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Tisha Pedersen
I have the eDrawings 2014 Control in a Windows Form Application with C#, but cannot figure out how to change the color of the drawings displayed to black and white. I need to have a white background, with the writing and the rest of the drawing appearing in black.
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James Harvey
I have various sketch entities & geometry that help define my sheet format etc. built into my drawing template. This geometry is on a layer that is always kept hidden except when being modified. When I publish my *.slddrw file as an eDrawing some of this geometry (shown in pink below) is shown in the eDrawing. Does anyone know how to prevent this?… (Show more)
in eDrawings
John Wayman
Am I missing something, or do I have to buy an expensive 64-Bit Windows tablet to enable my workshop colleagues to view CAD models? I have a cheap tablet (32-Bit) with eDrawings on it, but eDrawings files saved from 2016 won't open. Is there a solution? I can't see any tablet lasting long out there, so buying an expensive one is not a sensible… (Show more)
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Walter Slamkowski
Saving large assemblies as an eassembly not working well. When opening eassembly to view assembly, it is very slow opening, and when it does open, its almost impossible to move it around screen. It moves really slow, or just really jerky. I am running Solidworks 2016. We just upgraded from 2014 about 5 months ago, and we still can not get a fix… (Show more)
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Tom Hickerson
Is there a way for the end user to be able to hide or move parts out of the way while using just E-drawings?
in eDrawings
Gary Hamm
Our engineers are using Solidworks within PDM and our shop floor uses Edrawings. But many times the edrawings do not reflect the checked in solidworks drawing, Too many times the shop has worked off of outdated prints caused by edrawings not capable of doing a rebuild or get latest version, is there a way to have the Solidworks file… (Show more)
in eDrawings
Atom Falcone
I put a file on google drive, go to the iPad and edrawings isn't an option when I try "OPEN IN"   Seems like it should be straight forward, but of course it's not.
in eDrawings
Travis Guthrie
How do I find the design library? like where is the folder so I add to it Nothing comes up in the file location.
in eDrawings
Jeremy Reed
Hello,   We recently upgraded from Solidworks 2016 to Solidworks 2017 and since making the change, we have had issues where Solidworks crashes trying to save to eDrawings 2017.  This has happened on a couple of the machines in offices.  In one case, my coworker was unable to save an eDrawing, but I was able to save an eDrawing of his model.  Now,… (Show more)
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john fordham
I used to be able to do this with SW 2015.  I've upgraded first to 2016, then to 2017 sp3, and the choice of Edrawings in the open with box is not available.  I've been to control panel to re install edrawings, but the program doesn't even show up there.  Does any one have thoughts on this?
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