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Zephir Durand
Hello i try to follow this tutorial :   SolidWorks Tutorial: How to model a Wave Spring/Washer - YouTube   But my SOlidWork is different ( Version 2018) there a no "circular/ linear sketch pattern" like  the vidéo.   I can create a polygone. But it's impossible to keep the points without lines.  … (Show more)
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Girish Jois
Unable to view the edrawing file which is saved as edrawing Html format. Sometimes display will not be there.   Is there any  settings are there to view in chrome?
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Paul Chafee
I have a client running Solidworks 2017 SP4.1 and she cannot see the file viewer tabs when single clicking a Solidworks assembly or part in the vault view. I have installed the latest 2018 e-Drawings and set to the default viewer but there are sill no tabs or preview pane.
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Terry Callaghan
hi, when I import a jpeg picture into a part file, it imports ok and the scaling tool shows. however when I try to use the scaling tool my cursor will not pick the tool up but just moves the picture around. what am I doing wrong. the cursor shows as a blue cross all the time. if I click the green ok tick the scaling tool goes. lots of help needed… (Show more)
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Oscar Morales
Good afternoon I need help   I am trying to install eDrawings 2018 but at the end of the installation, I get this error.   Error 1722. There is a problem with this windows installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. contact your support personnel or package vendor. Action… (Show more)
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Roy Randalls Jr
I have Solidworks 2018 on Windows 10 and another computer on Windows 7 is using eDrawings 2018. When they open an assembly on eDrawings from Solidworks, they are unable to use the measurement tool on anything that has been saved as a Solidworks 2018 assembly. I have looked at forums and tried the "save as<options<enable measurement on eDrawings"… (Show more)
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Kieron Brogan
Does anyone know if it is possible to launch edrawings on the iPad using a URL scheme? I've built a custom app for a clients team of engineers which amoungst other things stores some key eDrawing files. I would like to be able to open up the eDrawings viewer app from within my app and pass it the drawing name to display, its a similar way to how… (Show more)
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Varinder Singh
How do I enable the Mass Properties feature on eDrawings Professional 2018. Or is it still not available like in previous versions?
in eDrawings
Roger Barnes
I've written a small app using Edrawings API that opens and… (Show more)
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Farzad Sidhva
I am attempting to use the edrawings VBA api via excel. I have downloaded the edrawings SDK and it seems as though the api only runs through a user form. I have made a few vba macros for solidworks via excel but unlike solidworks there is very limited documentation. I simply want to make a connection to the API, after which I should be able to… (Show more)
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