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Ron Hembd
I installed the free viewer a couple of weeks ago on my Windows 10 machine and it worked fine.  I am now trying to look at a file and it will not open to the screen.  When I hover over it in the task bar I can see the drawing but it will not show on the screen.  I've tried using the repair utility and no success.  Love the program and hope to get… (Show more)
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Robert Stemen
Hello,   I'm using two monitors.  When I open an eDrawing file and expand it to full screen on my main 27" monitor, everything is fine (see fig 1).  If I minimize it, drag it to my 24" secondary monitor, and maximize it to fit full screen on that monitor, the eDrawings window is transparent along the right and top sides. (see fig 2). I can pan… (Show more)
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Alin Vargatu
Works really well for opening large SW assemblies on iPad Pro.   Thank you, SOLIDWORKS!!!
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Brian Mears
Our shop uses eDrawings to pull up and measure in drawing files (.slddrw). The measure command doesn't work in some drawings (greyed out) and does in others. Is there a system or document setting in SolidWorks that allows the native SW file to be measured in eDrawings?   FYI, I know of the setting when exporting to eDrawings, shown below.  
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Nicholas Cassidy
I ran into this issue initially using E drawings 2017 from a brand new install.  Our reviewer would go to look at our drawings and there would be a page (or multiple) with floating dimensions.  All of the drawing views would be hidden.  Opening the drawing, rebuilding, saving, and checking in seemed to work every once and awhile, but eventually we… (Show more)
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Clint Hagen
I have several users who need to be able to view drawings supplied by customers.  I am attempting to install the Edrawings in a Citrix XenApp environment for the users.  If the user signs into a different machine, they are prompted to fill out a new product registration.  Is there a way to register the user on multiple machines with one… (Show more)
in eDrawings
Mohamad Mustaf
Hi, Can we skip or suppress the product registration screen after installing Solidworks Edrawings Viewer 2017 / 2018??
in eDrawings
Sam Jalloul
hello all to move from a component to another  his parent we have to use 'go to' any one knows how to assign a keyboard shorcut for this command ? thank you very much
in eDrawings
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