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Ghazi Toutounji
Hello, I have added a wiremesh texture (see through holes) in Solidworks Professional 2017 but this does not show in edrawing. It shows as solid. Is that normal? Thanks.
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Sean Johnson
I have an Edrawings assembly.  I had component 'A' shown as transparent in the original Solidworks assembly, so the component shows transparent in the Edrawings assembly.  That's fine.   I needed to select through component A to make another component 'B' transparent.  But I couldn't do that in Edrawings, so I made A hidden so I could see B.  … (Show more)
in eDrawings
Jayesh Halgekar
My customer wants to know if he can embed an eDrawings viewer in his existing website where his customers can interact with his products. They want to replicate the page as seen on 3D ContentCentral .Can this be achieved without use of Solidworks Composer publishing to HTML? How? Thank you.
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Artem Taturevych
Hi,   I have published new free and open source tool which allows exporting SOLIDWORKS files to pdf, HTML, images etc. via eDrawings in a batch mode. Tool has a user interface as well as command line interface thus allowing exporting of files from the integration workflow.   One of the main benefits as you can use free eDrawings viewer to… (Show more)
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Francis Zerka
After eDrawing Viewer installation, the first time I start it, it ask me few informations (name, phone, ...) and after that, I arrive to a field where I have to put a code I receive by mail   My problem is I don't receive this mail with the code. I tried with 3 different address but same problem   Could you help me ? Is it a bug ?
in eDrawings
Daniel Bourquin
Hello,    No problem during installation but nothing happens when you double clic on the application. Same problem on different Windows10 computer. There is an error message in the Event Viewer : Error with ruiSDK_5.3.1.x64.dll. This DLL is in the RapidFire installation package. Help would be appreciated.
in eDrawings
Carlos Sobrino
I need to test an edrawing web HTML file in my website with Chrome to consider buying pro version. With the trial version I can't save as web html file, only ActiveX. Does anyone have a web html file to send me and test? How could I get one?
in eDrawings
Mariusz Kasprzak
Hello,   I would like to do something like this: MySolidWorks - Official SOLIDWORKS Community  I'm not talking about the model, but about the way it is presented. I know I can save to HTML (unfortunately, without measure option) or HTM (ActiveX, with measure), but the problem is that this second format can be opened only with Internet Explorer… (Show more)
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Corey Sorensen
Have eDrawings 2017 x64 installed on a computer that decided to stop working. Anyone know what may cause this?
in eDrawings
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