the file size of an .edrw file?


FAQ - How can a user enable the eDrawings measurement utility on a Mac for DWG files?


FAQ - Can mark-ups which are added in eDrawings be seen in SolidWorks?


FAQ - Is it possible to define a default directory for the File> Open Dialogue box in eDrawings?


FAQ - Will SolidWorks decals display when a part or assembly is opened in eDrawings?


FAQ - What file extensions do Pro/E drawings need to have in order to be viewed?


FAQ - Is it possible to change the color of parts in eDrawings?


FAQ - Can eDrawings® export files as STEP or IGES?



eDrawings for iPad FAQs:


FAQ - On eDrawings for iPad what are the double upper arrows (chevron) for?


FAQ - Is eDrawings for iPad available in foreign languages (non-English)?


FAQ - Will the eDrawings Viewer for Mac work on an iPad?


FAQ - Where is the eDrawings Manager on an iPad?


FAQ - What display types are available in eDrawings for iPad?


FAQ - What files types can be opened in eDrawings for iPad?


FAQ - Are all iPad models supported by eDrawings for iPad?


FAQ - Why does a file uploaded into eDrawings for iPad not show a thumbnail preview?


FAQ - Does eDrawings for iPad support printing?


FAQ - Where can the version of eDrawings for iPad be found?


FAQ - eDrawings for iPad crashes on launch.  Why?


FAQ - What are the gestures available on eDrawings for iPad?


FAQ - How much does the eDrawings for iPad app cost?