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Gabor Kovats-Szocs
Hi!   I would like to distribute the latest eDrawings Viewer 2018 in local network, using Group Policy. I was able to install it successfully but I don't find any option for silent product registration.   Is it possible to register silently multiple computer?   regards, Gabor Kovats-Szocs
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Chad Huleatt
Our company is exploring the use of e-drawings as a partial replacement for printed drawings.   We do a lot of sheet metal work, but we don't do off line programming for the CNC brake. E-drawings are a nice because the brake operator can open the .eprt file, and make sure he is bending part correctly. We save the .eprt with all the annotations… (Show more)
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Hares Fakoor
I basically want to print simple DWG files ~ nothing more than printing 1 document at a time, where I will save the output to system.   Now I know this is a bit tacky but I want to do it without using assembly viewers like eDrawings, because I need the SDK/API top connect to it, my company doesn't currently have a license for it ~ this is more of… (Show more)
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Tisha Pedersen
I'm working on a WinForm application that currently is using an eDrawing ActiveX control - and that's working well - however, it does not display in black in white, nor does it have the option to convert to black and white. And, the employees using this app want it to be black and white - so, I'm wondering if I can have the C# code open the .dwg… (Show more)
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Ben Rosow
How to Convert EASM to SLDASM | Edrawings cannot be saved to any SolidWorks format.        Under the heading .. How to Convert EASM to SLDASM... He says: "An eDrawings file (labeled with the .easm extension) is primarily utilized by the eDrawings program, which is itself a sub-program of the SolidWorks design suite. The… (Show more)
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Stephanie Travis
There is a corrupted file in the format .cdr CorelDraw version 10. Is there any possibility of recovery (recommendations for file recovery on refer only to the 7th version of the product - not suitable; to restore by importing into other programs, other program, of course is also causing the error)
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Nicholas Dennehy
I am extremely new to the Solidworks world, but I am trying to get a hang of it. Going through tutorials still. I am on Windows 10 on a computer that meets requirements. When trying to open a drawing in Solidworks 2016 x64 Edition, the program instantly crashes. I discovered opening eDrawings 2016 x64 Edition before trying to do that would ensure… (Show more)
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Patrick Mohney
I am currently adding our product line through 3d content central and eDrawings will not open the model. I have no problem getting to the site but eDrawings keeps spinning its wheels. Does anyone know what setting needs to change on internet options for the site to open the model.
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Key Management
Hi,   We are looking to upgrade our systems from eDrawings 2014 to 2018. Is it possible to disable the registration form that users get when starting the software? We are using the software with our server licenses   Greetings
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