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Heshantha Manupriya
Click to view contentHello, I just start setup my HTC vive with SW e drawing.I'm facing a problem when open in VR (Beta). E-drawing crash after few seconds selection of file which needed to open. (Simple cube 1X1X1m). I'm using SW 2018 for create drawings.It not shows any warning messages.I already installed SW material 2019. Computer spec as follow.Dell 7530Intel… (Show more)
in eDrawings
Nicolas Blanchet
Je ne parviens pas à utiliser le logiciel car je n'ai pas reçu par mail le code de vérification.
in eDrawings
Stefano Gobbi
Click to view contentHello everyone,   I'm applying certain appearance to a face of one of my components in order to make it look like a digital screen. Once I apply it and scale it in SW, I save it as a eDrawings file for presentation purposes. I set the mapping to surface, and the size/orientation to fit both the width and height of the selection. The problem is… (Show more)
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Thurman Becker
We have engaged a supplier to produce drawings for our products. We received the drawings but are unable to view or verify the drawings. I have downloaded eDrawings but am unable to activate.
in eDrawings
Adam Holmes
Hi,   Please see attached two images, one from eDrawing Pro 2018 and another from SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP4.   A drawing created from SW 2018 was opened in eDrawings and markups added, then saved out as shown in the image. The markup has then been inserted into the SW drawing as seen in the image is other lapping the drawing in the wrong location.  … (Show more)
in eDrawings
Igor Sok
Не приходит письмо с кодом активации E Dravings на указанный адрес почты   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to the eDrawings space. Please post to the appropriate space when one exists.
in eDrawings
Welbro Welbro
Hello,   I have installed your program silently, but I would like to know how can I deter the registration windows when I open the program for the first time?
in eDrawings
Bruce Conneely
I'm trying to download the free edrawings download, however I am getting a windows error "not supported", my laptop is windows 7 32-bit, is there a version available for this? Thanks.
in eDrawings
fang yong
Click to view contentSecondary development of eDrawings 2018, using   OCX mode, but explode did not show, why thank you?
in eDrawings
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