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Thomas Endlich
Hi,   after the installation of a trial version of SW I tried to open eDrawings software. Unfortunately eDrawings didn't start and I saw an error: "Application Exception Invalid class"   Here is a screen: I am using Windows 7 Professional operating system. Anybody knows how can I fix this error?
in eDrawings
Lou Geier
When trying to open a .3dxml file, I am continuously getting an 'Error Reading File' message.  I'm using the latest version of eDrawings 2017 and the file opens on multiple other PCs with the exact same version.  I've already tried uninstalling/reinstalling multiple times.  At a loss what else could be wrong.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
in eDrawings
Bin Precious
hi all i have a project open edrawing viewer in WPF I want to embed edrawing viewer in WPF But i don't have any idea. I can get help from everyone. please, Everyone give me a solution Best regard!
in eDrawings
Jonathon Taylor
Hello,   We have been making these for the past 5 years and now the text is overlapping. Don't know what has changed exactly. We order these every 3-6 months since 2011. Seems to be the only file that this has happened too. Was thinking it may be the 2017 edrawings viewer, going to try to install an older version.   Any help would be… (Show more)
in eDrawings
Mike Mehrman
I downloaded the edrawings viewer and tried to open a file only to get a "future version" error.  How do I correct?
in eDrawings
Teh Teh
Hi all, I am having issues with my e-drawings all the while as the hidden lines are visible on my model in edrawings. I have checked youtube and found out that there is no such issue in other edrawings of others. I just want the visible edges to show.   Is it a setting in solidworks which I must toggle before exporting to edrawings that I am… (Show more)
in eDrawings
Holger Behrens
Can edrawings pro process a .easm file of 35MB? My app crashes every time. I cannot imagine that the app can only process small files like the samples included. This would render it useless for any professional use.
in eDrawings
Zach Brown
I have a customer that wants to know the difference and which one they should use.
in eDrawings
Joseph Walden
I am uploading a model with configurations to 3dcc. When I upload the pdf datasheet the 3D model goes away and is replaced with the pdf only. When this happens I am unable to reupload the .sldasm file to get the 3D model back.   I've not encountered this issue with any of the other models I've uploaded. It is worth noting that these other models… (Show more)
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Walter Slamkowski
Saving large assemblies as an eassembly not working well. When opening eassembly to view assembly, it is very slow opening, and when it does open, its almost impossible to move it around screen. It moves really slow, or just really jerky. I am running Solidworks 2016. We just upgraded from 2014 about 5 months ago, and we still can not get a fix… (Show more)
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