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Althea De Souza
Can anyone tell me how long I should expect to wait for a verification code for the basic version of eDrawings? I'm against a deadline and it is taking a while.
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Derek Goodson
All,   Is there a way to combine EPRT files into a single file so you can have have tabs for multiple parts at once? It looks like you can do it by dragging and dropping but once you try to save you only get the original drawing that you started with.   Since this is something that's pretty easy to do in DWF format with Autodesk, one would think… (Show more)
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James Pare
I am trying to put a list together for items that still need to be addressed in edrawings 2015 was a dramatic let down, It was so bad that we pulled back fro upgrading our SWX We use edrawings ALOT & need to it perform, I can't let this happen again for 2016   So my plan is together a list & push really really really hard to get this addressed… (Show more)
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Brian Brazeau
I had a part with 4 configurations. I saved it as an edrawing, but when I opened it I couldn't make any of the configurations transparent. (there wasn't even an option to when right clicking) I then made a new assembly and dropped the part in it then saved out as an edrawing again and now I can make the part transparent. Why not when saved as a… (Show more)
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Davide Centomo
Hi all, I saw that as I run the augmented reality on eDrawings for iPad the base plane used as refence changes. The result is an upside down rotated model. Does anyone knows how eDrawings decide the reference planes as the augumented reality is activated. i would expect to be the same planes existing on the solidworks file but it doesn't seems… (Show more)
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Chris Ma
Appearances and Decals get flipped/ changed when creating renders (PV360) or exporting as an eDrawing. SW 2016 No matter what 'mode' I use to apply the image to a face, when creating renders/ eDrawings, they show up improperly, flipped or changed.
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Steven Mills
SolidWorks has this- But eDrawings does this-   Every single time.   SW is currently using the "Drawing Number" to populate that field of the title block-
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Alex Lachance
Hello,   First off, let me start off by saying that I am on SolidWorks 2016 SP4.0.   Where I work at, we use eDrawings throughout our factory to be able to view certain drawings and sometimes take dimenions on them. Every single computer in the company which has SolidWorks installed has the configuration to allow eDrawings to be able to take… (Show more)
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Bernie Daraz
We did very well during the season. I welded some bars together as well as the wheelie bars and many machined parts. I also built the rollers that started all of the bikes at that meet, Englishtown NJ, 1993. Top Speed was about 150. That's me in the red sweatshirt.
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Naga Ranjith Kumar Addagalla
Hi all,   I have seen many posts from the early stages of solidworks, but I couldn't find the solution for creating dxf file with revision control automatically.  Please suggest   If we can able to get the dxf and pdf files in same or different folders after approval in PDM, it will be great.   Thanks Naga Ranjitkumar A
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