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Yoshimi Watanabe
アッセンブリファイルをインポートしたのですが、アッセンブリファイルから部品ファイルを開けません。 インポートしたアッセンブリファイルから部品ファイルを開く操作方法を教えていただけますか。   宜しくお願い致します。
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Ali Mert Uytun
Hello,   I just saw your new feature that saving 3d model as html about edrawings.I want to asked that. If I use this feature and save html,Do I face with any security problem? I mean, Is this html give any measure or solidworks drawings or any information about 3d model?   Thank you.
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Nathan Coy
My marketing department just started looking into leveraging augmented reality.  Now I see an update for Edrawings that lets you use it on an iPad.   And the blog gives absolutely no pointers on where to even begin to attempt such a feat.   Help?
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Dean C. Hall
Needing some help on a fix for this.  We have two separate license of SW (which everyone knows includes Edrawings).  This issue is from the other SW user here at my place of work.  When opening a drawing of his and printing it the above message that is quoted appears in the bottom portion of the printed page. A newly created drawing from myself,… (Show more)
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Dan Labonville
I am running SW 2012 64 bit on win 7 64 bit os and I cannot get EDrawings set as the default program for .dwg files. I sent this to support a while back and they were not able to resolve it.   I had the same problem after updating to sp2 in SW 2011, but it worked fine before that. I can open edrawings and then open the .dwg file with no issues,… (Show more)
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Clint Hagen
I have several users who need to be able to view drawings supplied by customers.  I am attempting to install the Edrawings in a Citrix XenApp environment for the users.  If the user signs into a different machine, they are prompted to fill out a new product registration.  Is there a way to register the user on multiple machines with one… (Show more)
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Jonathan Girroir
I just downloaded the latest version of eDrawings (v, 2019 SP0) and enabled Pro via the 15-day evaluation license. I'd like to test it's VR capability with an HTC Vive as you have in this promotional video:   I have a Vive connected to my computer and am running SteamVR. There is no Open in VR or… (Show more)
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Pete Kressin
I am using eDrawing to generate 3D output of assemblies that a user can rotate, explode, interigate, etc. to help identify part information for various parts used in the assembly.  eDrawing displays the part numbers for the parts in the Components tree (I beleive it gets this from the file name for each part).  It also displays the part number of… (Show more)
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