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Chad Schmidt
Anyone noticing that display states in edrawings are not working correctly?   When I change the display states in the e-drawing they don't match the display states that I made in the assembly.  I'm using SW2011 SP3
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Jeff Replogle
For some reason, I cannot get edrawings 2017 to allow Pan, Zoom, Rotate on Surface Pro 4 in Tablet Mode.  I have the app on my iphone and can manipulate the same assembly file anyway I want with my finger.  For whatever reason it's unresponsive on my surface pro unless I have it out of tablet mode and use a mouse or the track pad.  Any idea why… (Show more)
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Hares Fakoor
I need a lightweight viewer, mainly for tiffing and OCR purposes, any viewer (free) that might be faster then EDrawings? This is for DWG files only,   I was thinking of DWGSee     DWGSee - Free DWG Viewer   Any ideas? I
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George Goodnight
Good day. The following problem has occurred: the files that were restored after deletion are corrupted .cdr. Page thumbnails are visible (but not all), and the files themselves are not opened. Please tell me how to fix it. I tried using Recovery Toolbox for CorelDraw, but without a key the recovered files are not saved. Perhaps there is some… (Show more)
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Alex Oakes
Hi,   I'm having an issue saving assemblies as a STEP214 file. once saved the file will not retain any of the inserted components. Essentially it just saves the base partt. If one of my colleague saves the same file it works perfectly fine though...   Any ideas guys? I'm pretty new to Solidworks so it may just be something in my settings.  … (Show more)
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Jason Vanhalle
I downloaded eDrawings 2018 from the solidworks website, installed it following the instructions, and did not enter a license key for the free version. Double clicked to open an eDrawing file (which was recognized by my computer to be an eDrawing file, judged by the file icon) got the blue wheel mouse pointer for a second to make me think it was… (Show more)
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Jia Liu
how to find and download edrawing2016? thanks!
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Raymond Pearson
Anyone else getting this?   When we try to save an e-drawing or a SolidWorks file as a self EXE file we get an error - QT5xml.dll not found.   This happens when we run it from the standard menu/shortcut location of           C:\Program Files\Common Files\eDrawings2016 But it works if we run it… (Show more)
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Stephan Sewelies
Hello,   I currently use eDrawings for printing 3D-models (easm or sldasm files) as vector pdf (via "Print" and "Adobe PDF" as Printer)   This always worked fine, but with some files (.easm) now I have the problem, that the pdf files are transparent (so I can see inside the machine and its components, which is not intended…). In eDrawings and in… (Show more)
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Gale Lee
Hi... I can't understand what's wrong? When I turn on CorelDRAW, The application is loading and then a window POPs up that says, "I can't create a DOM document. Class not registered. Make sure that MSXML4 is installed." I've reinstalled it many times and it keeps popping up...
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