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Kyle Lucy
I have SOLIDWORKS Student Edition 2016-2017. This includes SOLIDWORKS Premium and eDrawings Pro. I am attempting to include configurations in an eDrawings file, but the popup for selecting the configurations never appears.   I have tried multiple files, tried 'Save As' and 'Publish eDrawings File', and it never works. I have tried reinstalling… (Show more)
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Tony Prem
When I view Solidworks assembly drawings in eDrawings 2016, the object lines appear as dashed lines instead of solid lines. On part drawings, everything appears fine.
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Larry Johnson
Why does my charted length BOM not show up in Edrawings.   All other views visible but not the CL Bill.
in eDrawings
Gary Hamm
Our engineers are using Solidworks within PDM and our shop floor uses Edrawings. But many times the edrawings do not reflect the checked in solidworks drawing, Too many times the shop has worked off of outdated prints caused by edrawings not capable of doing a rebuild or get latest version, is there a way to have the Solidworks file… (Show more)
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Charlene Lipchen
Hello,   I am trying to open an .stp file, and a .step file, using eDrawings Viewer 2017.   When I attempt to open either file, I get the error message "error reading file".   My OS is Windows 10.   Any suggestions?  Thanks!   (Apologies, I am not able to post the files on this forum.  I know that others have been able to open these files,… (Show more)
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Tom Hickerson
Are there any tips for getting better performance out of E-Drawings?  We used Design Review with Inventor and E-drawings is so slow its almost unusable when working with EASM files.    Also are there other solutions than e-drawings to get 3d models that people can measure and look out without running solidworks?
in eDrawings
Nicholas Tretola
I am working with older versions of a drawing and the only thing I have to reference is an eDrawing file. I do not need to create a complex solidworks DWG file, since the item I am dealing with is a basic cable with modified connectors.   Is there the something I can use to take the drawing view of the cable from the eDrawing (as a DXF file or… (Show more)
in eDrawings
Bob Swart
I'm using the eDrawings Model Viewer, and I heard that the eDrawings Professional edition could be used to view step (or stp) files. However, when I tried this on a machine with eDrawings Professional, I got an error message "You need the full version of eDrawings to perform this function".   So I wonder... is the eDrawings Model Viewer (the… (Show more)
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John Wayman
Am I missing something, or do I have to buy an expensive 64-Bit Windows tablet to enable my workshop colleagues to view CAD models? I have a cheap tablet (32-Bit) with eDrawings on it, but eDrawings files saved from 2016 won't open. Is there a solution? I can't see any tablet lasting long out there, so buying an expensive one is not a sensible… (Show more)
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