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Jeremy Reed
Hello,   We recently upgraded from Solidworks 2016 to Solidworks 2017 and since making the change, we have had issues where Solidworks crashes trying to save to eDrawings 2017.  This has happened on a couple of the machines in offices.  In one case, my coworker was unable to save an eDrawing, but I was able to save an eDrawing of his model.  Now,… (Show more)
in eDrawings
Micheal Preston
When I open Adobe illustrator , it pops up with following error, An unknown error has occurred.. I have no idea on how to fix it. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix illustrator? Windows 8
in eDrawings
Neil Badge
Hi,   We are using eDrawing viewer 2013, from a server, hosting citrix sessions.   We keep getting errors when opening .easm files that have recently been created.  They open fine in eDrawing viewer 2017.   I can't simply upgrade the 2013 version to 2017 (I can in a couple of months when the new server builds happen).   Is there a way I can… (Show more)
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Mike Bullock
eDrawings 2107 crashes when opening Solidworks drawings. I just upgraded from 2016 to 2017 hoping that would solve the issue but it has not. I read another users issue was related to multiple monitors so I opened eDrawings on each monitor and got the same result on all of them.
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Greg Booher
I noticed on the sample page of edrawings that they are using an HWF file format for their viewer.  Does anyone know how to convert a Solidworks 2017 part or assembly file into a HWF file format for viewing?
in eDrawings
James Pare
I am trying to put a list together for items that still need to be addressed in edrawings 2015 was a dramatic let down, It was so bad that we pulled back fro upgrading our SWX We use edrawings ALOT & need to it perform, I can't let this happen again for 2016   So my plan is together a list & push really really really hard to get this addressed… (Show more)
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Ather Jamil
While back I downloaded a Seascooter demo from the eDrawings gallery on website.  I wanted to use some screen shots and 5-10 seconds video of the eDrawing running on a Citrix VM. Reading the license file that came with the demo, it is not clear to me if I can use this in a video. The video is to be posted on our company's… (Show more)
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Aaaa Fjsdfkjkfj
Hi, I updated last edrawings version on a Macbook Pro, from AppStore. The thing is that now I cannot see preview in finder, which is very useful while browsing a large number of files, anyone has an idea on how to activate preview?
in eDrawings
Lawrence Kiefer
Why does eDrawings require me to register every time I open it? If anyone has a fix for this it would be greatly appretiated if you can share it with me.
in eDrawings
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