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Philip Prendeville
As per the title, can I open a SolidWorks 2018 file in eDrawings 2020?
in eDrawings
Jonathan Girroir
I just downloaded the latest version of eDrawings (v, 2019 SP0) and enabled Pro via the 15-day evaluation license. I'd like to test it's VR capability with an HTC Vive as you have in this promotional video:   I have a Vive connected to my computer and am running SteamVR. There is no Open in VR or… (Show more)
in eDrawings
Ben Nemec
We are setting up PDM and have some view only clients that will be using eDrawings to view models and drawings.  It's impossible for me to find system requirements for eDrawings other that DS spec for Solidworks products.  We'll I'm not going to tell the check signer that we need to buy approved workstation GPUs for PCs that are replacing… (Show more)
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Jeremy Brock
I have an old Oculus Rift DK2 but I do not have the controllers. I was wondering if there is a way to get the keyboard and mouse to work with edrawings VR. I was able to get the models to open but I cannot move around the part.
in eDrawings
Sean Donnelly
Click to view contentPlease see below. All circles on our flat views are connecting the circles. This is very bizarre and started happening after we upgrade to 2018. AutoCAD opens the file normally without the random lines - it's only eDrawings that shows the issue.  
in eDrawings
Ken Brunskill
Trying to create a model of a spring, I can create the spiral path, however when I switch PLANES to draw the wire diameter the HELIX path disappears. How can I get that HELIX path to remain visible and able to accept the input of a circle at the beginning of the path!
in eDrawings
Erdem Erduvan
My E-Drawings language is same as my PC (Turkish) but I need to use it in English. My Solidworks in English but rest of them (e-drawings, visualize) in Turkish. How can I change it to English? I tried to modify the installation btw. e-drawings change language solidworks language
in eDrawings
Mark Bradford
I this still being supported?   Is there anything special that I need?  Is there a cost for it? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
in eDrawings
Aaron Stumpf
Hello,     I'm trying to start electronic redlines. These look great in edrawings but when imported, the text spacing is wild. see the images. Are there settings in SW that are blowing this up?   Drawings and Detailing   Thanks! Aaron
in eDrawings
Steve Wiseman
How to open and print a edrawing
in eDrawings
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